StartmeupHK Venture Forum – (5) Pitch: Emerging Entrepreneur Finalists

StartmeupHK Venture Forum – (5) Pitch: Emerging Entrepreneur Finalists

Morning Right, so there is no question that the members of the audience, the entrepreneurs, the investors,
the citizens of Hong Kong. Consider this gonna be an exciting conversation. But what else are really plugged into
during the conversation now, is that we are at the Central Government Office having this conversation. This is a conversation that Hong Kong Government is ready to support. It’s validating, it’s gratifying. This is a conversation that puts Hong Kong in a leadership space in the entrepreneurial world. And that’s really exciting and I was very pleasant to that during the discussions We were talking about innovation, disrupting the status quo and nurturing entrepreneurs. That’s something that is exciting to everybody in this room, I am sure. Now I am sure that you might feel that the success stories that we’ve just heard from are we’re from quite young people to be
on stage of this size however wait to see what’s coming up next. To develop the entrepreneurial mindset
of the next generation AIA has launched a new programme called the “AIA Emerging Entrepreneurs Fund”. “Emerging Entrepreneurs Challenge” Apologies. And this is for very young entrepreneurs and, I mean, aged eight to 12 young And it’s to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and create an ecosystem where they can develop their leadership and problem solving skills and become innovative entrepreneurs. So how does that work? Each team or individual has to come up with a business proposal and idea that they feel can change the world. And it should fall into one of the five categories Health care, education, food, environment and proverty Or just having the feel of a positive impact of their community. Now before we meet some of these fine young people We’re going to share a short video that’s more about the Emerging Entrepreneur Challenge (We are very excited to see what ideas you got) (You guys have all the new ideas) (And you are the leaders of tomorrow.) Okay, so, yes. Cool programme, right? Okay, now I had the very good fortune
to watch these guys make their presentations yesterday during sound check, and I can promise you, you’re in for a treat. I’m very, very proud to introduce and invite three of the emerging entrepreneurs to come on stage to pitch their businesses to us. Please give a warm welcome to Miss Hilary Yip from Minor Mynas. For Trade with Fun, Mr. Piers Choi, Mr. Gordon Ma and Mr. Jack Tung. And for Good Home Chefs, Miss Kamakshi Bhavnani and her mascot, Kai Kai. These guys are going to
share with us their business proposals. We’re gonna start with Miss Hillary Yip Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Hillary Yip. Clicker’s not working. Okay, so, the clicker’s currently not working so I guess I’ll have to do without. Oh, so it’s now working. How many of you here are parents? Could I please have a show of hands? How many of you send your children to learn more than one language? Okay. Do they have any difficulties? I do, too. In Mandarin. Learning a new language is tough. Let’s face it. Not working again. Us kids have to suffer boring, repetitive language lessons and have tests every week. But is the end result really what you expect? Parents, I know how you feel. You want your children to become global citizens and be able to speak different languages. You spend a small fortune on extra lessons. In return, your kids dread it. They moan and groan. And after a holiday, they forget all of it. Sound familiar? That’s where my idea comes in. MinorMynas is a kid’s-only online platform where children talk to each other through live video calls to learn each other’s mother tongue. On MinorMynas, I will try
to simulate the learning environment where children mimick
what their parents say every day like Myna birds. MinorMynas is effective because you apply what you’ve learned without being judged. It offers complete languge immersion, and most importantly, MinorMynas is fun! Having fun makes us more willing to learn since we’re having a good time. I believe that MinorMynas will transform how languages are learned. Comparing to other language learning platforms, my idea is unique because it has the much-needed human connection. MinorMynas is human-to-human, for kids, by kids. As for business potential, MinorMynas will open up a huge window. As we all know, there’s an enormous market full of eager parents who are willing to pay to ensure their kids are learning languges successfully. I have a plan in place on how much to charge for a monthly subscription, how to gain trust from parents, where to roll it out as Phase 1, and how MinorMynas can be developed globally. Even my Headmaster has approved of my idea. All I need now is your support to help me realise this brilliant idea. MinorMynas, learn to speak to the world. For kids, by kids. Thank you!