Still Offline – An Internet Service Provider parody song – Based on the Portal song “Still Alive”

Still Offline – An Internet Service Provider parody song – Based on the Portal song “Still Alive”

::MUSIC:: Hey guys, Tim here. As some of you know I sing once and awhile and subject you poor bastards to it; and I’ve
been getting kinda burned out on doing tech videos. So I thought I’d take some time off tonight and play around
with some lyrics. I apologize I do not have a pop filter
on this microphone so P’s and S’s are gonna be kinda hard and we’re recording using OBS so this is just
some test footage I just kind of wanted to get you guys opinion on what you thought
about the song. And the song is ‘Still Offline’ This is a nightmare My internet bandwidth is a mess I just want to watch ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix Comcast Time Warner this merger is such a bad idea You think all your customers are just a commodity
If you hold on the line they will answer in time their customer service doesn’t give
a rat’s behind the will make you wait and wait
their field techs are always late for the people who are still offline maybe we’re naïve on expecting me P the them Gould but the lab patterns and
the they go judge net lived M word about freedom inward urban net new chair Luton we just want to stream armour these with the hope of worrying we want
you do you do you play the reno be who doesn’t have to pay largely the will
make you leave the few tents along with Lee booth
people knew I’m still not home I’m low came to you soon please how will you
kill you you mean they’ll the can mine the proven do me be Google 5 moved that movie June haha Jan on you think by Iberia is the solution they’ve had that in for decades forget
means there’s the on their bad as be behind thinking that
smile imposed church will make them earn time the will meet you leavin we need a few
texts and always late for the the movie are still love my then movie me yeah still of mine doing nothing and I’m still not mine feel craptastic gained still offline win and I’m now be still not mine and wounded movies do love mines still up on still all mine thanks guys of the world %uh them bold %uh are door %uh there there

Danny Hutson

35 thoughts on “Still Offline – An Internet Service Provider parody song – Based on the Portal song “Still Alive”

  1. I'm gonna be 100% honest here – I was totally expecting this to be cringe-worthy. I was completely wrong. It was actually quite good! My hat is off to ya, Tim.

  2. "I feel craptactic" lmao actually pretty good I didn't expect that. I was think "oh no… everyone thinks they can sing" but I rather enjoy your voice and it was entertaining.

  3. You won't mind if I borrow the lyrics? I could plan something cool. Would give full credit if/when I finish said project.

  4. OMGoodness, he has face!!! I can't believe I didn't know about this channel until now!!! clicks subscribe

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