Samsung Şarj Kablosu Tamiri | Mikro USB Kablo Tamiri

Samsung Şarj Kablosu Tamiri | Mikro USB Kablo Tamiri

Hi, welcome to the Inner Opener Channel This video about mini USB, or samsung or android devices I’ll show you a USB cable replacement. We’re gonna change that tip. This is the result of wrong insertion shorted and melted. Cut this part off the cable; As you can see from the electronicists, similar to we will mount on the jack (Inner Opener) Can I open this? Let me see. There is not a huge damage here. but in terms of being an example; I will cut it and re-sold it. As it is damaged, Is there any disconnect between the USB cables? We need to identify him. Yes, I touch the rightmost Plus and when I touch red, Is the cable disconnected? Sturdy I look at the second. Data is minus [Catwalk] For being a bit behind: probu is hard to touch. [beeps when light is on] The green is solid and there is no chase with the others. Now the last time … to ground (GND) I’m touching. It’s also solid. I mean, I can do this assembly. [Catwalk] Sorry? (Cat) I prepared the cable, I opened the ends. I’ve got those two tracks. The rightmost “plus” The second is “Data minus” The third “Data plus” We’il leave the fourth empty. The so-called ID. Most left That white is the other side. The videom is interrupted. This white one On the double side, I soldered to the side near red. Now I close the jack. Now the cable is ready. Thank you for watching. Of course I also test. The cable is solid. I’m happy if you subscribe to Kanala. Thank you again for watching. Everyone respects their love. Is it good? Do you like it?

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “Samsung Şarj Kablosu Tamiri | Mikro USB Kablo Tamiri

  1. Benim ölçü aleti ötmüyor abi (elektirik okuyorum) ucuz fiye sanırsam 20 Liraya aldımda nasıl anlıycam çalıştığını birde ben bükünce kablo şarj ediyo telefonu o kabloları koparıp yeniden lehimlesem filan düzelirmi bozuk kablohu nasıl anlıycam

  2. Merhaba iyi çalışmalar.
    Yeni şarj aletlerinde artık lehim atma olayı kalmadı.
    Kabloyu dişlilere geçiren küçük aparatlar var.Üstüne basıyorsunuz küçük dişler kablonun içine giriyor.Daha pratik oluyor.

  3. Ben bu tür kanallara hiç abone olmam ama böyle güzel anlatımdan dolayı saygı göstergesi abone oluyorum. Emeğinize sağlık. Bir sorum olacak.. kabloyu tutan aletin adı nedir?

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