Shoot to Kill: VICE Investigates the Kenya Wildlife Service

Shoot to Kill: VICE Investigates the Kenya Wildlife Service
Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Shoot to Kill: VICE Investigates the Kenya Wildlife Service

  1. The Kenya Wildlife Service has a 'shoot to kill' policy — rangers aren't just armed, they're also authorized to kill any suspected poachers who enter Kenya's national parks.

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  2. The poachers deserves what he gets
    The media is always critizing kenya's government to reduce poaching. And they achieve it in a way that they don't like it

  3. The conservationist is ok with saving animals who don’t even care for us even if people are killed and violated. Why don’t they live with these animals if they love them so much.

  4. Human beings are infinitely more valuable than elephants. Sure, elephants should be protected, but not at the cost of human life. Humans are not animals. Humans are made in the image of God. If people are found breaking poaching laws, arrest them, prosecute them, but a human being should not be killed for the sake of the life of an animal.

  5. I support men in green proud of kenyan wildlife men
    all poachers should be beheaded that too slowly

  6. Let's entertain the thought that this could be happening… why would the KWS be abducting, torturing or killing innocents? What would they gain from doing this?

  7. Poachers finished all rhinos meny animals are gone soo far
    Now must protect whats remaining at all cost

  8. The KWS is sounding more like the KGB. This is a crying shame and the government needs to use its power to clean things up and maintain it thereafter. People given authority and power need oversight or they are paid bullies and murderers.

  9. Talk about one sided journalism. There was clearly an agenda to sensationalize these few incidents and depict the kws as corrupt. In the words of Mr Trump " fake news".

  10. Africa should also learn how to use th as t thing called birth control stop having kids that they cant afford them expect aid from the west

  11. to hear Richard Leakey say "piss off" is what I came here for!
    other than than all you western media coming to "investigate" african "problems", hahahaha, good luck. just eat your grants with your fixers and go back home (hopefully you won't catch malaria and leave your dirty soul in some hospital somewhere..) you will never get to the centre, let alone the bottom. you are scratching the surface of a sinkhole my friends, the day you will fall in you will regret leaving your metropolises. africa is too complicated for you to understand, and you are all too clever to humble yourself enough to SEE the glaring truths. but thank you for winding up Leakey, haha, good for a laugh. and for all that forex you bring when you come to do your silly stories. smdh!

  12. Those Kenyans look like Somalians to me and why is that all Muslims in Africa and around the World are fine with living in filth?. Why is that?. I mean real filth, they don't have any self respect or what?. I dont understand their minds. Another attempt at a hatchet piece by VICE and their liberal left mindset. TIA! get the fuck out if you can't handle it.

  13. A lot of people didn't watch the video at all. Long story short, Kenya gov is using the KWS (which is funded by foreign countries and nonprofits) as a weapon to maintain a dictatorship like many African countries with shady business and conflicts.

  14. if its so rare why the fuck would you light it on fire supply and demand people demand it more they will find it illegally or legally your just fucking the elephants

  15. We only have very few beautiful creatures such as Rhinos and Elephants left in the world, we have far too many evil greedy scumbag human beings already. Should poachers be shot on sight? Hell yes, then their bodies should be hung up as a warning to others. No more of this softly softly half measure PC bullshit.

  16. Good. Kill anyone in range. Elephants no go Zone . Humans stay the F out. And screw the missing equivocating Vice news in this particular instance. I count on you to report the facts. And to abstain from appropriating the drama of one species of billions. 95% of the genes for elephants can be found in the genes of other mammals. They're not a miracle. They're an accident like everything else that happens on this planet

  17. This presenter journalist has no idea about Africa and should never report on this continent again evident by this shallow attempted effort of a story that speaks nothing to the actual issues

  18. It's almost an inevitability that when you give a number of people weapons and training to guard or protect an area, eventually some bad people will join. Look at border patrol, they arrested a serial killer who was an agent just 2 months ago. Or look at the Golden State Killer, he was a cop when the killings started. Not saying that weapons and tactics drive people to horrible crimes, but it does attract those with loose morals.

