TaKaDu Int’l User Forum 2017

[Music] good morning welcome everybody the outcome is to be able to manage to detect them to manage and to measure and to give a lot of information about multiple types of events from the classics of leaks and births to water quality issues if you have measurements to data problems to asset problem to pick up that there is a forty PRP about six months ago we had the opportunity to deploy kakadu for the first time in North America and one of our key clients at Knoxville Utility Board and it’s been a dramatic shift not only in just how they how they run their business but the way they’ve been able to to actually visualize or bring a movie to what’s happening underground we’ve had a relationship with TECA do now for some years and with make considerable savings in that time that we’ve been able to pass on to our customers the relationships going to a new level now which we’ve integrated tack ado into the very fabric of our day-to-day operations and we’re looking at new and exciting opportunities going forward we are having a water loss meeting every week and in order to prepare for that meeting we were working about two days just to make all the tables to to be ready for that meeting and all of a sudden all of it came in in a just a push of a button I’ve been working with kakadu since 2014 when we first implemented the project in a gross way roba it’s a water utility from Isaiah and now we work with three different water utilities and for them to do is amazing because because they get the results really fast and they do reports and everything we talk I do data which they couldn’t do before I think that the most important thing is about visibility after we deploy data through our work all our customers realize in which stage their network was and in based on that in scenario based on that information they we are able to improve for me if you don’t have the right people and the right processes the importance the weight of the technology is zero complete zero and that’s our intention when we talk about faculty to connect the dots to connect people processes and the technology to to get the information we are the partners of Takalua in Chile we have a big customer there more than 10,000 kilometres of pipes they they start the project of tag adieu because they they were looking to improve the network disability they have a lot of data in the network they have also BMA so they need a tool to handle this information properly [Music] also got a Network intelligence strategy which is looking to bring all our business data together our billing data our GIS data our asset data our customer metering data into our into a platform that can can provide meaningful information to operators the last P factor that is important is passion we must have passion for them if you don’t have passionate people and passionate managers that create a certain boost that you want to tackle problems if everybody will say well we’re fine we’re delivering water for the last 200 years we don’t need to change nothing will happen and being with the theory but if you have the passion everything is over thanks [Music] you

Danny Hutson

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