Simple Ragic Database

Simple Ragic Database

Hi, This is Berrin from Ragic.
Today, I will show you how simple it is to use a Ragic database application, a tool designed
to change how you manage your business’ data. This is called a listing page in Ragic,
where the summary of all entries are displayed, just like a spreadsheet table.
You can choose which fields you want to display here when designing your database.
Each row on this page is an individual entry. For this particular database of products, I have fields such as product code, manufacturer,
product name, and unit price displayed for many entries. When I click on any of the rows, Ragic takes me to the entry’s form page,
where I can view the details of a product. You can see that I have more fields than in the
listing page, such as the catalogue picture for this Milk Chocolate product.
This form page’s fields will be the same for all entries in this database sheet, which keeps your information more organized. Let’s add a new product to our database by
clicking the “+New” button on the top. I had set the product code to be automatically
generated, so I don’t have to fill this in for now. The new product I’m adding is “Assorted Chocolate Box”, and the Product family is “Chocolate”. I know that the “Country of Origin” is Belgium, so I start typing and Ragic knows what I am about to enter. I’m choosing the manufacturer and filling in a product description. I had designed the “Unit Price” field as a
money field”, so I can just type any number, and Ragic will understand that I am entering a number value. I’m choosing the catalogue picture from my computer. I’m all done so I can save the entry now. Notice that the Auto Generate field I skipped
generated the next product code in sequence for me. Let’s go back to the listing page. as you can see, this last entry is shown
on the top. In our next tutorial I will show how to create
a simple Ragic database like this from scratch, and also talk about some of the different
field types supported in Ragic. Thank you for watching, and check out our other videos to
learn more about Ragic! You can write to [email protected] if you run into any problems while
building your database applications.

Danny Hutson

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