Showbox ‘Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection!’

Showbox ‘Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection!’

Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. Here is the sad news that you don’t expect. The operations of Showbox was closed. This is due to the copyright filed by movie
studios. Recently, most of the website owners got an
email to take down the blogs or websites who promote Showbox application. And now the whole application was taken down
and the app is no longer working. When you try to open the Showbox App you might
be gettings an error like Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection!. Even if you use VPN you will get the same
Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection! Message because the app is no longer connected
to the any web server. And Here is the notice that most of the websites
do show when you try to download Showbox APK. Show Box is NOT a legitimate software platform
for viewing Copyright protected movies. If you use ShowBoxApp to view copyrighted
movies, the movie studios may be able to see your IP address and your viewing history,
which is highly impossible in my opinion. Following Using ShowBox App to watch copyright
protected movies, for which you do not have a license, is illegal, YES and subjects you
to liability for copyright infringement. Movie studios are cracking down on illegal
downloading and are filing lawsuits against users of ShowBox app. Websites that promote and/or distribute ShowBox
are also being pursued by the movie studios for promoting illegal activity. It is not worth the trouble! Ofcourse Instead, please consider these links to platforms
that stream content legally: such as amazon, netflix, hulu. And finally, will they come up with a new
app? We should wait for some more time to see what
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Danny Hutson

38 thoughts on “Showbox ‘Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection!’

  1. I use show box for 1 type of show and thats tv shows aired 🙁 like dc legends of tomarrow and the flash and smallvill beings i dont have any internet or tv or anyway severus out here 🙁 because trees block everthing

  2. All I care about is the TV shows. They could've just removed the movies since that was the problem anyways. Please make a new one I wanna finish watching Titans.

  3. Pay for your movies guys, if you dont pay for movies they dont make sequels, than what you going to do! read a book, and become intelligent, oh noooo.. pay for your entertainment.

  4. Showbox is gone but there is an app better than showbox or any other app right now. Google "cyberflix tv co" Thank me later 😛😜😝

  5. Hey TechEmpty! I've been trying to make a presentation for a long time and I need an image to fit the whole page. I can't seem to find a way to figure out how to make the image fit the full Google Doc page. If you could make a video on how to do this, that would be amazing! If anyone in the comments happens to know, please tell me! 😀

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