Shane Dawson Taking HIATUS from Internet After Comments About His Weight Online

Shane Dawson Taking HIATUS from Internet After Comments About His Weight Online

Shane dawson is taking a break from the internet after his most recent video was filled with fans commenting about his weight gain And he’s speaking out about it from rishi v studios in hollywood You were watching what’s trending and is your boy andy Lalwani here to give you all of your social media news daily Of course Who else would do it be sure to comment and leave a nice like down below if you really enjoy his videos and don’t forget To subscribe so you can keep coming back for social media news daily Everyone has those moments where they look through the comments section of their videos and they can’t believe what they’re looking at That’s just what happened to shane dawson lately Shane who’s actually been on YouTube for more than a decade and is amassed more than 23 million Subscribers on the platform has helped countless people with their own personal endeavors and their own channels by giving them a lift or a boost If you will now Shane is admitted that he’s had some problems You know being upfront and honest about some things he’s going through and the biggest contributor to that happens to be in the comments section After posting his latest video following a two week break online He received a large amount of nasty messages about his weight gain in the earlier days of Shane Dawson’s social media career He posted vlogs fairly frequently and his subscribers grew accustomed to seeing new content on a regular basis aside from the beautiful world of Geoffrey star series Which ended in November of 2019? Shane hasn’t been posting videos on his regular channel shane actually called out one comment in particular that really is a key reason why he doesn’t post as much news to One of the comments said I love Shane but it’s a shame to watch him putting all his weight back on while everyone around him Laughs and enables it he responded to the comment with the tweet saying hey Shane, why don’t you post more? Why don’t you upload more he tweeted on February 19th Well this you would think after 13 years on YouTube comments wouldn’t get to me but they still feel like the first time now shortly after posting out a lot of youtubers did come to His defense and say nice things about him But he admitted he does want to take a break from social media because of them he posted. Thanks for the nice tweets I appreciate a lot. Sorry I got sensitive and posted that I usually just ignore stuff, but I’m just in a weird head space lately He wrote I think I’m gonna take a break from the internet for a bit Thanks for being supportive and having my back while the nameless youtubers comment would actually be hurtful to anybody Shane has been kind of open about how he struggled with body dysmorphia and his weight for quite some time in 2014 He admitted that he had issues with his appearance and that he constantly thought of himself as fat in 2019 He tweeted. I generally thought I was fat back then. I remember not even wanting to leave the house at David cuz of it It’s so crazy how things look so different when you look back on them morals story be nice of yourself and your future self Well, thank you. That’s my new goal and in 2019 he posted about the beautiful world Jeffrey star and how he’s actually afraid to go to public events and how he feels insecure or the Way, he looks and it’s not helpful when you have comments like this Especially Jeffrey did help him build his confidence which contributed to Shane’s subsequent passion for makeup at this time We don’t know how long has changed actually gonna be on hiatus or from social media I don’t want to know for all of you in the comments down below First of all be nice in the comments down below because we’re watching you What do you think of Shane’s hiatus? And do you think anything’s gonna come out of this personally? I just wish him the best and we always trending just want to see the best for him He’s such a great inspiration for all of us and we obviously love him so much where else would we make videos about him? But be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more social media news daily, and I’m Annie. Lolani. I’ll see y’all later You

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36 thoughts on “Shane Dawson Taking HIATUS from Internet After Comments About His Weight Online

  1. What a little b*, it's not a big deal you're a multi-millionaire get over it by the way YouTube moving the comments section is a pain in the ass

  2. Wtf hes not fat. Why would these lil jerks go after him knowing he has body image issues. The world if full of trolls that just want to start crap.

  3. Every time I get a notification for any of your videos they always come up as whatever save file you uploaded I think. Like this one was titled “untitled project 1”

  4. Same thing seems to have happened to Adele. She got majorly fat-shamed and has now lost over 100lbs, but the way she did it is not sustainable and could be dangerous. People were making fun of her photos from the Grammy's, instead of focusing on the boatload of gold statues in her arms, they were calling her names.

