Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Raleigh wanton and on from I’d like in South Australia uh my name’s Elena I’m from Western Australia a little coastal town called Geraldton I got the boat in place called monopoly which is sad the Bari just a very small country town in Italy so 43 440 3.4 foot Beneteau cyclone as I got it FRA I got it about a year ago probably a little bit more than that now and I got up I bought it from three arguing Italian guys who I don’t know I just couldn’t get their business organized so I ended up getting it off then and then styling it over to Croatia that was about a year ago when I first got it a winds just picked up when I first got it no I had no idea so I’ve done a couple of very small trips maybe a day and a half or something like that so yeah to the point where when I first rolled it when Lucas and I first rolled out the headsail we actually didn’t even know how to fill it back in so yeah it’s been a pretty steep learning curve so from here as I said we’ve been goin over to Malta from Crete and Malta then set Sicily Sardinia Majorca or the Balearic Islands then Gibraltar and then pretty much following the footsteps of Christopher Columbus over down to the Canary Islands for an Atlantic crossing in probably January so Canary Islands and down to Cape bird heading south until words I say the butter melts and then heading over to the Caribbean Central America for a while in the Caribbean and then through the Panama Canal to the Galapagos Islands I’d really love to check them out and then across the Pacific in there I don’t know and all I want to go that sounds great and who’s the greatest person on earth that would have to be done no what is the average speed of an african meiting pigeon I have no idea okay I just wanted to do a bit of a tour of LA vagabond so this is the bow up here we’ve got the anchor we’re anchored in about five meters of water that’s yet Genoa there the mast so that little hatch there goes down into my room which I’ll show you in a second there the pride and joy of the boat the two flexible solar panels which I had installed in Montenegro hello Elena how are you so we’ve had a bit of a tidy up here before we give everyone the tour um got a little bicycle hanging off the back there and that tender we’re going to get a new one of them in a couple of days because it’s slowly disintegrating so we come down here I’m actually standing on the engine this is the entryway here so there’s two bedrooms that’s pulled off this is starboard aft got the electronics busy there all the music and some safety equipment this is all the we’re all the important documents our passport etc we galley the kitchen books yeah I just storage there pots and pans under here this is where I cook this is where a liner cooks so I don’t know I really know anything that goes on there at all some chilies we’ve installed there’s soo mom this is that well this is a post a bit here that’s actually a wardrobe now this is supposed to be where you stick little children well not kids at you style in that case it wouldn’t come on board that’s it took that’s one of the well that’s the forward head or my ensuite what we call it this is that the recently redecorated boudoir or harem techie yes I’m a little ukulele up there and that’s we come from so that’s love a Gabon translate for sale fight and murder so just got an evite and we have to get it all the way to the marina to inflate it how’s it going around you’re welcome and you know the kilometer the gated knee hey Elena could you just tie that uh you just tie the tender off for me please here no worries Raleigh yeah yeah so you typed that off that’s all good yet this is what’s happened over here alone is just going to retrieve the tender which was fortunately caught on that island before it just disappeared over there into the wild blue yonder so yes suppose now II sort of start thinking all the bowlines side in your life which is the one that you didn’t want to come undone climbing 4 meter lives the wind wasn’t too hectic but by the time I turned around and the Templar was gone it was just getting me know finding it so we had the appropriate ceremonies last night played the last post trying to pull the one and we’re starting to feel a little bit better about the whole thing until we had to get in the water and swim to shore in murky murky Marmara what just happened we came back from getting some batteries in Mars boy was rocking karna funny and then what’s it I had a sneaking suspicion and I check the rejected and guide we’re in one point extent yeah we thought just drops seven meters to why point ten babies over ten mins it goes from seven meters to one minute so we should have died on it before before we fully left but hopefully if the rudders not vent everything should be okay if I hardly strike so just survived our first what would you call that this way I leave the boat grounding leave the boat grounding leave the boat come back and find the boat on the ground in the mud so we are still debating with one sigh laughing and I love leave you mocking normal

Danny Hutson

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