Shake Shack Eel Burger Taste Test

Shake Shack Eel Burger Taste Test

– Today we try the other other white meat. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – Okay, today we are going to be eating a burger made out of eel. But first, we are honored
that we have been nominated with a Streamy Show of the Year award. Well, we didn’t receive the
award, we received the– – We’ve been nominated with it. – Nomination, we’ve
been nominated with it. And here’s the thing,
in order for us to win Show of the Year, we
would need you to vote. And not just vote once, but vote a lot, multiple times a day, up until
basically the awards show. It’s a popularity contest where we can mobilize you to help us win. So what we want to ask you
to do is not vote for us. – Whoa Link, that’s radical. – But we’ve discussed this, right. – Yeah, we have discussed
that, I’m acting surprised. – We don’t want you to vote
– I’m a good actor. – for us for Streamy Show of the Year. – What we want you do to is take all that, first of all, thank you for
those of you who have done this in the past, and you guys
have mobilized yourselves, and so many people have
voted, and you spent so much personal time–
– Right, a lot of effort has been spent in past years. – And so what we want you to
do is to take all that effort that you would be putting
into voting for us, and tweeting and sharing
and doing all that stuff, and instead, putting it
into saving the internet. Yes, we want you to help
with the continuance of net neutrality. Now, you probably heard
multiple internet creators talk about net neutrality,
you can research this more at the website we’re gonna send you to, but just stated simply, it’s basically, the way the internet works right now, and the way we would like
it to continue to work, is that internet service
providers are not allowed to block or discriminate against
content on those networks that they provide>And we want things to
stay that way, because– – We’ve benefited from that greatly. – Right, and coincidentally,
it helps to ensure the creation of shows
like Good Mythical Morning that then can one day potentially win Show of the Year at the Streamys. So we want you to go
to, where you can find out more information about what net neutrality is,
and also, more specifically, and how it relates to
what we want you to do, you can take action. You can click on take action,
and there are multiple ways and they’re updating it
regularly, multiple ways for you to take action, take
that time and that effort that you would put behind
helping our show win Show of the Year, and instead
help save the internet. So, thank you for being your mythical best. – And supporting
internetainment for all of us in the future, the future internetainers. Okay, Shake Shack has become Snake Shack. This is the news, for this
Friday and Saturday only, at the Madison Park location in New York, they are releasing a
special edition eel burger. Move over Filet o’ Fish,
– Yummy. – Yeah, this is the big buzzworthy thing that they’re doing, not a sponsor, but they do make a great burger. But will they make a great eel burger? I don’t know, is this a good idea? – Well the way we’re gonna
find out whether or not it’s a good idea is we’re
going to try it today. How are we gonna do that? We’re not in New York,
it’s not Friday yet. What we have done is we have
taken everything we know about the eel burger that
Shake Shack will be releasing, and here’s what we do know about it. It’s created by British
chef Fergus Henderson. – Love him!
– Of course, it features real eel, real eel meat.
– Don’t love it. – Topped with bacon, pickled
red onions, creme fraiche, fresh horseradish, and watercress, and it’s going for $9.99 is
what they’re gonna sell it for. They’ve done this before,
they had that shrimp burger, huge hit,
– Now that one sounds good. – They only made 1,000 of
them, longest line they’ve ever had at Shake Shack. We don’t wanna go wait in the
line, so we’ve created it. – Or travel across the country,
and then wait in a line. – This is no joke ladies and gentlemen. This isn’t some ugly Rhett and Link thing, cause we don’t know how to cook. No, we have taken the
collective powers of our crew, and they have created an eel burger that actually looks legit. – It looks like bacon on top. – It is bacon on top, because I just said it
was topped with bacon. – I heard that.
– You weren’t listening, you were focusing on Ric Flair. – What’s that right there? He’s doing better now,
shout-out to Ric Flair, he’s out of the hospital. My well wishes go out to him, woo! – So I’m gonna cut, I
don’t know if I should cut, do you want to cut on the indent, or do you want to cut
perpendicular to the indent? – Well the indent’s there for a reason. – But, yeah, let’s just
use it, because that way we each get a half of slice of bacon. – Knife in the ditch. – Look at that Link. Now I did touch both sides of the burger, but you’re my buddy. – That’s fine. – Here, let’s open her up. – Look at that kids. Now there’s tomato under there. – Oh come on man, don’t be that guy. No, it’s not tomato anyway,
it’s pickled red onion. – Oh, good. – Your day just got better. – Okay, so I’m taking this.
