Should Presidential Candidates Go on Joe Rogan?

Should Presidential Candidates Go on Joe Rogan?

Oh, (617) 830-4750 let’s jump over to our
caller from the seven oh eight area code. Who’s calling today from seven Oh eight, seven
oh eight maybe we’re muted. I don’t know. Yo. Oh, sorry. Hi. How are you, Mason? Yeah, my name is [inaudible]. I’m from Chicago. What’s going on? I wanted to ask, um, so you, you’ve seen the
Joe Rogan podcast with Bernie Sanders. Uh, I saw five minutes of it. Honestly, I don’t know what else happened. I saw that, you know, it had thousands of
downvotes, not surprisingly, based on Joe’s audience. Um, and I saw that he was on, I saw the first
five minutes. Why did, did anything interesting go on? Oh No, no. The, they just, they just discussed a lot
of, um, I mean, it was, it was really well, uh, it was really well, uh, discussed. Uh, you guys should probably watch it. Um, yeah, I was gonna I was gonna ask. Um, do you think other candidates just show
up on the Joe Rogan experience? It’s up to them. I mean, I think so. Andrew Yang did it. Tulsi Gabber did it. I don’t know who else has been on with him,
but he, I mean, it’s a huge platform. It’s one of the biggest podcasts around, I
don’t think, I mean I don’t believe any publicity is good publicity, but certainly the Joe Rogan
experience is good publicity no matter what your political orientation is. I feel like I’m just, just from a, I mean
listen, even if his audience is like a center, right audience in total, like a lot of people
didn’t like the stuff I said on there, but it still was hugely beneficial for me. So like, yeah, I think why, why wouldn’t I? I can’t think of any reason why candidates
would avoid it. Hmm. Interesting. Can you, I mean, what is there, do you think
candidates should stay away from the show? No, no, no. I think I’m, I think he has interesting, I
think he asks great questions and since we’re on the podcasts they can talk as long as they
want versus a debate, which is like 15 seconds of response time, so, right. I think it’s very nice. Okay. You’re in your question, you sounded a little
bit like hesitant, like do what you know that maybe people think they shouldn’t be on or
something. No, I only sent it hesitant because you, you
didn’t watch the entire, uh, Bernie though the entire Bernie podcast, so that’s why I
was like, that’s why I was hesitant on the question. Oh, okay. Got It. Nevermind on that. No, I mean, as a general, I don’t have to
watch that specific episode to say huge platform, long form, which is great compared to the
debates as you’re pointing out. So yeah, why I think candidates should do
it. Thank you. All right. Thank you for the call. Appreciate all day from Chicago, right to
hear from you.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Should Presidential Candidates Go on Joe Rogan?

  1. As of right now the podcast has 7,157,084 views. It came out 4 days ago, and is already in the top 10 most viewed JRE podcasts. When I started watching the last half earlier today (about 4.5 hours ago) it was around 7,045,000 views. Let's hope it passes up Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones 😉 Also right now it has 275k likes 34k dislikes. Which, in my opinion, is pretty damn impressive!

  2. Lying candidates would not want deep dives into any topics for fear of being exposed. And if Joe lets them off the hook, his massive audience won’t. So that’s why only Tulsi, Yang, and Sanders have done his show. Hmmm.

  3. this is a no-brainer… of course they should go on JRE.

    unless they’re a complete hack with scripted answers who acts like a politically correct robot – they’ll benefit from JRE.

  4. Candidates should go on any platform where they can talk about serious issues for longer than FOX News covers them in a century.

  5. Why you bring up downvotes on the Bernie podcast? Yeah Rogan has a centrist audience, but he's quite left.

    The actual ratio is 275k up to 34k down just now…

  6. I just watched the Joe Rogan pod cast with Bernie Sanders. It was an AWESOME interview. Joe asked straight up honest questions that people want real answers to. The questions weren't slanted in any direction. I a[[laud you for that Joe. Bernie was allowed to answer his questions fully. Joe would ask Bernie for clarification at points where Bernie's answers could use some fleshing out and Bernie gladly expanded his answers. Great Interview!

  7. Bernie should. But… probably none of his listeners are registered Democrat so they can't vote in the Primary. If he makes it to the General, they'll be more used to hearing his ideas…and maybe they'll come around.

  8. Of course! Rogan’s audience is huge, and it’s always great for a candidate to come on and talk about what they want to talk about for as long as they want.

  9. Joe considers himself to be liberal. I am probably more left-leaning than Joe but I really enjoy his podcasts even though his audience tends to be center right-leaning and pretty damn hypocritical on how they criticize left-leaning guests vs right-leaning ones.

  10. I just came from the video and right now it has 7.1 million views, 276K likes and 34k dislikes. Also, the comment section is just littered with people either praising Bernie or says that they have a better understanding of Bernie Sanders and really appreciate the platform that Joe Rogan offers presidential candidates. This just seems to be really different then David Packman's perspective on this issue.

