Strongest OFF GRID Cell Signal Booster ( EXTREME Test & Review ) Weboost RV65

Strongest OFF GRID Cell Signal Booster ( EXTREME Test & Review ) Weboost RV65

This week we’re headed south to put our new signal booster to the ultimate test. Our destination is a remote valley on
national forest land surrounded by mountains where cellphone signal doesn’t
seem to exist. It’s certainly not often I make a $650 investment for new gear on the road, but last week we
finally pulled the trigger on a cell phone signal booster we had been
researching for months. It seemed to be the most powerful and reliable booster we could find. It definitely wasn’t the cheapest option, but overall performance was what mattered to us most. Given the fact that we live full time off grid, mainly in remote locations, we needed the strongest booster we could find. I was willing to spend the pretty penny on efficient and quality gear rather than be disappointed by a more budget friendly, but lower performing booster. we first tested the booster at this campsite in the northern area of the Jackson Hole Valley and it brought my previous and super patchy one bar of 4G
with no ability to load anything, up to a fluctuating two to four bars of LTE and
loading things really quickly. it was a very satisfying first test, but I bought the we boost RV 65 for those campsites we enjoy the most. The peaceful and secluded
ones where the phones never even get a hint to signal. That’s where I’d like my
office to be, so that’s where it matters that this thing works. As much as I enjoy my time spent
disconnected and soaking in nature around me, cell signal is a must for
anyone whose goal is to make a living through the internet. And I can always
turn it off if I want to, but it’s the simple fact that we have the option to
be connected or not that allows us to efficiently continue building remote
income. After getting base camp set up in our new yard for the week, it was time to
put the booster to the test. First I’ll kind of run you through exactly how this thing works. So from the 25 foot pole and the antenna up top, this is the coax
cable that comes down. I’ve just kind of got it running basically in line with
the structure of the door and alongside my solar panel line as well and into the
battery compartment where it meets up with… Let’s see here. See if I can brighten
this up for you. There we go. So this is the booster back here, and that’s the coax cable there up on top coming from the outside, and on the bottom here if I
can show you with my finger, that’s another coax cable. And I’ve got
that one kind of just running all behind the structure in here and over to the
final antenna which is sending the boosted signal throughout the camper. And having that boosted signal here inside the camper is going to be really nice especially now that we have finally completed our table inside the camper.
This is our table conversion if you guys haven’t seen it already. So we basically
cut our bed cushion into four cushions and now we can lift it up and use it as
a bench and table. So once I upgrade my phone plan to a hotspot, I can actually connect my laptop to the Internet just because of this guy. Which would be
awesome. so let’s go ahead and plug in the actual booster here. This is the power cord. And I basically got it in line with my fuse box and the solar system. And if you check this out, we currently have no signal, no service I mean on the cell phone or any signal at all, so let’s go ahead and plug in the
booster here and if we get… I think all four green bars like that, it means it’s boosting! Let’s see here if we get anything. It’s already at 4G 4 bars of 4G… and I think if I reset it, it might actually be able to catch an LTE if it’s there. And there it is! 3 bars of LTE from no service! Let’s see how fast this thing loads. so we’ll go to something
basic like Instagram and That’s pretty nice loading time. The fact that this booster got signal in this super remote valley makes me pretty
satisfied with my investment. it’s a $650 investment, so
it’s definitely not something that everybody can afford. But, if you’re
looking for that internet off-grid that is kind of really reliable and powerful
definitely go with the Weboost RV65 you can find the link to it in the
description below, and if you use that link you’ll be sending me a small
percentage of that sale and on six hundred fifty bucks I think that’s just
about a tank of gas for me so thank you in advance to those who use the link and
will catch you in the next video! Thanks for watching this one and take it easy guys!

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “Strongest OFF GRID Cell Signal Booster ( EXTREME Test & Review ) Weboost RV65

  1. That is really cool! Costly but when you need the off did signal it seems to work well. Was it pretty easy to setup? May need to get one for our scamp to upload faster when we are out in nowhere land, the best places to be.

  2. Fabulous video! We have been looking at boosters too! Not sure how they would actually work. You did a fantastic job showing us! Not sure we will go with that big of one but we will see! We will definitely use your link if we do! πŸ’™

  3. I purchased a weboost system, but with out pole, and got same results as you – no signal to 3-4 bars of LTE. I bought on eBay for $580.

  4. We’ve been thinking about the WeBoost as well. Thanks for sharing. Great video. I like your table conversation! Looks great.

  5. Great and informative info. Brandon, thanks ! I will keep this video and your link in mind for my future plans. Glad that it is working super for you and Andrea! You two and the handsome Zeus have another dope home for the next week or so. Killer views!! You three enjoy and have a great one ! Happy travels to you all βœŒπŸŒ»πŸ’™

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