  19. Amen! They should execute every poacher and those assholes that buy animals in south Africa just to release into a fenced in area just to shoot and feel like they hunted something, I am 100% pro hunter but only if you are shooting a legal animal that you are going to clean and eat yourself, I hope they kill as many poachers as they can!

  20. A lot of sensationalism from that vice reporter but its part of HBO so its expected. The 'shoot to kill' order is ill advised and against the Kenyan law. You are innocent until proven guilty. The KWS has been doing a good job in recent years as elephant numbers are on the rise. But the officers going around shooting innocent individuals should take care lest they become the monsters they swore to fight. As Mark Twain said, " If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."

  21. Burning the ivory just multiplied the demand of killing more elephants. While if they sold them the poachers don’t make money because the market is flooded of stockpile of ivory and rhino horn. The buyers are flooded with stock there is no demand. Prices will be lowered then there will be no insensitive poaching.

  22. Wow. So he admitted what happened was all him killing human beings and poor animals this old shity mans hand tasted blood

  23. Corruption in an African government?! NO! NEVER! I won’t believe it! It’s a scandal!

    P.S. Kenya is a complicated place, lot of history, lot of hate….maybe try to get to some of that next time, unless it’s just too complicated for New Vice

  24. just seems like lone wolf type attacks to me, doesn't make sense that the KWS would risk that, but i think low rank officers would

  25. the wwf has been around asking for donations recently. next time I see them I'm going to let them know what's up

  26. the guy at the end is fucking right of course there is a human price there always is if you want to change a major criminal industry

  27. FUCK the poachers, tribal or not. these are the same type of pussy drek who murder, rape, fuck children and kill babies. Kill them without mercy. You dont want to die, get the fuck out of the way. drama queen VICE drivel.

  28. lets burn the rare ivory it and pollute the air the animals totally died for nothing now UNBELIEVABLE. and people are too impatient to wait for the animal to die naturally to get the ivory Africa needs to figure out other ways to make money then it will stop.

  29. "Is there a human price to pay for animal conversation?"
    "Yes. Idiot."
    Whatever might be criticised about the old guy, this is a crystal clear, logical answer.
    Hey Vice, I know you and your 'woke' millennial base don't want to accept reality if it doesn't conform to the fantasies of your idealized 'safe space'. But listen, poaching is committed by HUMANS against animals. So if you want to protect the animals, you have to harm the humans (economically or physically) and vice versa. It would be awesome if they could all get together – poachers, animals, forest rangers- and eat avocado toast and sing kumbaya, but that day hasn't arrived yet.

  30. Politics shouldn't come into it. They are endangered animals and the policy of shoot to kill is fine. If you hunt a deer or something fine, eat it and use the bones and antlers, but not hunting endangered animals and just to saw off their tusks or horns and leaving the body.

  31. Mahammed alijuaje n KWS inakimbiza yeye, sababu alikua anauwa madovu, pwagu apata pwaguzi. Pa'ali ya security ndo inafaa

  32. I am tired seeing elephants, rhinos, lions and all African wildlife that are poached daily. I don’t give a fuck about the poachers whining there is a shoot to kill policy and people (poachers) disappearing from there village. So sorry, so sad. It’s about time poachers are being taken out. Look at the pictures of the thousands of elephant and rhino brutally murdered and the babies witnessing there mothers and family being slaughtered. You fucking pitiful bitches are scared and are angry you are being taken out finally. What’s in my mind when I see a poacher dead or alive is them taking a axe to a live rhino’s face and brutality hacking the horn off and taking half the face off. And some survive but are dying slowly with half a face unless they are found by the rangers. The poor babies crying next to there dead mother that rhino cry is horrible to hear and so sad. But that’s what I see when i see a poacher. I have no mercy for you, the rangers have no mercy for u. When u have seen the brutality for years with the dead wildlife and orphans traumatized. There is no sympathy for poachers. They deserve the same death the wildlife got. Shoot to kill, u don’t want to get killed than stay out the damn reserves and stay away from the wildlife.

  33. violent… check, territorial… check, a single herd will decimate a farm of crops in one night… check, will attack unprovoked… check, 6,000 pounds and can run 25 miles per hour…check, can make homes for deadly insects… check, defecates everywhere… check: lets preserve these things. African poachers kill them for food, money, and survival: shoot on site.