  11. David suggested it got downvoted in a big way more than the average Joe Rogan show. That's not really correct. Currently, it has 276k thumbs-ups and only 34K thumbs down. I think those are great numbers for Bernie on that show.

  12. The 7million plus on YouTube, 13 million on iTunes, Trending#1 Worldwide on multiple platforms…shows that the people are starved for progressive truth. Advertisers should take note there is a MASSIVE untapped audience

  13. Joe Rogan reaches a massive audience. Many of the people that watch him are conservative or independent voters, people who may not know much about Bernie. His interview on Joe Rogan was the #1 trending video on youtube after it was released. That can’t be a bad thing for a presidential candidate. If it gets more people to join our revolution I’m all for it

  14. Its all about reaching people. Changing misconceived perceptions fostered by echo chambers of misinformation. With more attention on the agenda rinsed rationale of corporate media, expressing a message on independent media shouldn't be seen as a bad thing.

  15. I was phone banking for Bernie for about an hour and a half today, and I had a guy say he was a supporter after hearing Bernie on Rogan. Just one data point.

  16. I am curious if Joe’s opinion of Bernie changed after the podcast. Before that he liked to poke fun at Bernie.

  17. I know you didn't say that the entirety of his audience is center-right, and I consider myself a somewhat common sense sort of liberal-left fella (I'm even left handed). But if the numbers show that his audience is primarily center-right, that confuses me somewhat as I rarely find myself completely at odds with much of what he says politically. Granted, I don't watch every podcast. It depends on the guest. I'm not interested in any of the more sports-oriented guests. But when he does have someone relatively liberal or outright liberal, he doesn't seem to push back in any way other than to try and make sure that the guests is making their point clearer for the audience. Often Playing devil's advocate.

    Perhaps he, like most people, is simply more than one thing. He may have a right-wing view on a particular issue, but much of the rest of his opinions could be all over the place. I find this is the case with many people. Although, I feel in the case of the American public at large, it's usually due to a lack of information. Which is why when a candidate can explain themselves in detail (without boring the listener) some of those listeners who believed they were more right-wing across the board might sometimes come to understand the benefits to them of policies proposed by some of these Democratic candidates.

  18. Joe Rogan audience centre right???? this is silly. Just because he talks to right wingers. The only people they are right of are far left SJW's.

  19. At first I thought it might look bad if he got caught off guard and said something stupid in casual conversation, like Elon with the blunt, and I also thought it might signal that he thinks his "media-value" is low due to him agreeing to go on an online podcast, while candidates like Biden wouldn't "stoop to that level", but these were just "how do other people see it thoughts", not my own. In my own thoughts, I thought it was really good to hear his opinions on long-form and a casual setting. He comes across as thoughtful, intelligent, and just like a normal person, unlike the used cars salesman personalities of other candidates. I also think he increased his audience to people who might have never considered his views before.

  20. Joe Rogan has the perfect platform. Long form. Full sentences. No god damn gotcha bullshit except what they bring themselves.

  21. Bottom line Joe Rogan has arguably the most popular podcast in the country so if you're trying to get your message out it's a good idea to utilize that platform. Plus you'll have more than 12 second sound bites to get your points across

  22. Maybe not joe rogan specifically, but candidates should certainly have platform where their philosophy and ideals will be heard

  23. Stats of left-wingers on Joe Rogan (the last ones) as of August 10th 2019

    like/dislike rate (the higher the better reception from the audience)
    Andrew Yang 14.4
    Cornell West 9.7
    Tulsi Gabbard 9.2
    Bernie Sanders 8.2
    Kyle Kulinski 5.8

    David Pakman 3.5

    David is by far, the worst receive lefty on Joe Rogan, while Bernie, Gabbard, West, and notably Yang are doing quite well. So David's impression of bad reception by Bernie Sanders on Rogan's center-right audience may be influenced by the relatively bad reception David himself got, so he believes every lefty would do as bad as him, even thou most are doing far better. Despite David and Sanders are the ones basically tied with the worst percentage of views ending up in dislikes, with 0.46% and 0.47%(Yang the best in this category with 0.2%), respectively, in the opposite category Bernie is the best by far with 3.86% of views ending up in likes, followed by 2.9% by Yang, while David is the worst with 1.6%. All this despite all the anti-Bernie propaganda in the last years, so Bernie has done quite well in reception in Joe Rogan and overall progressives had done, Ben Shapiro like/dislike rate in his last podcast is 11.3, so Bernie is closer to Ben than David is from Bernie. So I think David is transferring his overall bad results perspective in general to all lefties on Joe Rogan, even thou is not the case.

  24. Lol.. he's a Joe Rogan fan who thought he was going to get to argue with David.. I guess he's never watched David's show.

