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100 thoughts on “SQL Databases and the Firebase Database – The Firebase Database For SQL Developers #1

  1. Great video!! Looking forward to a better understanding of the Firebase Database in the next videos!! For developers with a background mostly in sql-like database structures it helps a lot to understand and change to the no-sql side.

  2. #AskFirebase Can you PLEASE do an updated video on the equivalent to content searching?? (WHERE description IS LIKE '%foo%'). I know you have the old blog post but it's outdated.

  3. Hi David you are awesome. I'am using FirebaseRecylerAdapter. How can i filter firebase query before set it to adapter? I don't want to show the authenticated user in recylerview. #AskFirebase

  4. what if you already have millions of "rows" in your firebase database and you decide to add another "column" which each row, even existing ones, must have. How is this done in firebase?

  5. Wao David.. I really waited for this episode and Glad to say that you have done that. The sheer simplicity of comparing both the sql and no-sql is really notable. Thanks and awaiting the next Episode

  6. Well, you can still make SQL server database "flexible" by removing all the constraints and integrity rules, but you can say that Firebase (or JSON) is extremely lightweight if compared to SQL server and most importantly — allows the manipulation of data using client Javascript (and hence the possibility of AngularJS) that capable of acting like the server-side scripting, for? — Better security of your Google data warehouse with lower overhead or resource consumption. Also with JSON, it enables "data collection" by Google search crawler from billions of websites in a more structured way for further analysis and pattern recognition in order to achieve Machine Learning — Am I right? ^^

  7. Awesome david to bring this up I have a lot of confusing concepts with noSQL database because I always like to design database before anything so I think this new videos about focus on the database design will be a very good support for those who migrate from SQL to noSQL.

  8. #AskFirebase Could you explain plz how to work with date and time? For example sum the values by month? what is the strategy for timezone conversion?

  9. Your way of presenting data is awesome. I see great efforts went here. Good Job. Keep posting videos. By the way, what is the tool you have used to create this high quality videos/animation/sound?

  10. this is a tutorial FOR SQL developers. I can appreciate the desire to do a recap. But we came her knowing SQL..

  11. What is the most efficient way to join different JSON objects by their foreign keys? I have 9 root nodes all of which can have thousands of objects per node per user. Using lodash _.find & _.set etc in a map seems really expensive. Ideas? #AskFirebase

  12. In which scenario would I chose a NoSQL database over a SQL database? The inflexibility isn't really buying me. Never occured to me as a huge problem.

  13. Not having simple relationships and lacking complex queries are the biggest limitations of Firebase. Many NoSQL dbs have a way of doing that (Mongo, Rethink, etc). Why not Firebase? This is the main reason we will not be using Firebase on our next project.

  14. #AskFirebase
    How can search functionality be implemented for a firebase realtime database node and all the data stored within?

  15. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tracker.budget.app Thank you firebase team , I have managed to develop my very own app based on your tools !

    Would appreciate if people check it out 🙂

  16. if i send push message by selecting package from firebase console than push goes to all device but during sending to individual device it display problem."Invalid reg token,please check token format" Plz help me sir 🙁

  17. I cant Use customers.child(pk).set({


    there is no set(), only setValue() or setPriority() .

    Please help me with this.

  18. I love the Material design elements in your videos 🙂
    Could you please add video on Firebase Shallow data modeling

  19. Hello 🙂 I'm the humble professor in this Android Bootcamp http://desafiolatam.com/android/ we heavily focus on teaching Firebase is there any email we can reach?

  20. I want to know how to check whether a user is online or not on website using Firebase with only Javascript? Can you make video tutorial of it?

  21. hello, can we do the below mentioned actions, like this is the structure

    "[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"

    and now i want to add 3 more nodes below like, so that after adding it should look like this.

    "[email protected]"
    "[email protected]"
    "abc com"

    is that possible to do ??

  22. Try this app to try stuff thought in this video

  23. Hello, we have a issue with firebase database about IPV6 networks. It don't work, we cant retrieve the data. Apple already reject our app because firebase database don't work properly in ipv6 network. Any solution or support for that? Thanks!

  24. Hi, can anyone help me? In sql if I want to fetch one all values ​​would do so "select * from table where name <> value" more on firebase I do not know how to do

  25. how can i use multiple where clause in single query, or how can i connect firebase functions in real-time to client

  26. I have a question on .set({a:123}) . is there a way to catch any errors ? may be issues in the network preventing the request reaching firebase db. how we can handle that? is it returns a Promise ? so we can use .then() ?

  27. Hey Bro, You make very good tutorials. Thanks. I use recently the firebase in my project too. I get a remarkable effect. If I am trying to get all users from my database after a button click, the db is reacting always after second click. After first click is nothing happen. I use an addValueEventListener +
    What could be the reason of this ?

  28. #AskFirebase Is there any function to help with to generate series number instead of unique key(push id) like AUTO_INCREMENT

  29. #AskFirebase
    Hi i am developing an app using Android studio but i am facing problem while dealing databases i will use a use case so that you can better understand
    "There are two users using same app , if one user upload data i.e name and image of an employee then how can the other user can download image and name of employee which was uploaded by the first one and also how can the second user search data according to the id saved by the first user !"
    So plz answer me in java/android code example because i am not an html developer ??????

  30. Hi greate work, i develop app with sqlite but i need to used Firebase also with the same table so it's possible to migrate data at firebase ?? how can do it there is same tutorial ??

  31. Can you please add data insertion,updating queries? And how does firebase handling multiple queries?

  32. Sir my data is getting updated instead of being add here is the data structure of my database
    +Name: ABC
    Whenever i m sending other values like 5 instead of adding it it is getting replaced by 5 please let me know now how to slove it

  33. A millennial comparison of sql 10 years ago vs nosql – three times the code, same result… no-one writes sql boilerplate anymore…

    Where do kids these days get their education? Most leading sql engines now have nosql built in also, so no need for firebase… or vendor lockin.

  34. I want to make e-commerce app by use android studio. ..what is the best database. … mysql or firebase?

  35. I am evaluating whether to use Firebase NoSQL or MySQL to be my backend storage. $$$ is more the key concern 🙂
    Let say i need have 1000 employees, 50 departments and 200 available countries, it's considered as 3 collections in Firebase as far as i know.

    Let say i need to update 10 employees, i would need to goto "edit screen" for 10 employees and each list out 50 departments, 200 countries in both dropdown box.
    To update the 10 employees, does it mean i need to consume (50 + 200) x 10 + 10 = 2,510 firebase read-usage?
    Hopefully someone can address my concerns, as my edit page contain much more dropdown which the values come from DB.

    If the admin list out 100 employees on screen, if he accidentally hit F5 (refresh) button, it will consume 100 read-usage/day, am i right?

    Thanks for your inputs.

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