– Okay, now again, no affiliation with Shake Shack. We did not call Shake Shack,
Shake Shack has not approved this, for all I know, this is better than what they’re gonna be selling. – Now the patty has what, quinoa in it? – I think it has, it has
some other ingredients to kind of round it out. – To pattify it. – They call it a binding agent Link. – Yes, they do. – Let’s put it back together for a moment. – Kiss it. And frisk it. There’s no weapons here. Oh you’ve already, you’ve
already, he’s already eaten it. – That is really good. That is, You guys are on another level now. Really good, I mean, – It’s not like a cheeseburger, but for what it is. – I can’t, can you
taste, I can’t taste eel. I think that’s a victory. I don’t taste any eel. – I’m still really nervous
to swallow it, but yeah. – Hold on, hold on. – Just ’cause I know.
– You’re having a tough time, aren’t you? – ‘Cause I know there’s eel in there. – You got the Nature Boy on your chest, and you’re having a
difficult time with this? Take the power of the
Nature Boy, ingest it, and then swallow the dag-gone burger. – Lando asked me this morning, he’s like, who’s that on your shirt? And I was like, he’s a wrestler. And he was like, why does he look so calm. That’s what he got from this shirt, calm. – He was a calm wrestler. – I was like, he’s confident,
man, and now I’m gonna be. – Now what we have done is
we are not gonna just stop with recreating this, which if
it’s anywhere nearly as good as this, I think it is
worth standing in the line. But we’re gonna take it up a notch, we’re not Emeril, I don’t
know why I said that, I’ll never say take it up a notch when it comes to food again. – You just said it twice, though. – Okay, sorry, he says kick it up a notch, I didn’t say that. – Right, we’re gonna take it up a notch. – Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do. – Ladies and gentlemen, we have developed the Happy Eel Meal, because
every kid loves an eel burger, every kid loves a Happy
Meal, so we made a Happy Meal with other things that kids love. There is a, oh my goodness, so there’s the eel burger, in an aquarium if you didn’t notice. – I think we call that
a fishbowl, but fine. – With fries, oh my goodness. – Sardine fries, we got the big ones. It’s like home fries, home sardines. – I can still see the eyeball, guys. – Well that’s how you know where to bite. – And then, down deep in here
we’ve got a, look at that, by the magic of editing,
or not, hold this. – No, that’s not gonna happen. – There is a milkshake. – Ginger and wasabi. Juiced ginger.
– And wasabi powder in this thing, what color is this? Let’s take a, and vanilla ice cream. I mean, it still just looks like cookies and cream ice cream, which I’m sure it won’t taste like it. – And of course, every Happy
Meal’s gotta have a toy, and since we figure that
the kids are not gonna really enjoy the eel
burger and the parents are gonna eat it, we just
put in a nose hair trimmer, because, I mean, golly do
we need these these days. I can’t tell ya–
– Nothing makes hair grow out of your nose more than kids. – I’ve been sticking it in my ears lately. – Oh, I’ve done that too. – I mean, what is happening to us? – I got, I got, I don’t know man, there’s just hair everywhere. – Want me to do, why don’t you enjoy the
milkshake for a moment, and I’ll, – Oh, that tickles. – Don’t flinch, the Nature
Boy wouldn’t flinch, man. – I’ve been needing this. – Stay just as calm as the
Nature Boy this time, okay. You got some work to do, Ric
Flair would not be proud. – I don’t like this. But I do like this. – I’m gonna take a sardine
fry, and why don’t you– – Yeah, I got a lot of nose hair, that’s what you’re hearing. – You wait until you go up in my grass. Get up in them weeds. Hold up, but I want you to do it while I’m eating the sardine. I don’t even have a Ric Flair shirt on. – Oh my gosh. I think I got a mustache. Ewww, gosh, oh man. – I got bones. There’s a lot of bone. – I mean is there ketchup
to dip this thing in? – No, there isn’t. That is the worst, you
guys, I take everything back that I said. – I just realized you shouldn’t bite the squishy head of it. – Okay well anyway, wait
in line at Shake Shack, we think it’s worth it, and Shake Shack, if you’re watching, don’t add
the fries and the milkshake. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Colleen from
Manhattan in New York City, and it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. – Thank you for going
to to take action for net neutrality. – Yes,,
and click through to Good Mythical More,
where we are gonna highlight some ridiculous fast food lawsuits. While Rhett enjoys this milkshake, ’cause you didn’t try this yet. – I didn’t. I will, lonely hashtag,
this is when we find a very lonely hashtag on Instagram, and then we add to it, this
one is #ShoeWater, shoe water. Post your photo that makes
sense with #ShoeWater, so it’s not lonely anymore. Thanks for clicking subscribe. – [Link] Click on the
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check out our other channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking
the video on the bottom. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

Danny Hutson

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