Danny Hutson

42 thoughts on “Stick Empires V Spamming vs. Insane Chaos AI

  1. lol ! you really pro and Nice Vedeo :))) but amm … can anyone show me how do i get elemental empire free ? i really love it lol :))) pls 😀

  2. Ur pretty good and have a lot of skill nice job 👊 I'll be sharing this vid honestly I think more people should know this Chanel 👍

  3. Such a idiot I have elemental empire already , such a noob Contreau if I use elemental ab u , 2mins to ko u

  4. They should make it possible to purchase the two higher empires with Coins, so that more players who don't want to pay can still unlock them. They should also add a fourth "empire" that chooses random characters from each one, but of course you'd have to have at least two of the empires to do it.

  5. Yes even the smartest stick war AI in stick war legacy attack as soon as they have the statistically most powerful unit without waiting to be in a proper formation. That's why its so damn easy to pick off on the elites because as soon as the giant is done training, boom they attack without waiting to be in a proper formation

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