Scammed on ebay… Testing the 56 CORE system!

Okay I’ve got my dual socket motherboard And I’m sure you guys have all gone through this at some point in the past where you’re like building a new system and like The first part arrives and you’re like ‘oh wow! This is so cool to look at’ because I have nothing else that goes with it, but then Okay, it got real and two of my eBay CPUs arrived, theoretically these are 28 core Uh 8176s or whatever they are something along those lines I got those then I got these Yeah theeeese. These are 32 gig modules. These modules have more RAM than what I would consider to be a high-end gaming system in one module And I was like ‘no way! Now I can test it’. Thanks to audible for sponsoring this video experience the world’s largest library of audiobooks today with audible and stay tuned later on in this video for a special offer. I wasn’t sure if either of them would be real or working so I actually ordered two sets of what claimed to be 28 core CPUs on eBay. And look at this, it’s even marked on the spreaders. This is a P8136 That the seller says is a 28 core But then I was like ‘hey, can you send me a CPU-Z screenshot?’ And they’re like ‘sorry I can’t’ and I was like ‘well Can you double check with someone that it’s 28 core?’. They’re like ‘I can’t’. So let’s hold on first. Let’s double check this so absolutely nothing. Intel Xeon 8136 you can see I’ve googled it before but other than an eBay listing oh Oh, and there’s a thread discussing that eBay listing and other people saying That this is really sketch So This takes up a lot more space on the bench than most motherboards. Okay step number one Does this fit yeah cool? Um… If it turns on I’m gonna be turned on okay, so we’ve got dedicated eight pins Okay dedicated 8-pins for each CPU Oh, that that fresh eBay smell that thermal compound all over it *sniffs CPU* OH! That’s good stuff. Okay, so here’s problem number I’ve lost track, but this is a problem. The LGA 3647 socket Has no CPU retention arm The way it’s meant to be held in is by the cooling solution But almost nobody is supporting this socket because this is an enterprise Xeon socket. Intel’s workstation chips are actually using LGA 2066 but with a different chipset So ASUS went off the rails with this thing and there’s like no coolers to support it and it’s got this bizarro land Mounting system here with like threaded stuff here in here, and then these posts that are different size here So I’m hoping to just kind of wing it by literally holding the CPU in place We’re like the unknown side, the random side The spooky side No one no one knows what the hell’s going on side including the seller. If no one knows How did you put 28 core in the listing? You’re the only people on earth with this CPU as far as I can tell where did these come from where did they go? Where did they come from cotton-eye Joe? Oh, this is really dumb what I’m doing right now. Okay *gasp* Wait okay. This is bad, CPU just lifted up. Okay. I got it Jake. I may need your hands at some point Oh my god. Why are you doing like this Okay, what do you think, is it gonna boot? Uhhh Maybe Yeah, I’m going with a definite maybe on this one too here we go Oh, wow, that was… Jake: A whole lot a nothin. …pretty anticlimactic. *taps button impatiently* oh boy Um… Now most dual socket boards.. Oh! Uh, okay. Post code ‘zero zero’ that’s not generally a good sign. Let’s think. You want to try the other one of these first, or do you want to try the other chips? Jake: Uh… I think you should try two. Oh, I mean that’s even more jank than I was kind of hoping to get but Jake: Hold on, I got an idea… …Hoho, that’s heavy! *laughing* Put that on there. Holy sh** Linus: Oh, yeah, this is titanium. Jake: Holy crap! Here we go… That weren’t a good sign… Wow, crap, okay. Well hold on a second there could still be something else Let’s try the other chips. Okay. There’s some action Um… They’re warming up this time So that’s gonna limit how long I can hold these in Okay, go ahead and hit the power my thumbs burning *flicks power switch* Okay, it’s time to consult the manual So it occurs to me… we have… actually seen this socket before in our Xeon 5 video This is that bizarro cooler than it used So this gives us a few more exciting options. I don’t actually know if this board is Xeon 5 Compatible, but it’s the same socket so maybe we could try this chip to see if it fires up then we could try this cooler on one socket to see if maybe it is a mounting pressure issue. Still got options oh and of course, it’s torques *screams like a goat* Okay, this looks like it may not actually be quite the same cuz there’s like a thing here And… what? What is this mounting system? Ohhhhhhhhh This is a narrow ILM This is a square ILM Crap! So we’re going for hopefully enough mounting pressure Whoa (x5) Hello! Jake: Hello! Okay! That’s fine. That’s fine. We’ve got a postcode this time though. That’s a better sign and also This is less likely to be CPU one anyway, so I’m gonna put it back where it was right? *board beeps* Okay one long two short Okay! Reserved for future AMI codes perfect, brilliant! Okay, let’s try a different, uh, let’s try different chip. Let’s try the other one Okay… Come on… ‘AF’ Maybe f*** Well it could be ‘Good as f***’ like ‘Neat as f***’ Okay, it’s completely different Which is maybe good and maybe bad? Why… Okay, so the manual says one long beep and two short means no memory detected So we put those CPUs back in And we’re trying the higher mounting pressure on them *board beeps* Okay, okay, so kill it *flicks switch off* Okay, so let’s just put some more memory in because one of the Classic symptoms of a bad mount in the socket is that some of your DIMM slots won’t work properly So, I mean this is if nothing else a bad mounting system Okay so the working theory right now is that it’s probably a mounting pressure issue so Last attempt before I just patiently wait for a cooler. I need to get up higher so I can put more weight on it Oh wow That is terrifying Jake: What did it just turn on? I just put more pressure on the CPUs and the system turned on do you want to turn it off for now? *flicks switch off* Okay, I’m gonna put more pressure on Okay, let’s try the other ones Okay Centered down there Centered down there okay more weight, I’m good Jake: Want me to try clearing the CMOS? Linus: No actually. Jake: ‘AF’… Linus: Ugh, this is the same as before! Okay! It’s been like another week two weeks. I don’t know the point is today Was basically