Some Presidential Candidates Skipped an LGBTQ Forum: Sept 23 Debrief

Some of the leading candidates for the democratic
nomination for president appeared at an LGBTQ forum this week, but there were a few candidates
who were notably absent. The Supreme Court will hear oral argument
some incredibly important cases on October 8. And a coalition of civil rights groups is
spearheading several days of education, protest, and civil disobedience for equality in the
coming days. We’ll have the week’s top LGBTQ news and
how you can get involved on Weekly Debrief. If you’re enjoying these videos, head over
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who makes Weekly Debrief possible. Big thanks to everyone who supports the show. Several presidential candidates appeared onstage
this week at an LGBTQ presidential forum hosted by GLAAD, The Advocate, and several other
groups. It’s a big deal that candidates would take
time to speak directly to queer voters, although some candidates like Bernie Sanders skipped
it. Sanders also plans to skip a queer town hall
hosted by CNN next month. So who was the best candidate at the forum? Well, honestly, here’s the thing — they’re
all good. Everyone had positive things to say about
inclusion, nondiscrimination, and equality. Whoever gets the Democratic nomination is
going to be in a position to fix a lot of the harm that’s been done by the Republican
administration. That having been said, Elizabeth Warren made
an impression by reading the names of trans women of color who have been killed this year. Kamala Harris highlighted her long track record
of allyship. Pete Buttigieg said he’d direct the FDA
to re-examine the ban on gay men giving blood. Corey Booker talked about expanding PrEP access. Overall the event affirmed the Democratic
candidates’ commitment to the LGBTQ community, and highlighted initiatives that Republicans
simply won’t support. On the topic of nondiscrimination, get ready
for a big day at the Supreme Court on October 8. The court will hear oral argument about whether
the Civil Rights Act protects people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. With the ideology of the court tipping more
and more conservative, there’s a growing risk of a bad ruling that could strip away
what little protections queer people have. In advance of the upcoming hearing, organizers
in DC are putting together a weekend of activism, training, and protest for the National Trans
Visibility March on September 28. The march starts at 9am at Freedom Plaza,
but also includes educational sessions for folks who want to bring tools back home to
their own communities, as well as an awards ceremony in the evening. And then on October 8, a coalition of civil
rights groups will lead a day of rallies and protests. One of the lead organizers of that is the
group Housing Works — they’re sponsoring buses from New York to DC for a mass civil
disobedience in front of the Supreme Court. This week’s action item is to visit
and click on Advocacy for more information about those protests and how you can get involved
in the action around these extremely important Supreme Court cases. As always let me know about stories that need
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Danny Hutson

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