Special: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Special: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Hey, hey, focus. Save that for Grindr. I love that you think I have
enough self-esteem to be on Grindr.-I have cerebral palsy.
-What’s that?It’s a disability with the brainmanifested through
muscular incoordination. Okay, now you’re just being a drama queen. I’m Ryan, the intern. -Listen, Cheyenne–
-Ryan. I need viral content now.I don’t know what I’d write about.I was hit by a car. Everybody, come hug Ryan. He was hit by a car
and now he has a weird, sad limp forever. Thank you so much. That’s great. That’s enough.
Thank you.If you could get rid of the thing
you hate about yourself,
the thing no one else understands,
wouldn’t you do it?
Everyone assumed my limp
was from my accident,and then I never corrected them.Your disability is part of you.My mom has a secret boyfriend.Didn’t you want her to get a life?You told me
she was like Brie Larson inRoom,but by choice. I’m moving out. I’d like to see how you function
without an on-call maid. Getting hit by a car
just messed my body up. Doesn’t look so messed-up to me. Sometimes I just feel like,
as a non-skinny, non-white girl,I gotta work overtime.I was in the closet about being gay,
I was in the closet about being disabled,
and now, no more closets. Diversity hire, you got anything? I’m kidding.
Straight, white men are canceled.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Special: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. Me and my boyfriend watched the whole season this evening, it randomly caught our eyes because Ryans character is basically my boyfriend. My boyfriend has a mild case of CP, is bisexual, and has a lot of the same feelings as Ryan does related to his disability. He cried through the whole first episode.

  2. I had my doubts after seeing the trailer, but this ended up being a fantastic watch. Super cute show!!! I cannot WAIT for season 2!

  3. I'm glad I haven't paid for netflix for years. (and no that doesn't mean I'm leeching off a friend's account or pirating either)

  4. I'm a gay guy, and I think this series sucks.
    I want to see nothing but shirtless men, not some dumb guy's life stuff.

  5. Of course the lead character is white. I mean, haven't we moved passed this yet? I mean the least they could've done was make him a mixed race character instead of a privileged white guy. Hello Netflix, its 2019, take of the white hoods and drop the racism.

  6. "Straight, white men" are offended but if it's a gay joke it's funny and only a joke lmao. Let's just remember how much "gay" is used as an insult or as a 'joke'

  7. Ugh the main character was annoying as hell especially how he treated the deaf guy, he is such an asshole

  8. I don't know why they chose to end the trailer with the "Straight white men are cancelled" line.
    It makes it look as if the show wanted you to agree with Olivia, which is not the case. The joke is directed at magazines, exploiting daily struggles of minorities for clicks. By taking the line out of context in this trailer, Netflix uses it to do exactly what it was meant to criticize. It's quite bewildering to me.

  9. This is my first time saying this to Netflix: When the 2nd season will be available? (please read this with an urgent and desperate tone)

  10. Who fall in love with straight man
    There off my list I like gay dominated
    Man since almost all gay man or almost to fem

  11. I like my man white but don’t think
    Is possible to be with one since everyone is acting around me

    If someone is in to you there would come to you I only get the stare type
    like i in a gay club the straight guys need to get there life acting gay

  12. I really loved this show! Episodes really short, but was really funny! Hopefully they will do a 2nd season.

  13. i have nothing against homossexuality im bi, but ryan rlly got on my nerves hes so fkin annoying/ unresolved and he was rlly stupid to the deaf guy

  14. Cute movie….. just binged season 1….. episodes are so short I pretended it was a movie….

  15. Oh god why so basic netflix, this sjw trend dont end?… Can you bring some dark humor comedy series? Now the only shit that you delivery it s romantic comedy or political/agenda, people are getting tired of shit like this every month..

  16. I like it, i feel the show have many similar things with "Please like me" about the humor, the ironic situations with particular characters, etc.. but it works!

  17. % of straight movies/tv shows with white people 99%. % of lgbt movies 1% = why is netflix/ hollywood making everything gay

  18. I special too.
    And straight guys or not on my
    List cancell those creeps out your
    Life acting gay every day retards
    Go sit on North pool pole

  19. As a straight white male I wish I could cancel my netflix subscription but.. I was never a subscriber in the first place.

  20. I don't know which is worse wasting my hard earned money on some Jew owned mega corporation or wasting my precious time watching anti-white bullshit. Thank Odin for iptorrents.

  21. Another nauseating insufferable vanity project made by and for people with absolutely no standards whatsoever.

  22. I just watched the interview on Ru Paul`s show and went searching… I have to see this show, like yesterday!!!

  23. Without question the most narcissistic steaming pile I've ever seen. What kind of mind would look at this person and find them interesting in any conceivable way whatsoever. And those glasses. Jesus Christ. Facebook: The Movie.

  24. Buenaa entretenida novedosa pido 2 temporada!!!!! Me gustan las series con pocos personajes avanzan mas rapido like..

  25. "straight white men are cancelled" and a truckload of pro-leftist crap
    Why am I even surprised with Netflix.

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