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79 thoughts on “Software Testing Tutorials for Beginners

  1. +Guru99. I just came to this video from another video with Mark Hamill interviewing about Star Wars. I could've sworn that your voice is exactly like Mark Hamill's… lol

  2. Would have picked B. since 'interne explorer' sounds more like a virus since it's spelt incorrectly…or maybe this entire video is filled with typos? Probably the latter…either way, not watching the rest to find out

  3. Hallo every body: i am writing my Master Thesis about Software Qulity testing for embeded system is there any one can help me with some links or books or Resorses. thanks in advance.

  4. where is pros and cons of sandwich testing you not explain clearly the sandwich testing plz explain it

  5. We are all software testers essentially when we use our phones every day. I’ve found minor bugs in all my phones I’ve ever had.

  6. Buy 20 minutes in the stuttering audio is exceptionally irritating. but this is good review for my interview today, thanks!

  7. Great vid but I need practise more than pure teory … in my opinion all people need see real work maybe not directly in conpany but we need see all kind and ways of testing based on real examples. It is only one way to real understand how it works,

  8. And beyond testable bugs we have Sony… which dumped 10s of millions of accounts into hacker's hands. No apology and no one mentions it. Why's that? Should we only test folks that admit their failure?
    How about Equifax? THAT WASNT EVEN A BUG PEOPLE!

  9. I am currently making $140k+ in the Chicago area as a Lead Software QA Testing Manager after taking an online course with Sebron University, so this stuff pays really well

  10. you can make $50-$60k/yr doing software testing … I took an online course at Sebron University a couple of years ago and am currently making $54k/year in Minnesota … . …

  11. Thank you so much with this! I downloaded this the first time I hear the tutorial, It was well-explained and so detailed! thank you again! 🙂

  12. There's so many typos in the tutorial, so should tested it first HAHA just kidding C: Kudos to the creator of this video! 🙂

  13. I cant see the link for downloading the flight reservation software. Can someone give me the exact link?
    Much appreciated <3

  14. Testing is very important, I thought it is easy and we do not need, but I have moved to Developer section in Test I have understand it is the most greatest part

  15. Was perfect till we hit the Robotic part where the voice quality is just as boring as those boring Hindi videos. Could you please make the rest with your own effort (voice) so it becomes interesting. Thank you for actually putting up something that has clear words though!:)

  16. i'm learning CTFL in south korea for the get a job in game company i wish i have a great test grad to get a QA tester job in game company

  17. OMG.. this video is so great..have been industry for awhile, still i still dont know some basic terms..keep it up guru

  18. Veramente molto molto utile. Da poco sono diventato Tester e questo video mi ha chiarito molte cose. Bravi!!!

  19. Nothing works if you outsource work for 9 USD/hour like Boeing did it for BoeingMAX Cockpit software. Yes we still had 2 plane crash in 2019 because of Software bug.

  20. As a QA you should also have a keen eye even a tiny errors like in this video. The Spelling of Correctness in this video missing 1 letter. Anyone notice it.

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