Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Danny Hutson

77 thoughts on “Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

  1. Wouldn't it be great if all the morons on here too lazy to find out how Riley paid for the boat but still full enough of spite and bullshit to make claims about him having it bought for him by his parents etc actually took the time to become less ill-informed. Dipshits.

  2. Hi – I started somewhere about ep. 100 when it appeared on my "front page" or whatever it's called on The YouTube and watched so many I can't remember.  Finally decided I had to see the beginning.  Hello, everyone!

  3. Hi to both of you and your little one. You have the attitude that should be bottled and incorporated into every teenagers diet.I started with nothing and hitch hiked via air to NZ got into sailing and aviation and after 20yrs brought these adventures back to Scotland and i still go on adventures mostly as a pilot but still crave the ocean. What and where are you guys today ?.

  4. Just rolled the time machine back to the very beginning (again).  You have come a long way in these almost 5 years.  Not only in the quality of your content but in the base of your knowledge.  Very proud of what you have become.  You both were such baby's back then.  As always thanks for bringing us along!

  5. This is actually making me chuckle (especially the music) 😂 So wildly different compared to the high quality content you have now!

  6. Riley I would just like to say that your girl is so beautiful not only on the outside but yes on the inside sounds cliche but she is freaking smoking hot holyshit!!!!

  7. Lol Elayna almost lost the tender and Riley gave her a hard time about it, then proceeded to lose it properly lol. Such a great bloke, making sacrifices to make his sweet heart feel better.

  8. I've been watching since Elaina (sp?) was 6 months pregnant with Lenny. It's so fun to see them early on. There accents are so much stronger here! Love this!

  9. It's Aug 2019, I have watched this episode before and I have also watched all of the other episodes. This is so much better than Home and Away or Days of our Lives or any other cheesy soap. There's tears and laughter and suspense and danger and growing up and pretty girls and men with guns and pirates and disasters and injuries and spoiler alert, babies ( well one anyway) and and and . Thank you Elayna & Riley and the many crew and visitors.

  10. Starting to watch all your videos so here i started with the first one and I hope they get much better 🙂 I don't give many thumbs down but I did with this one. All the video with no dialogue sucked and then we can talk about all that fast forward video…omg that was like way beyond suck and amateur hour lol Ok now on to ep 2

  11. Had watched a few of your recent episodes and had to go back to the beginning to catch up on how your journey started 😊

  12. While I have watched this moons ago, I decided to refresh my memory and have to say that this boat aka yacht has a really cosy appeal to me!

  13. Just started watching, AWESOME!!!Riley, you are THE luckiest bastard in the world.  Elayna is the perfect woman and I'll leave it at that.I only wish I could do what you're doing but, they don't let prisoners out on weekends. LOL

  14. i legit just saw the last 2 episodes…. and its exactly the same except for worse editing and the fact that theres a baby hahahaha.

  15. Randomly popped up on my feed and I had to know how it all started. Your videos are awesome and I just love every bit of this. Thank you!

    Ps : That sounds in turkey you were trying to sing is called the azan. It's the Muslim call for prayers 5 times a day! 👍🏻

  16. After what was probably a year of watching La Vagabonde videos I FINALLY made it through to the present. It's been an adventure. You've gotten so damn good at editing Elayna! Really, your videos now are so professional and top notch. You guys have 1m subs because of the endless improvement to quality. Those classes you guys took made a big difference. Your commitment to the subscribers is beyond any other sailing vlog. Mad props. I hope to watch for many more years. I went back to episode one to at least see how a few of the first episodes were in comparison. What an epic adventure you guys have taken. My wife and I try to adventure as much as possible with a home base. Our friends and family sure think we do a lot but I've always wanted to make that commitment to full time. It's difficult without having the bank roll or the mobile work. I'd love to figure out an income that could come with me on our travels. Anyway, just wanted to say I'm a big fan and that I'm looking forward to the future. You've inspired millions of people to at least be somewhat more adventurous. Also to take better care of their planet. You two are great role models for our generation. Mad <3 love Riles & Elayna.

  17. my daughter and i watched this after watching the current videos, how raw was the production 👍😁, little did they know just how far a dream would take them..oh yes, the production had improved out of site..👍👍👍

  18. I just found your channel and have challenged myself to watch all your videos in order from the beginning as they are amazing ♥️🌍

  19. I randomly caught episodes somewhere around 178 – 197, so now am having to go back and watch from the beginning – joining the Binge Watch Nation!

  20. Why are you two so fucking addictive to watch. I'm hooked. I love it when she starts dancing to the Muslim call to prayer TAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Hope to see lots more fuckeries like that. This is now my next hobby.

  21. 1500 Comments on your "Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey"
    Allow me to introduce myself.
    I'm the 1501 Commenter.
    Otherwise known as Gator Hogg.
    Used to do lots of Harley riding all over North America back 40 years ago and the adventure exploring I miss.
    I"ve been previously watching a few random numbered videos and will now begin my video journey with you and the lovely Elayna.

  22. i'm watching this video from the future, it is the year 2019, sept, 27. God I love you guy's!!! Lenny was only a sparkle in the eyes of you too great people!

  23. Hola soy de Argentina me encanto poder leerlos en español los sigo un mes antes que nasca su bebe como me gustsria que tambien ahora los pueda leer en español es presioso el bebe me gusta mucho seguirlos besos abrasos para la familia soy ana

  24. I didn't know you were sailing in my country. So surprised and excited. Hopefully, i see you soon later here with Lenny, byeee 🇹🇷

  25. How many miles till you can see the curve of the Earth? Thank you and your welcome <3 Much love to both of you! Enjoy the rabbit hole.

  26. I do like them, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (ok, people don't boooooooo me to much) I fear that are becoming commercialized), anybody else agree?

  27. Whoever made this video did great…..I think they should start a series……they could probably get a million subscribers…..wouldn't that be cool

  28. crazyyy to think this is where you were like 6 years ago and now you've got a really awesome sail boat and the cutest little baby

  29. I'm a Aussie from Hervey Bay ( moving back to the Sunny Coast soon ) 2019 : Just finished watching the 20th episode ! Loving the adventure your both on !
    Riley : Crow or Power ????
    Plus Riley do you have a Bodyboard on the yacht that you still ride ?

  30. I have watched so many of these…had to go back and start from the beginning….this couple has an addicting personality’s that you just can’t get enough of…Props to you both….you are living the dream! May Jesus bless all your adventures and your new born!

  31. Hi there, I am a semi retired North Sea fisherman and RNLI Lifeboat crewman now 66 years old with 45 years at sea.just came across one of your recent videos, and really loved it, Needless to say I have gone to the first one to follow your journey. Good Luck and may the fair winds be with you and most importantly , keep safe. David.

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