SKY WAY CAPITAL на Private Money Forum 2018

SKY WAY CAPITAL на Private Money Forum 2018

1. On 1 December, 2018, in Moscow, there was held a landmark event: the annual practical forum PRIVATE MONEY 2018. PRIVATE MONEY is more than a Forum, it is a place where people, who think about their personal finances, about their financial future, gather annually. The experts, who have proved by their work that their ideas help to increase savings and private capital, who know how to make high-yield investments with reduced risks, are invited as speakers to this event. On the stage, the speeches were delivered by the world and Russian top speakers: Vladimir Savenok, a famous financial consultant in Russia, the author of the books “ A Million for my Daughter”, “How to Make a Personal Financial Plan” and “Investing is Easy!”, a founder and CEO of the Personal Capital Consulting Group; Robert Allen, the author of the best-selling “Multiple Sources of Income” and “Millionaire Code” (The USA); Robert Rolih, a private investor, entrepreneur, author of the best-selling “Million Dollar Solution.”; Alexey Goryachev, a Managing Partner of RMG Partners, Head of YPO Moscow, Ambassador Skolkovo Business School. And 7 more experts in the field of personal money, investment and savings management delivered speeches at the Forum. The Forum was attended by over 900 people, for whom it became an applicative event for solving specific problems: how to ensure the financial well-being of the family and quickly achieve financial freedom. Participants got to know how to invest capital outside the framework of bank deposits, to avoid mistakes of independent use of investment strategies in 2019; and also got to know about the trends for the next 2 years. As part of the forum, the guests visited the exhibition of offers with the best proven investment solutions in 4 exhibition zones: deposits, securities market, real estate, commodity markets. The 5th zone represented a special value, as in this zone, there were proposals for people who are ready to invest money in already operating businesses. SKY WAY CAPITAL also presented its stand in the 5th zone. At the stand of the company, there was a large press wall with the sample of the track structure and two models of the string transport: high-speed and suspended unibuses. The models were presented on a scale of 1 to 10. There was also broadcast of a video presentation from the EcoTechnoPark in the Republic of Belarus, and in the video, the rolling stock could be seen in action. With the help of 3D glasses, any visitor of the stand could be inside the SkyWay virtual station and literally look into the future. At the PRIVATE MONEY 2018, SKY WAY CAPITAL was represented by Maxim Vydro, Denis Rogachov and Dinar Khalfin. Yevgeniy Kudryashov, Director of the SKY WAY CAPITAL Fund, was in the hall. During the Forum, SkyWay was presented as the most global crowd-investing project of the planet, which was able to bring together more than four hundred thousand investors from around the world. Presentor: And there is another partner who is also represented at the exhibition today. This is the most global crowdinvesting project of the planet: more than four hundred thousand investors from around the world have invested in the unique technology of the future. What kind of technology is that? This is SkyWay – an innovative transport that moves above the ground on the high-strength string rails. The location of SkyWay tracks above the ground will allow to forget about traffic jams forever, the electric motor will reduce environmental damage to a minimum, and thanks to the latest technological solutions, SkyWay can be built absolutely in any terrain. The SkyWay system has already been built in Belarus near Minsk and there, on the string transport, several thousand passengers have already been able to ride. And in April of this year, the construction of the SkyWay transport system began in the United Arab Emirates. The SKY WAY CAPITAL’s stand was not only professionally informative. The Forum participants were able to take with them a large amount of promotional material, which will allow all those interested to investigate the SkyWay project and, if they wish, become its investor. SKY WAY CAPITAL, being the official fund of the SkyWay Group of Companies, is actively promoting the project, in order to spread the idea of Yunitskiy string transport among a large number of potential investors. The participation in events such as the PRIVATE MONEY 2018 Forum allows to directly access a narrow circle of people, who are engaged in investments and are looking for where it is profitable to invest their capital, as in any business, it is important to have potentially interested people within eyeshot.

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