Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-in | What Is The Right Way To Grow Your Email List?

Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-in | What Is The Right Way To Grow Your Email List?

Hey, Miles here, This video is all about single opt in versus
double opt in. Specifically, you’re going to learn what the
right approach is for you in growing your email list and ultimately growing your business
online. Because the truth is that it’s not a one size
fits all type scenario. And in fact my wife and I operate differently. I run a double opt in list while she runs
a single opt in list and there are specific reasons for that and that’s what you’re gonna
learn here. So you know what the right ultimate approach
is for you. Before we jump into which one, let’s talk
about what this is K. so growing your email list, the user needs to give you their email
in exchange for your lead magnet. Then the question is, do they automatically
go on your list and go into your followup sequence in that moment or that single opt
in? Or do you require an extra confirmation step
where they actually have to go to their email, they open up a confirmation email, they click
a link and you’re getting a double opt in confirmation. So that’s the difference. Okay. Now you are clearly going to grow your list
more slowly with a double opt in, but that’s not necessarily a problem and there’s a lot
of marketers who rally behind the idea of small lists of hyper-targeted people are way
more valuable than large lists of non-relevant individuals. This is why I could use a tool and go scrape
millions of email addresses from websites and that list would be worth nothing to me
because there’s no relationship. These people don’t know me. My deliverability would be terrible and I
would go right to the spam box. Whereas when my list was only 3,500 subscribers,
very small list in my space, I actually won an affiliate competition. I did over $30,000 in revenue in one week
with three emails in one video and I out kind of sold people who have lists of a hundred
and 120,000 and greater. And the reason is because it’s more about
the relationship you have with the subscribers on your list than it is the size of your list. The size of the list is absolutely a vanity
metric. With that said, the other reason, the other
key reason why I’m running a double opt in list is the niche that I’m in. So in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship,
it’s very common for me to be talking about cashflow, income, profits, making money, return
on investment, and all of those phrases are really, really close to spam traps. Okay. Those are the types of phrases that when flagged
by G mail, my emails will go over into the promotions tab. And if enough people click report as spam,
I’m going to really ruin my deliverability. And the fact that the niche that I’m operating
within has a lot of people all pushing webinars and over-hype get rich quick things. My emails may be perceived as overly promotional
and people might be more willing hit the report as spam on my content than someone who is
potentially in the cooking space. So the other niches where this becomes a problem
is anything that has to do with finances, personal finance, making money, whether it’s
investing, whether it’s Forex, whether it’s making money, online, digital marketing, et
cetera. So that was one of the big considerations. And also my list was brand new. When you’re just getting started, a lot of
times certain, um, mailing tools, auto responders will not actually let you run double opt in
until you’ve proven that you’re a trustworthy sender because they’re fearful. You’re just going to go upload a list of random
people and start spamming them essentially, right? Sending emails that are unsolicited as if
you didn’t get that kind of, um, the confirmation that you could actually email them. So a lot of them, if you’re brand new, they’re
just going to prevent you flat out from going to a double a single opt in list and they’re
going to force you to go with a double opt in list until you prove yourself as a reliable
sender who doesn’t have huge amounts of spam complaints. So I really want to position the single opt
in as a great option for people who are new to email marketing. It’s a great option for anyone who talks about
anything in the world of earning income, of growing a business, of, of profits, of return
on investments, et cetera. Because what’s going to happen is you’re going
to make sure that you’re focusing your message on those individuals who are most interested
in what you have. And really, truly great marketing is more
sometimes about making sure the wrong people don’t get your message as it is about getting,
making sure that the right people do indeed get your message. I love the idea that I learned from Dan Kennedy
about putting, um, obstacle courses in front of people. So I get asked by friends and family, Hey
miles, can you help me get an idea? I wanna run through, run by you. And a lot of times people are hoping that
I run with their ideas and I always put obstacle courses in front of people and I make them
go do this. And then that, and then this and then that. And if they get all of those things done,
then come back and talk to me and I happily will lay out those next steps. What happens? People who aren’t serious don’t make it through
the obstacle courses. And when you have someone who has just given
you their email address in exchange for that free thing, if they’re not willing to go to
their email and confirm and then go download your thing, did they really, really want it? And if they didn’t really, really want it
or did they really trust you and if they didn’t really trust you, do you actually want them
on your list anyways? The answer for me is simple. It’s a no, I don’t. I want a smaller list. It’s less expensive to maintain, but most
importantly, I’m going to get the best deliverability. I’m shooting to have that list of just those
core people who want to hear every message that I have. I make it really easy for people to unsubscribe
from my list as well because again, it’s about getting the right people. Now with that said, on the other side of the
paradigm, my wife is not in the make money or the marketing space at all. She’s in a niche, in the world of spirituality
and ultimately in this space and a lot of other spaces, whether it’s fitness, whether
it’s um, kind of the world of spirituality. It could be cooking, it could be a hobby based,
whether it’s golf or bowling or golf or whatever it is, repeated golf obviously. Um, when you’re in those kind of language
patterns, it’s very rare that the words you use in emails are going to get you into the,
the spam filters and into the promotion filters because you just, the jargon of the niche
isn’t such that it’s kind of controversial in the eyes of Google, right? So you’re not saying profits, you’re not saying
return on investments or cashflow or grow your business in those types of emails. So the ability for you to get your emails
delivered, right? The deliverability potential of those niches
is often greater. Excuse me. So that’s the first thing. Second thing is we are running a lot of paid
traffic and I want to make sure that the paid traffic we are sending our content and our
are our messages to number one. I want to make sure that they see my onetime
offer and you can definitely show people your onetime offer it whether you’re doing a double
opt in or a single opt in, but on my double opt in list when they go to that second page,
I’m just putting a message that says great, I’ve received your request. Now you have to go confirm your email if you
