Sony BRAVIA – How to connect the BRAVIA TV to a wireless network

Sony BRAVIA – How to connect the BRAVIA TV to a wireless network

Tutorial video for connecting a wireless network with BRAVIA TV This video will illustrate in the order of [1] Before the settings, [2] How to connect, and [3] Troubleshooting. “KDL-32W600D” is used as a sample model for this video tutorial. This video does not have any audio. Before the settings Make sure that your BRAVIA TV has built-in Wi-Fi capability. Refer to the Specifications or Instruction manual of your TV. Make sure that your wireless LAN router is already set-up with internet connection and ready to use. To establish a wireless connection, network name (SSID) and password (KEY) are required. You can find the network name (SSID) and password (KEY) from… [1] the label or sticker on the router, [2] the documents supplied with the router, or [3] the settings on the router. The location of the network name (SSID) and password (KEY) differs depending on your router. How to connect This video tutorial will guide you on how to set-up the connection of your TV to a wireless network. Press the Home button on the remote. Select [Settings]. Select [System Settings]. Select [Set-up]. Select [Network]. Then, select [Network Setup]. Select [Set up network connection]. Select [Easy]. If your router has a WPS button, you can simply connect to the network without using network name (SSID) and KEY (password). The location of the WPS button differs depending on your router. In this video, we will guide you on how to scan and connect to the wireless network manually. Select [Scan] to display the list of network names (SSID). The network names (SSID) appear. Select the network name (SSID) you have confirmed earlier. If you place a check into [Show Password], your password will be visible on the entry screen. Select [WPA Key] to display the password entry screen. Enter the KEY (password). After entering the password, select [Enter] to close the entry screen. Press the right arrow button on the remote to connect to a wireless network. The connection is completed. The setup of wireless LAN connection is completed. In some cases, depending on the external environment, the network name (SSID) may not displayed in the scan list or the Internet connection may become unstable even if the wireless connection is completed. If any channel interference occurs between your router and other routers, the connection may become unstable. You may solve the issue by changing the channel setting of your router. When changing the channel of the router, set the network to separated channels such as 1ch, 6ch, or 11ch to avoid the interference. You will need a PC, smartphone or tablet to change the channel settings. Other appliances using the 2.4GHz frequency such as… microwave oven, cordless phone or FAX machine, wireless surveillance camera or WEB camera, may be the reason for the radio wave interference. If the radio wave cannot be reached because the position of your router is far from the TV, move the router closer. Updating, setting up the router again, or rebooting it
may solve the issue. For more details, refer to the manual supplied with the router or contact the router manufacturer. You can now enjoy the Internet on your BRAVIA TV!

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50 thoughts on “Sony BRAVIA – How to connect the BRAVIA TV to a wireless network

  1. This is the biggest piece of shit t.v. I have ever bought. Watching Netflix the other night, my brand new 2017 Sony Bravia 55" t.v. The t.v. turns off, then back on and now the internet won't reconnect, nor will the keyboard pop up to allow me to enter the password. Being a holiday, your support line is down and I can't contact customer support. I am so pissed, so pissed.

  2. I just came here because of that i got one yesterday. My Parents and i were gonna switch 3 TV's to different rooms. 1 New tv in Living Room, 1 in my parents bedroom, 1 in basement. Im a PlayStation Player, so, guess who i got? So the first tv in living Room, We just buyed one, A Samsung UHD TV. A 4K TV. 🙂 So nice to have when my dad got a PS4 Pro. 4K console & 4K TV!
    So the old one sitting there was a Samsung Smart TV. We removed it and putted it into the parents bedroom. The old one sitting there was this Sony tv. We removed it and putted it into the basement, where my PS4/3 At. The old one sitting THERE was a big ssmsung tv with a foot of glass (I Think) And the glass became red a bit if lights were on. That Samsung TV dont i know were my parents putted it. Thx for reading, Have a good day!

  3. So my tv says connected when i followed your steps and i pressed "ok" and nothing happened like it did for you… its "comnected" but when i go to "home"> "internet contents" it says "please wait and try again later" pops up in the lower right hand corner… what's going on

  4. My sony bravia is not connecting to wifi router and the message is The System is encountered an error. Contact sony…. What to do help me…?

  5. My Sony Bravia is 2016 R30D Model KLV-40R352D/32R302D I would like to connect it to my WiFi . Please let me know if I can do so.

  6. I probably waste an hour a week restarting my tv because of network settings, it's complete nonsense as all other devices connect fine with a great connection grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sony, you are going to get my tv back as I've now wasted 90minutes of my evening!

  7. Sir/maam please help me how to screen mirroring mobile phone to Sony KLV-40R352C or how to connect it in internet. I hope you notice this comment.

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