Steps to Fix LAN Connection Not Working (Official Dell Tech Support)

Steps to Fix LAN Connection Not Working (Official Dell Tech Support)

If you’re having trouble connecting to
the internet through a LAN connection try these steps to get you back online. First things first: check the cables. Utilizing the computer’s RJ45 jack, or the USB C port with an RJ45 dongle, connect a network cable in good working condition from your PC to the LAN port on your modem or router. Make sure both ends of the cable are inserted securely. Verify that no USB cables or serial cables are connected to the broadband modem. Run the network troubleshooter. Go into settings, then update and security and select troubleshoot. Click on internet connections and then on the run the troubleshooter button. When it’s done, try your connection. Shut down everything and restart them all. Turn off all the devices on the network and then turn them back on again to reboot and synchronize everything. Disconnect the power from the modem as well as the wireless router and leave them both disconnected for at least 30 seconds. Shut down all the computers that are
connected to the network and restart them. When you’re done, try your connection. You may need to roll back the network adapter driver. Right click on the start button and open the device manager. Expand network adapters. Right click on the specific adapter name and select properties. Choose the driver tab and select rollback driver and follow the steps. When done, restart your system and try your connection. If the rollback button is not an option, then there is no driver available to
rollback to. Run Dell SupportAssist to check your hardware. Open SupportAssist, and on the main menu for optimize network click on run now. If this doesn’t solve the problem, go into the troubleshooting tab and click on I want to check a specific piece of hardware and select the network card option. When it’s finished, try your connection. Make sure the most current network adapter driver is installed. Go to and enter your service tag. Click on drivers and downloads and then on detect drivers. Check the network driver available for downloading then download and install it Use network reset to reinstall network devices. Go into settings then network and internet. Within status, scroll down to network
reset and click on it. Click the reset now button and confirm, and then your PC will restart. It’s possible that your BIOS are out of date. Watch our video about how to update BIOS which is showcased at the end of this video. As a last resort, you may need to reinstall your operating system. Check out our video about that which you can also access at the end of this video. Whenever you need help or have questions you can always reach out to us through social media on Facebook or Twitter or join in a chat on the Dell Community Forum. Be sure to check out our other videos on this channel and if you liked this video give it a LIKE and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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