actually want to get the free course. That’s my process. So I am reminding them visibly that the next
step is to go confirm their email cause I do want the right people onto my list, which
means I’m missing an opportunity to display a onetime offer where I’m giving them a special
chance to purchase something. But since we’re buying traffic on my wife’s
brand, we want to make sure we’re displaying that one time offer and I want to make sure
as many people as possible are seeing our followup sequence. This followup sequence has been refined over
the course of 10 plus years now and it has a very high conversion rate, is very profitable
for us to make sure more people do see this. But here’s what I have going on. Even though we’re running single opt in, I
have multiple automations running in the background. I didn’t set this stuff up. I hired Dave from integrate who he
runs all of my deep integration stuff. Um, he costs thousands of dollars per month
because he’s an absolute pro at marketing automation. So you’re thinking about reaching out to him,
make sure you’re earning five, 10, 15 grand a month and you have the ability to afford
someone of that kind of caliber. But what we do is we are monitoring, if they
opt in and they go all seven days, it’s either seven or 10 days and they don’t open and they
don’t click. This is a warning flag, right? They just opted in for something and now they’ve
disappeared. So we run a save the subscriber sequence that
has some very proven high open rate email, subject lines and high click through rate
body copy, and if they don’t open and take action on those, I scrubbed them from my list. And then at any point in the cycle with the
Regal, I believe it’s set to 45 days. It’s either 45 or 60 days. If they go 45 days or 60 days without opening
an email than we remove them from our list after sending them through that last save
the subscriber sequence, it’s the same save the subscriber sequence. It’s three emails that come out three days
in a row and they have very, very enticing and curiosity inducing emails because here’s
what happens. Sometimes people change email addresses. Did you ever have an AOL address that you
don’t use anymore or do you have a Yahoo address that you don’t use anymore? Maybe now you’re a Gmail or a Google mail
type person. Maybe you’re on proton mail because you care
about security and you have these other email addresses that you don’t actually open anymore. Well, here’s what’s going on. Those mail providers are monitoring this and
when they see emailers like me sending an email to a dead email box, how does Yahoo
know that email box is dead? Yahoo can tell that person has not opened
their email box for five years and if I’m still emailing that every single day, it kills
my deliverability for every other email I’m sending to an app. Yahoo address. Same with AOL, same with Google because the
truth is people move on. These are called spam traps or honeypots,
I believe is actually what they’re called. If honey traps, I think they’re called honeypots,
is what they’re called. If you want to look into this more, but the
idea is that all of these email box companies are monitoring who is blatantly sending email
after email after email to people who aren’t even opening their inboxes and then they look
at that sender, they look at the IP address it comes from, and they’re dinging these individuals
for the deliverability across all of those Yahoo or Gmail people. So you want to scrub your list, especially
true if you’re actually running a single opt in list. In fact, I think you need to have a very early
scrub date and then obviously you need to have an ongoing scrubbing system in place
to make sure that every 60 days or 90 days or 45 days or whatever it is for your business,
if they’re not opening, if they’re not engaged, if they’re not there anymore, you need to
get them off the list so your messages have a higher likelihood of reaching the people
who are indeed opening your emails. And really I just put that big filter up at
the very front. That’s what a double opt in list does, is
I add the obstacle course in the beginning to number one, make sure I’m only speaking
with people who are willing to take some sort of action because if you’re not willing to
go a double subscriber, confirm your subscription, what are the odds you’re actually gonna follow
through and build a real business online. They’re pretty slim and I just don’t have
any time or desire to talk with people who aren’t willing to do the work. Right? But then again, those people who do take those
actions and they do show up and they do open their emails. Those are my kinds of people and those are
the individuals who I do want to talk with. When you’re running a larger brand that has
maybe a broader focus or a broader appeal to a larger segment and you’re paying for
traffic and you want to maximize that ROI and you’re not sending a lot of emails that
have the potential, having those words in there that can get you caught up in the spam
filters and in those kinds of promotions tab filters, then it can be a decent time to run
a single opt in list. I’ve had one marketer friend, um, who says,
ah, if you want to make money online, you run a single opt in list. And that’s just the way it is because the
more email subscribers, the more messages, the more offers in the more money that you
make. But within that world, it can go against you
because if you’re not cleaning your list, if you’re getting a bad reputation as an emailer,
it will affect you across your entire list, not just that individual, so you’re just getting
started. Double opt in is absolutely great. If you’re a seasoned pro and you have marketing
automation help or you are a marketing automation Ninja on your own, you can do that single
opt in, but my wife and I grew her list of the first hundred thousand or so, running
it as a double opt in. It wasn’t until we really reinvested in some
of this stuff and sort of scale our cold traffic through paid ads that we decided to go with
a single opt in for her, and I’m happy as a Lark with small lists because I really do
believe and I subscribe to the philosophy that I just want to talk to my true 1000 fans. Okay? That’s my goal, my whole business model, 115
20,000 subscribers here. I’ve got about 12,000 people on my email list
and I’ve got about 500 members inside of my inner circle right now. And that’s really what I’m filtering out is
of all the people on YouTube, then my subscribers, then my email subscribers and who wants to
join my inner circle so I can help them build a real business. Because the truth is 99.8% of people on YouTube
are never going to build $1 million business online. I’m just filtering out to those ones who are,
and if you’re not willing to double confirm and double opt in and confirm your email address,
the odds of you actually taken all the actions pretty slim. And when you take that approach, you can move
forward and realize it’s a helpful filter to make sure you’re only talking with those
ambitious people that doers the ones in your niche who are willing to do what it takes. They’re not going to confirm their email what
they really buy your product, probably not. Right. So that’s the philosophy. I hope this has helped you understand. If you have questions for me, get at me in
the comments below. If you want to see my opt in my process, go
to miles for slash free dash course. There’ll be an image of a book that shows
up here on the end screen, and you can just click on that and that will take you into
my opt in so you can get my emails and get my free course. And on that note, I’ll catch you on the next
video. Thanks for your time. See you soon.