  34. Yes, it's an acceptable price to pay.There are 7 billion humans on the planet.
    Some of these animals are on the brink of extinction. You cannot undo the extinction of a whole species. Do what must be done.

  35. This is what happens when you have a big government value the wellbeing of animals over people…..its really sad

  36. The officer blessed yall with an interview and just asked not to be identified and yall fucked tht up tht camera should have been pointed at the ground tht entire time there arent many officers in tht area for one im sure and the blur was hlf assed he will be easily identified if he is still alive yall should compensate him very generously for your negligence when he was very cooperative to help you. And uk yall made good $ with this and all your other content. Ive seem yalls docos where you were following and interviewing drug dealers and the producer/makers of the product and yall tlked abt how u payed them generously to show u inside the operations, these ppl r much more deserving.

  37. I'm 2 minutes into this wonder if anyone has ever greats of "supply and demand"? Burning it makes it more lucrative…

  38. Do not enter the park. Do not support poaching, not even a rumour, coz if they get wind of it, you are gone. Simply , respect the LAW.

  39. If you enter the parks you risk your life it's fair its neccessary to protect the fragile future of the world's wildlife


  41. yea Africa is crypt i mean look Africa has the most minerals in the whole world and the most land Africa could have taking over the world if they could just work together but they cant even if they got rid of all the other people that not from there living there they just cant shier the money with everyone cuz Africa has the means to build the biggest city's but they i guess the brains but maybe they want to stay poor i mean money is just paper but yea Africa could have been the biggest superpower in the world /////////……………/////////////…………..//////////

  42. government can make money from widelife tourism, thats why they really hate widelife poachers, and deployed so many militants,
    for those "human poachers", they dont really give a shit.
    big five are more precious than people, especially poor peoples.

  43. Anybody with two brain cells to rub together know that animal rights activists have absolutely never considered the cost to human life when deciding policy. 🤪 Gimme me muh amanimalsiz right!

  44. Dude says I don't want to be identified and all you do is blur his face out a little bit and disguises voice??? I see @vice doing this all the time. I literally wonder how many people have died over you all's terrible judgment! 😡

  45. Is chairman is a dirty rotten murder ordering or at the very least murder complacent later who cares nothing about the human cost of actions he has ordered as the"CHAIRMAN" WITH IS GEORGE SOROS LOOKING ASS FUCK THIS DUDE! I HOPE THEM KENYANS GET IT TOGETHER TURN THIS DUDE INTO A GREASE STAIN!

  46. Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.

    Carl Sagan….

  47. I have a good deal of respect for vice and the stories they cover but this reporter was complete garbage. The followup interview with leakey says it all. The reporter could have cared less about human rights violations all he was after was a juicy soundbite to get his name in the international press. Complete trash, a total lack of integrity and quite ironically as he made such a big fuss to leaky regarding integrity while at every opportunity using cheap sensationalist tactics. Leaky was right to call him an idiot. And also, way to dishonestly edit the preview to the interview in the beginning of the piece, trying to spin it around and make the reporter sound like it was moral frustration that made leaky want to end the interview. I get that people were targeted unfairly but dont make accusations of systemic corruption when clearly thats not the case.

  48. Perfect example
    Of why Americans , self righteous soccer moms ect should just shit the fuck up about things happening a world away . They have zero idea and they should order their Starbucks and shut the fuck up about things they have no real idea about .

  49. All the bleeding hearts screaming about wild animals , from their suburb. Not your community , u want a say , then move there. Otherwise worry about ur softball league and shut up

  50. what a stupid docu.even dumber reporter………..who cares about a few missing pouchers let the kws do their job and save wildlife.. waste of time, Vice used to be awesome.

  51. Fuck that!.. they're doing a great job!!..the only language these savages understand is violence,so talk about it!!…they told them mofos stop killing the god dam animals!! let them learn what it feels like to get a few hot ones up in you!!..

  52. I cried when the reporter hugged that poor man who lost his son, pure human compassion at work and it was beautiful to watch. Thanks for that, VICE.

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