Scientists Incredible Deathbed Confession Regarding UFOs, Aliens & Advanced Technology…

we all have a limited time on this earth and when that time is up we will all be remembered for something for most of us death will come as a surprise but for those who know the end is near it gives them the chance to carry out one final meaningful act for those who remain behind this act can be grandiose material gesture to a cherished loved one such as buying them a car or house or it can be something as simple and yet no less profound as a few simple words regarding the latter we find ourselves more inclined to believe the final words of someone who is about to pass from this life because they are free of any consequence or because they want to spend their last moments unburdened by secret are they have been keeping alternatively it could be but they want to issue those they are leaving behind with a warning for the future there have been some truly mind-blowing confessions from those taking their last breaths over the years in 2004 I mean Dilla told his wife shortly before he died that he had been responsible for a major heist in Israel in 1983 that saw the theft of millions of dollars of antique pocket watches including one made for Marie Antoinette in 1994 one of the men behind the most famous photo of the Loch Ness monster Christian Spurling admitted that his stepfather had faked the image in 1934 in order to sell it to the Daily Mail before passing away at the age of 93 in 2009 60 year-old Diane Crawford was in the final stages of her life when she confessed to shooting two co-workers 41 years earlier for teasing her about her sexuality so with these in mind what do we make therefore of some even more incredible claims involving visitations to Earth by sentient and intelligent beings we have already highlighted the story of Charlotte man who listened to a dying grandmother recount details surrounding the cape girardeau UFO crash in 1941 but in 2014 the internet was abuzz with what appeared to be the recorded testimony of former aerospace engineer Boyd Bushman and his knowledge of extraterrestrial entities working with the US government Bushman is known to have worked for the major US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin and had a number of patents links to his name all of which his supporters say adds weight to the authenticity of his claims Bushman passed away in August 2014 and the video which was recorded in 2007 was subsequently uploaded to YouTube on October the 8th in the video a clearly L Bushman states that as a scientist he does not believe in theory but rather the data from where the theory began and that consequently everything he revealed has been proven at least for him he claims at 13 years earlier he had made contact with someone working with a government organization who shared information with him regarding alien contact at first he discussed the series of UFO sightings over Phoenix that occurred in 1997 and again in 2007 and presents a picture taken by a friend of his that has a similar scene taking place over the city he then presents a series of photographs of UFOs which he describes as not being made of metal despite their metallic appearance and that they are 38 feet wide and propelled by anti-gravity devices Bushman claims these images and the information he reveals along with them were given to him by the contacts over the 13-year period he had been in communication with them regarding the origin of the UFOs and their crews he explains the aliens home planet is called Quinta mania which is around 68 light-years away he even shows images of the planets Mars and Jupiter he claims was taken by the occupants of a UFO passing through our solar system Bushman claims he is aware of at least 18 individuals from Quinta Maya who are on earth biasing with the US government and scientists physically the beings from this planet are between four and a half and five feet tall and live for at least 200 earth years displaying a series of photographs of the aliens he explains that externally they share a number of traits with human beings having five fingers and toes although in the latter case they are more like a frog’s being closed together rather than having spaces in between them he describes their spine as been three main backbones but are actually composed of cartilage Bushman explains the usual method of communication they are able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you you walk in the room with one of them and all of a sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice his contacts provided him with knowledge of their society explaining that they are divided into two main groups that center around the farming of cattle one group are known to humans as the Wranglers and they maintain the bulk of this cattle while the other group appear to be outcast of a sword and are known as rustlers since they are more aggressive and attempt to steal the cattle from the Wranglers bushmen explains that humans have a better relationship with the Wranglers but this in turn implies humanity has some relationship with the rustlers as well it’s difficult to understand if Bushman Mendez in a literal sense or if regarding the cattle he was actually referring to us either way it all sounds too incredible to be true and quickly the video’s authenticity was attacked as the story was picked up by news outlets around the world a reddit user posted that he had a toy alien that closely resembled the creature in the images that Bushman presented as evidence of their existence while a newspaper in Canada printed the line you can buy one in Walmart some critics have highlighted Bushman’s advanced age and poor health as a reason for his claims hinting that he was being nefariously misled or coerced by others such as David Sarita a known UFO and spiritual prominent who has himself come under fire for his writings on the topics of reverse engineering UFOs and meetings with Jesus and the Virgin Mary Sarita was behind the recording and critics point to curious editing choices and discrepancies as evidence of Sarita’s interference in the confession even the timing of the video being released has been criticized it being October which is of course the natural time for creepy or shocking video content to be uploaded to YouTube thanks to Halloween most people agree that Bushman does at least appear to believe what he is saying some have speculated that he was a sad victim of a con artist or even a practical joke that unfortunately went too far however CERN like dr. Stuart J Robbins think the answer may be somewhere in between he puts forward the possibility that Bushman truly believes in extraterrestrials and UFOs visiting earth and has decided to use his deteriorating health to create a lie in order to at least encourage open discussion and thought on the subject as well as confirm his place in UFO law as he sums it up a deathbed confession can also be a way of solidifying one’s reputation by using the cultural beliefs in its veracity to double down on the claim to increase general belief in it despite the often ferocious criticism thrown at Bushman’s video it still divides viewers with an equally strong support base arguing for its authenticity even this video came about in response to requests from subscribers who believe Bushman’s claims so I guess the only question we already left with is what do you think thanks for watching and if you’re enjoying these destination – classified videos which we post every Friday then consider supporting and hittin our notification bell thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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