Shop Online from USA & Delivered in any Country – ViaBox Best Package Forwarding

Shop Online from USA & Delivered in any Country –  ViaBox Best Package Forwarding

This video was sponsored by ViaBox Hello, We all love shop online from USA But, as soon as we think about courier charges, We get discouraged Some of you may also think …why do we need to shop from USA But many things are cheaper and easily available online in USA compare to INDIA But the problem is many big store don’t deliver in India Best Solution for this problem is VIABOX There are over 200,000 satisfied and happy customers are already using this services in 220 countries It is super easy to use and become it’s member I will show you how to use Viabox website how Viabox works This is how get register on and then you will get your USA viabox address You should give this USA viabox address to the store where you shop from Now the Store will deliver your goods to your USA viabox address Why personally like Viabox ? Free Membership and Registration No Hidden charge and No drama – Super easy to use ! When your goods reach via box warehouse, Viabox team will send you a picture of your goods so, At the comfort of your home you can verify that your goods has reached to viabox warehouse When you make payment through bitcoin, paypal, or any of this options They will pack your good nicely and They will send it your countries. they have tie up with well known courier companies Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and many others.. benefits : you will get best courier price, no sales tax, you will receive fast & safe delivery in your home country. if you use other companies than Viabox, you will have to pay additional sales tax if companies in Florida you will pay additional 7 % and California you will pay additional 9% sales tax Benefit : Via box is located in Oregon, where there is 0 % sales tax You don’t pay anything on top of your buying price – 0 % Sales Tax In Viabox, Membership=$ 0, Registration=$ 0, Storage fee=$ 0, Sales tax=$ 0, service tax=$ 0 you will pay only courier charges from Viabox warehouse to your home address and that is also very competitive because they have tie up with some well known companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. Viabox team will repack your goods safely and send it your home address This is great benefits to you, If you use viabox – No Sales tax because Viabox warehouse in Oregon, Where sales tax is 0 % and no Hidden fees So this is how viabox works if you are in India, Pakistan, Australia, NZ, Canada Europe and more 220 countries around the world Want to shop online from USA, Via box is the best option it is great benefit to you, if you use this service So, you will get delivery of your goods fast and easily. Friend I hope this video will be helpful to you please share this video with Friends & Family on WhatsApp & Facebook They can use Viabox & save money. Thanks for watching this video

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