Christmas because first, and yes, it’s only the 19th But it’s still Christmas because first, check this out so I’ve got those engineering sample processors that I ordered when I thought that Intel wasn’t gonna work with us on this but today… I also got Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Oh Look at this. Oh, it’s beautiful So these are Intel Confidential’s I don’t remember what skew these are but they’re 3.2 gigahertz base So they’re a lower core count and these ones Xeon Platinum 8180s these are the top-of-the-line But it was the kind of ‘I ordered new computer hardware Christmas’ where ah, a little crooked there Where I didn’t have a piece that I needed still But then today again They arrived!!! These are Intel thermal solution box coolers for the Xeon processor scalable family, this is the one Active cooler that I could find on the market For the square ILM socket I finally have Everything we’re still gonna try That eBay processor first. I really want to know if I got ripped off With how hard this is clamping down honestly, I do not feel like I wasn’t putting enough force on it before I really don’t think that was the problem so theoretically, if these work, and I have two sets of 28 core processors if they don’t and I still have one because sometimes it’s nice to be Linus tech tips and Have Intel send stuff over to you sometimes. Do you get sweaty when you’re working on expensive stuff? Little bit Yeah, me too. I need a graphics card Wow So the 8136 doesn’t work Now I’m wondering if maybe there’s a problem with our board at this point So let’s try let’s try a retail chip So each of these Xeon 8180s Yes, I think 8 or 10 grand something like that retail No pressure though. You know I mean don’t they know that people drop things Okay, so this is with a very probably known good chip this time If this doesn’t boot up then I have my doubts about Something. oh did that just change yeah? Yeah, it did Does it just have a really really long POST? How interesting would that be what if it has some kind of first boot process? Where it has to go through some kind of detection thing before it can then? boot up Properly the next time and it’s really long. Okay. We are attempting a USB BIOS flash back with their crash free BIOS thing. We have a problem though And that’s that if you look at the BIOS revisions here the one with the higher revision number is dated earlier than the one with the lower one so let’s pull that out and Try again, I wouldn’t have thought we could make it worse, but we did 0-0 post code, this is 2666 megahertz 32 gig sticks I wonder if it’s been a ram compatibility thing this whole time Because I’ve never actually tried different RAM Okay, new plan. We’re gonna try the 32 gig sticks from seven gamers one CPU Instead so these are older slower memory modules these guys are 2133 Instead of 2400 megahertz which is like bleeding-edge for servers right now maybe We’ll see better compatibility if we try something a little bit older 97 B2 98 and you know No no no it was just RAM compatibility oh oh come on No, it’s up, Oh Sick Overclocking yeah, yeah, I want to overclock. I mean not now I want to get it like working reliably first But wow you just key them in.. look at this! 5 billion volts no no do I just type in Auto Wow that is jank oh There they are 56 cores to boot it up. Okay, it still won’t boot into Windows Just a little more troubleshooting it’s finally booted so these are the retail chips and Check this out Take that mother f****** I still haven’t tried firing it up with all the RAM in it This is the RAM strategy, okay, two sticks here ten on the table And I haven’t tried any of the eBay chips because I wanted you guys to Come along for the ride Let’s find out if anything works I’m like half excited and half terrified. I really hope these work because I am almost Definitely passed any kind of buyer assurance deadline through eBay at this point or PayPal I Really really hope this thing works now that I’ve had the board booted up If this doesn’t work then I’m pretty sure that I got scammed. One thing I did find out is that some of my Posting issues may have simply been related to memory training, and if I had just waited longer Which wasn’t something that was easy to do when I was holding CPUs into the sockets This is not a solid indication right now that things are going to go well though I actually hate that this TV has like such a pretty Screensaver like when I see a thing change, I’m like Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay hold on a minute here whoa? Okay They booted genuine Intel CPU zero thousand percent at Flippin brilliant, okay Alright, let’s fire this baby up so our last CPU Got a score of about seven thousand in Cinebench, and that was with retail 8180 chips I’ve seen engineering samples that have more information than this But what we do know is the base speed of 2.1 gigahertz we know that they’re 28 cores That’s really exciting so these are Probably what they said they were which is 8176s yep Xeon Platinum 8176s the eBay gambit worked Nice and these are qualifying samples which I believe means Generally they are pretty close to retail chips so this is not the be-all and end-all of benchmarks certainly, but we can get an idea of whether we’re close to what we have with the retail 8180 I want to see what it turbos to Not bad not bad at all ok so that’s a significantly lower turbo speed we were turbo up around 3 gigahertz with the other one and Our lower score does reflect that but That’s a hell of a chip for what we pay for it Now let’s try the mystery meat Platinum 8136 time is this a straight-up scam Remember, this is the one where the eBay seller was unable to Confirm anything about it. unable Ok yeah, this is not looking promising so far. It’s just been on AF the whole time You might say it would be [pun warning] disappointing AF damn Wonder if I can still file a dispute here it is shoot ‘Return this item’ is not there anymore. Oh, that’s not good. Can I even leave feedback no? I can’t I can’t even leave feedback anymore wait, hold-on, no view similar items Twenty-six hundred US dollars plus shipping brilliant, so I guess the lesson we learned then is buying engineering sample processors off eBay can work or it can super not but if you order a part number that Doesn’t exist at all then the odds of its super not working from our sample size of one seem to be pretty good Thanks to audible for sponsoring this video. 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