Sword Art Online EN 5 MINUTES | GIGGUK FR – RE: TAKE

Sword Art Online EN 5 MINUTES | GIGGUK FR – RE: TAKE

This video contains spoil Welcome to Sword Art Online Sword Art Online is the best game in the world This is the best game in the world! Now you’re all stuck here until that one of you complete all 100 levels Shit HAHA most of are you guys oh and if you die here you die in real life PANIC You come with me I need a comedic sidekick In fact I think I’d be an interesting character and people could attach to me and … SHUT UP KLEIN come back when you’ll be a main character * Sad Music* 2 months have passed, and two thousand people died TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DEAD So your only goal of the raid is to not die Oh my god I dying Drink this potion I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that’s it DRINK THIS FUCKING POTION Tell my family I love them BUT YOU WILL DRINK THIS FUCKING POTION? WHY YOU DIDN’T DRINK THE POTION? Well screw it, I’ll do it myself And what’s his name? I am the black swordsman No you’re not How he made to be so overpowered? I’m not overpowered MLG Now I have to find my sweetheart without personality Are you my promised? I think I can … Are you my promised? I’m like twelve Are you my promised? I’m as useful as a hedgehog in a factory in condoms How about you, Tits Mcgee? Don’t believe that I love you or something like that, baka Perfect ! Hello ! Hello ! You want to get married? OK ! You want to fuck? OK ! That means we will have children? Ah! I hope not ! Kirito look what I found You have to be fucking kidding me … Can we keep it? Nope ! But I want one … Nope ! Please … NOPE ! I’m not having sex with you for a month! AH AH AH! Okay we keep her if you take her for walk and feed her You’re my dad and my mom? YES ! NOPE ! Can we return return to the time where I was overpowered? Coffee, soda Well apparently I can dual wield now But that’s unfair! Shut up Klein, come back when you’re a main character! sad music Now nobody can beat me in that game! I’ll let you finish, Kirito, but I AM THE GREATEST SAO PLAYER OF ALL TIME ! Oh yeah ? You wanna go, Grandpa? Fuck. (Hell) Heathcliff wins. STOP! I call hacks! What? You’re Akihiko Kayaba, right? What are you talking about… Well that makes sense! No one else could beat me. I salute you for having discovered the truth, NOW FIGHT ME! Oh shit it’s true I was just messing around … WHOUPS! Asuna! Why ? Because this is the only useful thing I’ll ever do! I’LL STILL DIE , YOU STUPID BITCH! And then you’re dying. You are dead. Cheat mode on! What? But that makes no sense! GG no re! Congratulations for finishing the game And why did you trapped thousands of people in this game? Pfff … I don’t know. Ah OK I’ll blow you so hard when we come out of here Awesome ! STAND UP BITCH YOU OWN ME A BLOWJOB! I’m afraid she will not wake up. Who are you? I’m the new villain of this arc who will marry this girl (evil laugh …) OK pedoMCrape face, I let you jerk off on corpses! Hi I am incest! Sorry incest, I’m not really interested here What i’m supposed to do now? Did you hear about this new MMO? No time for games, I have to find a way to save Asun … HOLY SHIT, YOU CAN FLY?! I’M SO ON THIS! And save Asuna? Save who? Black hair and good at video games? Looks like my brother! RELATIVELY flat! Just like my sister. I already said I was in love with my brother? Wow, that would sure suck if I’m your brother. OH MY GOD YOU’RE MY BROTHER! I am your brother ? Shit (x2) Oh I can not believe I fell in love with my brother! Sugu wait! Perhaps you still have a chance with me! Its good ! I’m instantly better Come play video games! (Requiem for a remix of Mozart’s Dream) This boss is really unbeatable Who do you think I am? I’m KiritOUAAAAAH! OK, Let’s say second time’s the charm! And this time it will be through the power of friendship! I am a useless character! (Darude – Sandstorm) OK I arrived! Now let’s get out of here! And how are we going to do that? Plagiarizing Berserk Griffith !! Well, you’re still here! Wait, what are you doing here? Pfft, I don’t know. Ah OK Cheat mode on! WHAT! What? HOW? Kayaba. KAYABA! final boss! So there it is. I saved my girlfriend, kill the bad guy fled games after experiencing two years of torture in it. I think it only remains for me only one thing to do … PLAY MORE SAO! Hi everybody, it’s Maxime And me it’s Victor We would like to thank Gigguk of allowing us to make a VF of his video series, We will probably do all anime in minutes We also thank all the actors that form with us the collective RE: TAKE And incidentally we will probably do a FAQ and launch a Tipee when we have more fame In the meantime feel free to ask questions in the comments and we will answer with pleasure. Subscribe, share and if you liked, give us a like We really hope you enjoyed it, and SEE YOU !

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  2. You were looking for me?

    I’m that one English comment you can understand! I’m glad you found me

    Good day!

  3. 1:16 et je dirais même plus "aussi utile que les couilles du pape, une interview de cauet ou pire, twilight en 3D" -LinkTheSun.

  4. Kirito: tu es ma promise
    Asuna va pas croire que je t'aime ou un truc du genre vais
    kirito parfait
    2minplus tard
    k:tu veux qu'on se marie
    a:ca roule
    k:tu veux qu'on baise
    a:ca roule

  5. Merci de 'avoir spoiler jusqu'au bout… J'ai vu la première partie, une grosse crotte monumentale alors qu'ils avaient un super concept à la base… au moins je sais que je ne loupe rien avec la deuxième partie de cette animé. (Ca me fous encore les rognes qu'ils aient réussi à ne rien faire de bien d'une super idée de scénario….). Sincèrement Merci. Votre Parodie m'aurait fait vraiment rire.

  6. Maintenant personne ne peut me battre
    je te laisserai bien finir mais je suis le plus joueur Sao de tout les temps
    ah oaouq tu veux que il se la donne papy
    headcliff win
    stop il a chite
    quoi t'es akikoyaba pas vrais
    questvque tu raconte
    ben c'est logique personne d'autre nauraot plus me battre
    Je te salut pour avoir découvert mon secret
    cdst vraie je faisant que deconne
    asuna non
    C'est dans doute ka seule chose dutile
    Je vais quand mourir espèce de conne
    et la tu crève
    cheat mode activé
    quoi mais ca aucun chance
    Gege no ré

  7. Quel est ton nom
    Je suis epeiste noir
    Non tu ne l'est pas
    Comment t'a fait pour être aussi cheater
    Je suis même pas cheater d'abord

  8. 3:59 à 4:05
    Moi: Euhhh… quoi?
    Les autres: quoi?
    Moi: Quququoi? Je suis confus… et je vais me blesser dans ma confusion.
    Éclate sa tête sur le bureau
    Les autres: … Quoi?

  9. Comment a t’il fait pour être aussi cheaté!!??
    -kirito: chui même pas cheaté d’abord et y’a 5 mec sur lui il prend zéro dégât 😭😭🤣🤣

  10. C'est normal que je découvre votre chaîne que aujourd'hui ? En tout cas félicitation j'ai kiffé le taff effectué, continuez !!

  11. hahahahhahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    JE suis aussi utile qu'un Hérisson dans une usine a capote

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