Spamming Jeeps in Tower Battles(Roblox)

Spamming Jeeps in Tower Battles(Roblox)

Sry for the low quality vid I’ll try to get a better recorder soon- Want the serious spam?(not the thumbnail)Watch ’till the end. Btw Kieran3323(the one with the ice/light blue theme) is my brother irl. And so the waves come. Ye boi time to start the army. Just checking out the upgrades. Let’s add more!:D mOre. Just checking out the enemy team. MOoRe. Poor ‘lil jeep station. Alone. Cri ;-; Help I’m stuck. Oh wait nvm. No more captions for awhile. Jeep army commence! So proud of my children. 😀 Jobs: Me:Defence Kieran:Offence Other guy in the team: Defence The lag is starting. O_O Extreme lag O_o Actually this is my first day with the jeep. Even so,we have this mess. 😀 No more captions for this until the near-end to it. This vid will end automatically Btw. We won even you can’t see it. Go check out Kieran’s channel,link in the description. Bye m8s.

Danny Hutson

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