Step 9: Front Panel Cables | #YesWeBuild | MSI

Step 9: Front Panel Cables | #YesWeBuild | MSI

With all our components set up in the case we must now finish connecting our cables that link our chasis to our motherboard. First, let’s start with a front panel connectivity. These come with several cables with small jumper light connectors at the end. We have a “Power Switch” “Power LED” “Power LED” and “Hard Drive LED.” Next comes the front USB ports. These can be USB 2.0 or 3.0. In any case, the connector will look like this and connects to the USB pin header on your motherboard. You may also have USB Type-C at the front of your chassis. Finally Audio You can connect headphones and microphone jacks from the front of your case with this wire Connect the audio cable to the motherboards JAUD1 pin header

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13 thoughts on “Step 9: Front Panel Cables | #YesWeBuild | MSI

  1. The only thing this guy had to do is explain how the front panel cables are set up for MSI but he did that so poorly and didn't show half of the cables which makes this video is useless.

  2. Fucking useless, where are the front panel wires supposed to go, would that have been so hard to show? Instead of showing us how to hook em up to a device non of us have.

  3. MSI makes great boards but their documentation sucks. More geeks who don't know how to communicate. I installed two B360M's in old Vista era towers. I can't get the front headphone jacks to work even when the drivers on the included disc are installed. The installation also has no interface you can control. And of course there is no pinout diagram.

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