Solution! Wi-Fi cutting out/dropping connections randomly (using FREE WiFi analyzer Android app) #15

Hey, welcome back! If you have trouble loading web pages using
your wifi on your wireless device, or your Wi-Fi keeps cutting out, then please watch
this video! So I bought a new wireless G and N combination router. After connecting it,
we had problems right away! Mostly connection issues and difficulties loading web pages
on our wireless devices from some places within our house. Our cell phones, laptops, and gaming
devices were all affected. The following steps led me to a proper solution! Using my Android phone I installed a free
app from the market called “WiFi analyzer”. Then I scanned my home wifi network with
my PHONE using that free app. This immediately showed me that even though my wireless G signal
was very strong throughout my house, several of my neighbour’s wireless G networks were
all pushing their way into my house too, some with the same channel number as mine! This
was a “huge” source of interference for me, as I probably was for them as well. Knowing
this, I logged into my router and into the wireless 2.4 ghz settings section, where I
then “changed my channel settings” from automatic, to a “manual” channel selection which appeared
empty in the wifi analyzer app I used. I rebooted my router and scanned my house again. I now
had nobody else sharing my channel, and most importantly, those connection problems completely
disappeared. Everything was fine again. Upon doing the same scan within the 5 Ghz band,
there were no other channels conflicting with mine. This does not mean that it won’t happen
in the future though. Now there is one very important thing to keep
in mind here. Even though my router can simultaneously transmit on the 2.4 AND 5GHz bands, the 2.4
GHz frequency has the ability to travel easier through walls and obstructions than the 5 Ghz
can, as you can see here from a scan I did in our rec room downstairs. Since our devices
will automatically connect to our stronger networks, this will lead to network slowdowns
and stumbles if our neighbours 2.4 G signals at the same channel setting are mixing with
ours. So there you go, if you have a wireless router (WLAN),
neighbours, and connection problems, you might want to think about doing what I did. You’ll
need to follow the instructions from YOUR router’s manufacturer if you want to make
changes to your settings. Good luck and hopefully, you’ll be able to save some time, and aggravation!
Until next time, check out my other videos, and thanks for watching!

Danny Hutson

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