Danny Hutson

31 thoughts on “Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-in | What Is The Right Way To Grow Your Email List?

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    Loved it…
    Do you think it's still profitable to run FB ads for make money niche?

  2. Great video Miles! My experience is similar as well. A single opt-in reduces friction and encourages more sign-ups, however, a double opt-in can improve the quality of your list. This way, you have better open rates and lower unsubscribes.

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  9. Hey milles. How are you?
    My metrics with double:
    Those who sees my ads and clicks the submit button and confirm the first email are 50% of the leads.

    Now, 50% of those leads will click the download link to get the e-book.

    The cost per lead acquisition, normally is 2x or even 3x higher compared to single ones.

    I agree with you that the lead quality for the Double condirmation is way better, on average open rate of 32% and link clicks at 15% ok avg.

    Compared with single ones… the open rate is at 8 to 12 % max. And clicks on links at 2%.

    Well this is in the IM niche.

    Hope it helps.

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  14. I've been following Melanie's strategy and its been working well for me! For the longest time, the double opt-in worked good but I felt I was losing a lot of subscribers in the process. Now, I moved into the single opt-in, but I regularly check-in to see if there are any spam emails and every 60 days I run a re-activation sequence of those who didn't open any of my emails before deleting. I found that my open rate went up from 20% to 36% right now! It's a bit of additional work that I'm willing to put in for not missing out on those subscribers. And yes I'm in the health and fitness niche.

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    And 1 of the pickup we got is to add "candles" and "soaps" to our existing gift business. Haha… It is common to have people doing these, and we are going to tie up with someone local for such expansion as we get to leverage on others' manpower too! Win-Win is the way to go. 😀 Thanks Miles!!

  20. Assuming you're redirecting to a page that says "thanks for submission, please look for confirmation email and confirm" for new contacts, although your autoresponder knows if the contact has already subscribed (and therefore won't send the confirmation email) and assuming you're still using Thrive Themes/Architect, have you found a way to show a different page upon submission for contacts already subscribed?

  21. So after reading a few comments…

    I can see myself and Miles think the same on this.

    Having that obstacle for folks (at least for me) worked wonders. And in this case when someone just gave you the email and aren’t willing to go confirm the email – you have to ask yourself do you really want them on your list.

    It’s a hot and cold thing for me.

    You are either Hot or Cold.

    A hot viewer will jump through hoops just to get on your list (I ran a 4 page funnel with double opt-in as a test and from page 1 which saw 1k plus people to those that confirmed was about 300)

    A cold viewer – 600 of them left at page 1

    Imagine that.

    I’ll stick with Double Opt-In for another reason… not everyone uses it in the IM space

    Just sharing my two cents.

    Nice one Miles.

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