Taking Advice From Family Immigration Forums

Taking Advice From Family Immigration Forums

(uplifting music) – So I wanted to take a moment
to address self-help forums. First off, there’s a couple
of very good communities, very helpful communities
of self-help folks that are out there. People just like you
going through this process and sharing their experiences,
sites like VisaCommunity.com, or VisaJourney and just
to touch on VisaJourney, we have worked with
their owners for years, and we’re even an endorsed
service on their site. We love VisaJourney, they are
tons of very helpful people in that community, and I truly think that they simply want to help and make their experiences useful to others. Many of our customers are members of that community and
others, and contribute to those as well. However, there’s a small offshoot of people, very small,
who really just don’t believe people should pay for a service like RapidVisa for whatever reason. And they tend to attack
anyone who’s using RapidVisa. These comments we should
take for a grain of salt, especially since these
people haven’t used us. So, I don’t think they’re really adding much to the conversation, but the point is these folks simply don’t understand what we offer, what we do. I wish they’d swing by our office here in Vegas, see our people,
how passionately we work. We all have families, we get up each day, we go to work, we change people’s lives. I wish they’d see that we take great pride in the fact that we’ve
helped over 40,000 families reunite in the US, all for a fraction of the price of an attorney. So if you have a lot of free time, you’re very legal-savvy,
you’re a do-it-yourself type of person and you want
to save a few hundred bucks by doing it yourself, hey, more power to you,
but there’s no shame in hiring RapidVisa to unload
the bulk of this burden for a low flat fee, just so you know you have someone to
call who’s on your side, who’s done this 40,000 times. One thing to be careful
about reading these forums, information on them tends to be outdated. In fact, there’s a lot of outdated information being perpetuated still, so be sure to not only check the date of the post, but check their source, the date of the source that
the person is referring to, because a lot of that stuff is outdated. This stuff is changing constantly, it’s changing week over week,
not just year over year. So some of these people, they think they’re being helpful,
because the way they did it over a year or two ago was one way, that it’s still that way,
it’s simply not true. In fact, a ton of things have changed in the last year, and even
in the last few months. And in a couple of months from now, they’ll still be changing. So just keep in mind
that most of these people have only been through
this process one time. Our agents here have been through this process 40,000-plus times. In fact, we’ve already helped 7,000-plus people this in 2018 so far. And we have 50-plus people who are, whose full-time job is to have our ear to the ground with immigration changes, be on top of these
changes seven days a week, we’re constantly helping thousands of people through this process. This is what we do
full-time, so just understand when you’re hiring us, you’re paying us for this up-to-date knowledge. My two major points are one, be wary of outdated information, and two, most people on these sites have only done this process one time, so be sure to back up their claims
from multiple sources to make sure you’re not led astray. If you found this video useful, it would mean a lot to us if you could hit the Like button and comment below to let us know what you think. You can also ask your own immigrations questions in the comments below. If you want to make sure not to miss any of our future videos, we invite you to subscribe here on YouTube and be sure to click the Notification icon so you can be alerted whenever
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Danny Hutson

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  1. I'm married to my wife for 1yr and 8months now and I'm about to begin the process of getting her in the U.S. Becuase I've been staying in her country. By the time the process is over before she gets her we will be married for 2yrs. Will she gets the 2yr or the 10yr green card ?

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