  5. I really don't understand why people are mean to him and don't get the fact that he might be gaining weight because he is preasurrd to post so much and doesn't feel confortable doing that because he wants to put great content up there and i support him with whatever he wants to do next like honestly people pick on such dumb things i mean who cares. If he is happy the way he is let it be that way

  6. Shane literally means the world to me. He has helped me through some of the worst things I've gone through and I also have insecurities with my weight/body and he helps me…and I'm sure many other people. I literally fucking cant with people. Like how insecure r u to have to judge others insecurities to make yourself feel a little bit better abt yourself like damn get a fucling life. I'm insecure about myself but I dont go around hating other bc I hate myself. Like damn!

  7. Poor Shane!!! It is NEVER ok to Bully… And being on social media can be mentally draining for us normal every day people, but when your lively- hood is online, you do that for a Living that CAN, Has and Will tear you down If you Don't set boundaries. I am Proud of him for being HONEST, being TRUE TO HIMSELF, and for taking this opportunity to show his fans how to properly take care of Your Own Mental Health, No Matter What. To Know the warning signs within yourself, and know when to step back, when to ask for help. I hope that he takes the time he Needs to, I hope he doesn't feel too pressured to come back to quickly, even if he needs to take a couple of months for extensive mental health rebuilding, I don't think he should take the internet on that ride with him, EVEN though it may help others I think it will cause even More damage. This is a Wonderful opportunity for Shane to get some help, be SELFISH and TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF, because when it comes to our own mental health and wellness, Damn Straight You Gotta be Selfish, because who else is gonna take care of you the way you REALLY need to be? Your health is tied to your mental wellbeing, when you are Depressed you get Sick ALL THE TIME, your body literally starts to self destruct, so when it comes to Your mental health, it's ok to set boundaries and to take care of yourself

  8. I can relate to weight gain under stress but I wonder if he has childhood trauma that is at the root of his pain? like Jeffree Star. That could be very powerful videos.

  9. I mean criticism comes with being a public figure, it's unfortunate but that's just the reality of it. I bet he's gonna have a whole series about him losing weight.. watch. I feel like it would be pretty easy to hire a private chef and have a trainer to help him.

  10. It's really a shame that people have the nerve to comment negatively about Shane's (or anyone's) weight gain… People's weight doesn't determine what kind of person they are… Smh.

  11. I didn’t even take any notice of his weight in his vid, I watch for the content only. He just seamed neurotic which is awkward.

  12. Let the man live his life! Enjoy the content he is producing and not what he looks like! If you’re not there for the content why are you there! He is funny and true to who he is it’s a damn shame that you all choose to stop him by voicing the immature comments.

  13. If he's going to take a hiatus then i wanna see him on revenge body. I wanna see him come back and tell the haters to eat shit.

  14. What a pussy. Out of anyone, Shane should be the most understanding that it doesn't matter what the comments say. He just wants to make drama.

  15. He will come out of it again after getting a new weight loss contract like he did last time so sad and bad to put your body trough such things just for a the money but then his fiancee is all about the money money!

  16. I agree that he needs a break from all the bs people are pulling and saying. People are cruel assholes, why keep hurting him when you know he is trying to work on himself? If Shane ever sees this, or anyone else who needs to see this, no one knows the effort you are putting into your life to improve it and make yourself happy. Keep doing you and everyone else can fuck themselves. You are valued and appreciated.

  17. I hope in the future there’s no such thing as body shaming. Whether it be yourself or others.
    Can’t we just all love and support one another?

  18. When u point a finger u have 3 more pointing back at u. People come on does it really matter what he looks like??? Its rude to point out something he has struggled with for a while. Leave Shane alone and be nice.

  19. I think its heartbreaking he is so damn talented but these comments about his weight are wrong and unnecessary we all have body image struggles and the thing that bothers me is that everyone making these hateful comments are hiding behind a keyboard often people who attack other people's looks are often projecting their own insecurities on others I love shane because he makes good content his weight has nothing to do with it and lets not forget everyone looks bigger on camera that saying camera add 10 pounds is true so imagine being self conscious about your weight then having to deal with hurtful comments must be really hard I just hope he understands that his true fans love him at any weight as long as he's happy and I hope he doesn't get like Jaclyn Hill and only focus on the negitive comments because for every hate comment there are 1000 nice ones I hope he doesn't stay gone too long I love you Shane you look great

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