Service Demo: Internet Direct Connection

Service Demo: Internet Direct Connection

hi I’m Peter Bartman’s and today I’m proud to present to you internet direct connection this one-of-a-kind feature allows you to connect your keyboard directly to the internet to download new music take online lessons and more without touching a computer among other things internet direct connection is a fully-stocked digital store offering all sorts of downloadable songs for your instrument for the disc Levere you have access to a complete selection of piano soft songs and collections of all kinds that download directly to your hard drive eliminating the need to ever load a disc for class ANOVA’s and keyboards there are tons of play along versions of all your favorite songs and once you download these songs you can use them with all of your keyboards play along features such as the guide mode for example you can set each song to wait for you to play the right note indicated by these guidelines or the LCD screen before moving on with the accompaniment internet direct connection also offers immediate access to Yamahas latest premium style files designed specifically for each Yamaha keyboard and Clavinova model these Styles give you unmatched sound quality and control and give you the power of a full band right in your keyboard watch what this premium style can do for this classic song with passport to music infinite direct connection also gives you a complete online keyboard lesson system lessons start off with the basics of keyboard playing and take you through exercises to teach chords melodies and even help you start to read music with interactive guidance and exercises right on your keyboard screen passport to music is a fun and easy way to get started with learning the keyboard internet direct connection also gives you free access to the music finder plus service which expands on your keyboards built-in music finder system through music finder plus you get thousands of voice and style presets designed to help you instantly play your favorite songs for example if you want to play a bite with me just find the song on music finder plus loaded up and your voices style and tempo are set up to play this song of course this is just the beginning of what you can do with internet direct connection and your keyboards online capabilities for more information please visit the Yamaha instrument Services website at this address

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  1. How do I connect my PSR-S910 to the internet wirelessly? I have WiFi. I just don't want to run a long cable across my living room from my router to my keyboard. Thanks.

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