多謝! Merci! 謝謝! Thank you, Hillary. Alright, so for our next pitch, I’d like to warmly invite Mr. Piers Choi, Mr. Gordon Ma and Mr. Jack Tung to share about Trade with Fun. Trade with Fun. I’m Jack I’m Piers. And I’m Gordon. Do you have many books that you don’t read anymore? Do you have skills that you’re good at, and you can share with others? In this experience, we found a huge problem. We have more than enough stuff to extra, like toys, stationery, clothes, or even food. At the same time, thousands of unemployed have a job to live. So, we come up with a big idea,
and we decided to make an app. The TWF app changes the world by letting everyone trade for their own needs. For example, we trade commodity to commodity. Like, a model Ferrari for a model dinosaur. And we can trade by service to service. Like, I teach you Kung Fu and you teach me saxophone. We can also trade with service to commodity. Like, I have to babysit for four hours and as a return for Lego Star Wars. Everyone can contribute but money‘s not involved. Since Gordon and I are from Po Leung Kuk Schools and Piers is from Christian Alliance School, so we will launch a school version first. And also, there will be 60,000 target Hong Kong subscribers—which will be a lot. We will want to know how the market thinks about our idea, so we made a survey at our school for 145 people. 48% said, “yes” in the start of the question when we asked, Did you ever trade on the internet? But it quickly rises up to a better 72% with TWF in place. Once the Hong Kong-based business runs well, we will approach the Association of Christian Schools International with 23,000 schools in 100 different countries, which serves 5.5 million students worldwide. Our mission: We aim for fairness. And we aim to help students as our priority customers. And we insist that money should not be involved in the trading to be fair. We all can make a better and fairer world. Thank you. Trade with Fun. And now, it gives me great pleasure for our final young entrepreneur. I would like to give a warm welcome to Kamakshi Bhavnani and Kai Kai to pitch to us Good Home Chefs. Thank you, Nissa. Hello, everybody. I’m Kamakshi and this is my little brother, Kai Kai. Today, we’re here to talk to you about Good Home Chefs. I’m a 10 year-old entrepreneur. The entrepreneur in me woke up at the age of 8 when I started my first company, Little Explorers. Today, I’m here to talk to you about my second venture, Good Home Chefs. (It’s not working. Clicker’s not working. ) (MC: Why don’t you nod at me and I’ll flip forward the slides when you’re ready. ) Okay. Sure. Good Home Chefs is trying to address… Good Home Chefs is trying to address the problem that there are a lot of people who are good at cooking, but they don’t know how to share their talent. When you think about it, there’s another set of people who are good at cooking who like to eat yummy home food, but are unable to because they don’t have enough time to cook, or they don’t know how to cook. So the big idea is to connect people. People who are good at cooking, and people who like to eat good food. So what’s the solution? The solution is to create a forum in the form of an app where home chefs can log in and sell and advertise their dishes, and foodies like you and me, can order some delicious dishes What’s unique about Good Home Chefs? What’s unique is for everyone, from grannies, to granddads, to moms and dads, and also kids. I know a lot of friends who are good at cooking. It’s for everybody in the audience. Good Home Chefs has everything: tacos, cannelloni, cookies, cakes and jams. You name it, we have it—all homemade.
Unbelievable, right? Before I finish, I’d like to share the sweet sound of success. To achieve what others won’t, you’ve got to do what others don’t. And if you’re somebody like Elon Musk, I’m not sure whether you’re in the audience, but I think he’s in the “Very Important Person Room”. Um, who travels a lot and really misses home food, then I think—this one’s for you. And if you have… Happy Australia Day. Today is Australia Day and this is a homemade Pavlova made by my best friend’s mom. Thank you. One more big round of applause to all of our young entrepreneurs Thank you very much, guys. Well, tough act to follow, granted. I see our next panelists in the front row kind of chewing their fingernails.

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