  25. Yes, way more up-votes than down votes on Joe Rogan/Bernie podcast!! If you listened to Bernie, i dont see how any person in the US would down vote what he had to say. Bernie said, pretty much, what 99% of Americans believe in. Bernie is a candidate the right didn't think they would side with on issues, but a lot of positive responses were from people who lean to the right. It was great for Bernie!! The majority of the right i have spoke with that have listened to Bernie, and what he believes in, dont have much negative things to say about the problems we are facing, and he actually has solutions to a lot of them.

  26. There didn’t seem to be too many right wing trolls on the vid, but I’m always afraid us online progressives are just very ‘dedicated’ so we’re living in a YT bubble

    I guess the appearance is pretty much impossible to be a bad thing so I can be happy

  27. Rogan is strongly and openly transphobic and has catered to quacks, defending Alex Jones for example. He chases popularity and it's bitten him several times.

  28. It just occurred to me when I was listening to Bernie Sanders on Joe Rogan that this is the 1800's all over again, and We the People are still fighting the Robber Barons. Some old, a lot of them New. That's why Bernie Has my vote!

  29. It is currently Joe Rogan's 12th most popular podcast after only 4 days. The next 11 podcasts are anywhere from 4 to 24+ months old. And with 7.3 million views it has an thumbs up rating of 88%.

  30. My Trump-loving step-brother wrote me "Bernie for pres" after he watched the Joe Rogan interview! I'm surprised David seems so disinterested. Everyone should check it out. It's kind of going viral among people who normally don't get exposed to Bernie's real message, and I think it will move the needle to some extent.

  31. Bernie’s JRE episode has way more likes than dislikes. It was well received and the views continue to climb. And it has a lot of positive comments from folks who aren’t particularly fans of Bernie. Lazy and uninspired commentary, David. One last thing, David didn’t even bother to cover Tulsi bringing up Kamala’s dog shit criminal justice records in the debates. His anti-Tulsi bias is showing.

  32. I personally see this as a way to overstep media driven questions. Does Rogan have bias? Sure, but his bias is our advantage. Rogan also has the ability to camouflage himself into the interviewee mindset. Its also not a 5 second diatribe where candidates are forced into basic talking points. If these interviews ends up successful in the polls. We can expect it to become quite mainstream for future presidential candidates as more will elect to go towards that format.

  33. Hell yea thay shood does the mainstream media constantly bashes you and never let you get your point across so this is the best way for the average American Spirit being formed on these politicians and what they stand for cuz it BS is probably not going to be a BS is way through. Without showing signs that he's just a BSr

  34. Of course not David, he should limit himself to a 8.25 minute slot on CNN and MSNBC so his sentences can be edited and taken out of context ?

  35. The only reason to stay away from the Joe Rogan podcast would be if you're fake or incompetent. In long format, that can more easily be exposed, when you move past all the rehearsed answers.

  36. Anybody who has seen the podcast knows that since the media refuses to give the candidates a fair shot at explaining themselves, the candidates should go on Rogan. He did an excellent job.

    Also, as of now it does have about 34K downvotes. It also has over 280K upvotes, that's an excellent ratio for a "center right" audience. I scrolled through the comments for about 15 minutes and didn't come across one negative comment. David should really watch the actual podcast and look at the reception to it before giving his two cents on its impact.

  37. Rogan was one of the first to rile up the retards on the internet against shitty carlos mencia. He's a drama queen, the kardashian of radio. I've heard enough of him spewing far right talking points, candidates should avoid him.

  38. I believe they should go on the podcast. I'm not a fan of No Rogans Political.stance but he has a huge audience.

  39. Surprised David hasn`t made the effort or time to watch it other than for 5 minutes. Over 7 million views and rising is a pretty big deal as well as the overwhelmingly positive comments posted in favour of Bernie.

  40. David you have watch this interview. Joe does a great job of probing out the intricacies of the issues and Bernie does an excellent job giving in depth answers. So refreshing.

    What this country needs more than ever is for 2 candidates to sit across from each other and have someone like Joe moderate and let them answer fully but at the same time they wouldn't be able to get away with false information or just ranting some political talking point and not have to back it up.

  41. I enjoy the JRE podcast. It’s nice to hear people from both sides of the political spectrum speak on it.

    As a longtime viewer of his show I’d say he has quite the mixed audience on political views. However, from what I saw in the comments of his videos with left leaning politicians, is most people listening seem to support the candidates ideas.

    I know he gets shit for being some right wing hack, but I just don’t see that from what I’ve listened to from him.

  42. It had 1000s of down votes he says while he criticized joes audience. But didn’t say the hundreds of thousands up votes. He had more likes than almost any other video on that.

  43. 8.5 Million views now. It's my automatic assumption, now, that anyone who doesn't go on the Rogan podcast either has something to hide, or has nothing of value to say.

  44. I don’t really know what he was talking about 308K ? versus 37K?. I know plenty of people that listen to Joe Rogan because they love comedy and his interviews not because they’re right wing

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