Setting Up Wireless Routers & Networks : Cable vs. DSL Modems

Setting Up Wireless Routers & Networks : Cable vs. DSL Modems

On behalf of, my name is
David and I’m here to tell you about the differences between wireless modems, DSL and cable. First
up, we have what’s probably the most popular cable wireless modem out there which is a
Motorola Surf 4 class modem. One of the things about this is if you look on the back you
have where a coaxial cable will plug into it. From there, you also have your power and
you can plug into your PC using either USB or Ethernet. On the USB cable, it has a nice
port, it almost looks just like your printers or fax machine or some stuff of that sort
plugs into your PC. You just plug it in to the back and then from there plug into a USB
port onto your system where your system should automatically detect the modem as long as
there is proper power going to it and there’s nothing wrong with the modem. However, if
you use the Ethernet to plug in, when you plug in with the Ethernet, you do have to
make sure you run your setup disks and utilities. With the Ethernet, it does not auto detect
the modem and it does not try to install it automatically on its own. The same goes for
your DSL modems. With the DSL modems there are a little bit more setup with the disks
you have to go through. You have to have your phone number and different things of that
sort, but as far as plugging it in, the only difference is instead of plugging it in with
a coax cable you would be plugging it in with a regular standard telephone line and then
from there if you wanted you could have your fax machine or telephone, also, plugged into
it. Once again, you can plug in using either USB or Ethernet on that. Now, these are just
two of the modems that we have. Some of the modems now that they have out there are also
routers included in there where you will be able to plug in not only your standard connection
coming in but you will also be able to plug in up to three more machines coming into there
so you could have a total of four PC’s hooked up on the back of the DSL modems. So far,
I have not seen any of the cable modems that also double as a router.

Danny Hutson

75 thoughts on “Setting Up Wireless Routers & Networks : Cable vs. DSL Modems

  1. plz respond. if you have dsl, can u buy a modem that works wirelessly? i want to use my ps2 or psp online but there is no cable to go into either! plz respond

  2. Yea but he says it with authority and is in LOVE with his voice, blaa blaa blaa. I love how he emphasise the importance of pushing the cable in all the way, WOW! who would have thunk? ha-ha I guess 15 minutes of fame (or famous for 15 minutes) coined Andy Warhol has come true.

  3. itscool1968 its right , i was thinking to write the same thing then i looked down and say ur comment, u nornally need a cd for a usb as it could think its something else as there is a range that come through the usb , as for the ethernet cable just automatically finds it.

  4. i have a wireles modem.. i want to know if you could put tme modem to the router?? so i can have internet in my macbook and pc?? is it posible?? what can i do

  5. can Anyone teach me how to set up at router i still don understand what he said but now i have one PC and One LapTop How to Connet !

  6. Internet Signal —> Modem –> Router

    If you have a wireless router and both the pc and the laptop have wireless NIC then get it going wirelessly.

    I work for an ISP if you need help just let me know, message me.

  7. Isn't Ethernet defined as the signal that is generated in your local area connection? It can carry an internet signal but it is acturally any signal that is carried by one device to another device in your home or office, right?

  8. If you have a cordless phone I found that the wireless modem gets interfered with. So change the settings on your modem

  9. im looking for a wireless router for use with my playstation 3 and was wondering if any of you knew a good router for cheep lol
    if u know any please respond

  10. can you help me ? i have a speedstream connect to a wireless router 54Mpbs 11g wireless router but on the speedstream my dsl disconnect sometimes, can you help me ?…

  11. hi…im connected to a wireless internet using a edimax 802.11g pci card, now i bought a dlink dir300 router so that my psp n itouch could also connect to wifi but i dont know how to est it up. do u have any idea…..please help thanks…….

  12. Can someone please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every time i connect to my network it works and then it just stops working but it says its still connected. and when i try it on my other computer it works just fine. i dont know what the problem is . so can some one help me out pleas

  13. i have the at&t wireless internet..but i got rid of there box and used my apple airport extreme base station and it ran faster but then i pluged the other two apple routers i have so a total of three and it runs fast no price change either.

  14. Cool vid , However on the cable modem the usb does auto detect but your going to have to to run the disk that came with the modem to install the modem drivers to the PC. Ethernet (which is the best connection) only requires you to reset the modem and you should be good to go. If not, contact ur cable company. I see that this was posted back in feb 08' There are cable modems such as the the motorola SBG900 and the linkys WCG200 that will provide the wireless function. Just some info for ya.

  15. lol, the title is very misleading… how was this about wireless networking again? no help at all. he must work at best buy

  16. What if i have an xbox and just want a modem or whatever fto play online.. I got internet on another one (the at&t) but i want another one so can have the xbox in my room. would i still have to install stuff?

  17. i have a problem and i would appreciate if someone could find the time to help me……
    im trying to connect to internet from my laptop trough a wireless router. the laptop locates a signal (and its strenght is excellent) but wont connect to internet…. but if i use ethernet cable and try to connect trough the same router it works just fine…..
    thanks in advance 🙂

  18. @mmiiki — what type of router do you have…….what type of internet do you have dsl, broad band, dial up….sounds like u just need to get the router code for your browser address bar, type it in, and configure your network.

  19. @5PEDROGARZA8 lol my comment is a month old fuck face and i cant even remember the vid anymore and one more thing i cant shut the fuck up because i'm not talking

  20. is ther any way that i can move my router into another room and run my desktop computer on wireless. so that i also can use my ps3 xbox 360 ipod touch and laptop wireless.

  21. will i have to buy one of these if i get charter internet? if i do how much will it cost and where can i get it. thanks

  22. bro in phlippines i have smart bro broadband using antenna so how to install that router when im using the smart bro brodband

    pls reply my friend i will buy tomorrow….. ^_^

  23. Can you please help me with configuring my embarq 2wire modem/router so I can get my 3rd party router set up? I've tried everything and can't get my third party Linksys router to connect to the internet. I've tried bridging my 2wire modem so it sits only as a modem, I've tried to connect via ethernet (lan) and nothing works. I got the linksys because the 2wire modem/router is horrible.

  24. ur computer must be shit if have to install the modem if ur using a enternet cable cuz mine always runs without installing

    but i am still having a doubt and i.e. the motorola modem you talked about catches the wifi internet signals and then by the RJ45 CABLE or maybe any other cable one can connect any computer system from where internet can then be accessed ?
    over here the key point is that there is no requirement of any landline that needs to be connected to the modem and there is only a need of wifi net connection which might be available in wifi enabled university.

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