Share Excel File online

Share Excel File online

I’m gonna talk about how to share your
excel files online so let’s go to the review tab and let’s go click on share
on this dialog box that comes up it says allow changes by more than one user at
the same time ok so you click the yes and then an advanced you can choose the
options when the file is saved you can keep the change history for 30 days
update changes when the file is saved or you can update it automatically so if
you’re working on you’re both working on it at the same time possibly working
updated every automatically over 15 minutes would be be good save my changes
and see other changes so if everybody’s both people are working on it at one
time this is a good way of keeping track of what’s being changed conflicting
changes between users ask me when changes win which chant which changes
win so if I’m changing the same cell as the other person will ask me whether my
changes all win and when you’re complete with all your options here you click OK
the option will now be safe save the workbook do you want to continue and you
say ok and with this change that was just made it says inventory and shared
is next to it it’s clear that this file is being shared so now let’s go to the
backend and we need to save it so we need to save it to a cloud location so
we’ll go save as the onedrive account is an account that you can set up for
yourself and it’s free and it’s so go to onedrive and login and so then yet we’re
not saving on the computer so the other web locations is this was a recent
contract that I had it was an office 365 and they had a SharePoint a SharePoint
site there on there and so I was saving stuff on this SharePoint site with
office 365 but let’s go to my onedrive and I have a public a public file so i
go to i go to my onedrive I’m going to my public file and I save
save my file now it’s shared so basically if somebody else opens it at
the same time as me basically they’re creating another file but when the two
of them are closed they will be merged together and remember we and said that
we it’ll Lidl asked us for what changes we’ll win if there are they’re
conflicting ones so that is the way that you can two of you or two or more of you
can work on the same file in it on Excel from the from a criminal cloud please

Danny Hutson

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  1. Ma'am I want to as well as input the value in cell then just (immediately) veiw to other user that value has been input in in cell
    Thanks for sharing your video

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