Servidor de Vídeo Automatizado Para Plex, IPTV ou Provedor de Internet

Hello, how are you? I am Samuel, and today I will demonstrate to you how A 100% automated system To search for movies and tv series basically I’ll summarize what this system does. If you are looking for movies you can just get here, choose some of the suggestions, or upcoming movies most voted on posters or simply type the movie of your interest here once you’ve typed the movie from your interest here he’ll go look for it he will look for you. I will click here and asked for this movie as soon as this movie was requested he will send it to a near system would be the radarr. The first thing Radarr will do Will search the torrent indexer which is a system that where you can register all the torrents indexers you knows it will fetch the best release! I can choose there with the quality that I want the movie, with language it goes. It will search and rename. to stay perfect. Go get this movie that he just got in the download system. Will download, with the correct name As soon as you download the movie, Radarr will communicate with plex informing that he is already in the ibrary. Plex will search the internet search the covers the synopsis is everything If the movie is in foreign language i t will also search for subtitles. so you can just watch now if you do not want to waste time looking for movies, you can create create lists. There are several options. such as if I create a list here in StevenLu is very broad. this site that he monitors several places I can create a list, leave it ready, and as soon as new movies are released, it will already download. If I want something more specific. I can create several lists here. for example here here I’ve created a list for only new movies. as soon as a new movie is released. if it is in English it will be downloaded to me. I have to option, for example, of movies that are the top rated moment of the moment the created list that from the moment that all new ones appear in the list it goes system will send goes Download will play on my plex. I have various forms here eg. Place I created a list for Brazilian movies all national films; who has at least 5 out of 10 stars and a minimum of two votes voting it will be downloaded included in the my library then. So every day I have new movies. If I want something more specific. specifically in the ordering system I can enter the ordering system. Or I can just leave the system working for me 24 hours a day, searching for new content. including seeking only the . quality that I want; ok this would be the system for movie operations now I also have the option of to work with TV series when the case was I also have the option to search for TV series. I can search for the series I want, I can request a whole season, or I can also order a whole series. with a single click. both for movies and series. The system that manages series, is the sonarr Sonarr will pick up this series that I’ve been looking for, go get the indexers. Once you find it, it will create a folder with the correct name of the series. Even if you are using a team drive, it will create within the drive you specified. there it will create the folders of the pages with the seasons everything within the quality that you wanted and, will download the contents, will send to download client My client is going to sue this is how processed to be of high quality. and with the same name he’s the same way it will communicate with plex and the plex go on the internet go get the covers, going search for the synopsis is going to get everything so you can watch and follow your series. without the slightest problem That way, as if it were a movie server like netflix Understand, that also by sonar, you can choose the quality you want. simply add directly also any series here in any series you added if the series she If it’s an active series, it’s still in progress. just place it as monitored. Like the 100 So when new episodes are released. All new episodes will be monitored, had to be downloadedand downloaded automatically. In that other case, had come down here but when II had would include that he showed me that he isalready downloaded a few episodes. But when it comes to sonarr, it shows that episodes are missing. may I just need what I need to do here is to click on request here it will already seek everything until completing all episodes that are missing here all 100% automatic If you share your plex library with some friend of yours as I share with my sister and some friends. Just you get here for example. This is andré, I share my library with him. Even if you prefer movie by dvd, series here on dvd just get in touch he will send the dvd direct to your home. with 100% quality You can set, for example, that your friend can download two movies and five episodes of series per week. As soon as he asks for it, the system will do the same procedure. You have the option of establishing which library the content will go to. What quality, and if it has for
example telegram, discordy, the system will warn you when content is available. The system will inform you that content can already be viewed in the plex. So this is it. It’s a very good system. It works 100%. If you are interested in having this system. have an interest in having such a system It can be used not only with plex or emby. It can be used for internet provider owners. for yours clients Iptv Providers and Resellers Or even if you like tv, movies, have some friends and want to set up a movie server. hire some team drivers, and a vps so you can have unlimited content that you wantat any time you want. Just get in touch with me I make a budget for you and I can deliver a ready server in up to one week It works just like you see here. Okay, so folks if you need any question you can contact me Anything, I’m at your disposal, and be sure to check out my other videos on plex, google drive, team drives. others services, Thank you for your attention, anything If you need, if you have any questions, you can contact by the data in the description. Thank you very much. for the attention

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