S4 League – CM Letter 2019

S4 League – CM Letter 2019

Welcome dear Leaguers, This is an official letter for our community and players of S4 League. We’ve deceided to make this into a video to give you a better view about us, our plans and what we have done in the past for the game and mostly for you – pause – our beloved community. We have a lot to talk and inform you about and we are happy to be able to update, remind and also tease you with information. So to make it clear from the beginning, we won’t talk about S4 as a product, but about S4 as the community and all community related things. The product view will be reviewed by our Product Manager in a letter and not by us. Nonetheless we are packed and ready to go with you and first of all we’ll tell you a bit about us as the Community Managers. So, what is a Community Manager and what do we do on our daily task? The meaning has changed in the last years and we have changed our tasks bit by bit. Our main task is to help you, the community, with answers to your questions, events and to be the communication bridge between you and the production team, including the Product Manager, Game Designer, QA etc. We are working on social media, events, communication platforms like Discord and also receive reports on our daily tasks. Some of us have developed into a niche and are better in different things. Therefore we have to support each other in the team and always pull on the same rope to improve, adapt and – pause – you’ve guessed it, overcome. Enough foreword speaking, let’s get to the first point of our letter. We had a low amount of events in the past months, but we try more and more to create new ones, change them a bit and make them more profitable for you. Therefore we are doing the challenge of the week again, push more social media events and try to come up with at least one creative event in our forums per month. Unfortunately the livestream is canceled without a proper date of a comeback for now, but fear not, we are not planning to drop it. And for in-game events we plan to make more complex events, then just playing around for X-amount of time on map Z. And we know that this is something you’ve wanted for long now. So to summarize it, the challenge of the week is back with a bit higher reward than usual, we are planning to do better ingame events and we are pushing more social media events, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Talking about our social media, we have some more topics related to this. As mentioned Twitter – Is – Back and we are active there. Twitter serves as one of our fastest information pipelines besides Discord. There we are informing you about maintenances, server issues, new events, important announcements and sometimes some little insights. On Facebook we won’t change a lot. As always we will announce Event related stuff, important announcements and will also try to run a Facebook event at least once per month and we’ll bring back more voting and fun stuff. As said for Twitch, the streams are canceled, but we are still working in the background and will come back. Next point on our list is our Discord Server. Which currently has over 7000 members, chatting, playing together and talking in the voice chats. Unfortunately, we also have over 200 banned users there. To keep this number as low as possible, we want to remind you that we have updated our rules in May. You can find a lot of information including the rules in our #welcome channel. We want to remind you about these rules and also tell you that these rules apply to everyone and that the moderative forces will treat all users equally on the Discord. Everyone has to follow the rules and stick to them. The violation of them will be punished. Okay, enough bad vibes about rules, bans etc. We always want to improve our Discord, so we have added some new stuff and updated our own guidelines within the team. The next thing that we want to tackle is the structure of the Discord. Delete unnecessary channels, merge similar ones and also separate voice and text channels so you won’t join a voice channel accidentally anymore. This change won’t come tomorrow but in the near future. And talking about changes of structure – We are doing really good transitions today – The Forum. So, this part is a bit more complex. We want to update the forum and store there a lot of information for you. Event calendar, guides and more. Apart from this we want to add the newest background, which has won in the last art event, congratulations at this point again to you, Runner. And with the addition of this new background we also want to fix the other backgrounds. We’ll update the Header- and Footer Menu, add some new features, fix some wrong translations and add translations for every supported language. And we don’t stop here… We’ll also link the forum and Discord and open other possibilities for you. Holy, this letter never ends? Does it? Not now, we still have some cool stuff for you! What is it? Tell them! The P4… So what P4 stands for you may ask yourself now. It is short for the “Plug’n’Play Partnership Program”. To say it with one sentence: The P4 is a program for content creators to support them in their activities. And who is supposed to be a part of this? Everyone can apply as a content creator. Let it be a streamer, youtuber, songwriter, artist or someone who loves to create events. We have everything covered and even prepared cool codes, just for their activities. And what is needed to be even able to submit an application? There are some points. At first you have to create the content on a regular basis and already have created some in the last 3 months. And also important is that you didn’t violate the terms of services. If you have questions about the P4, feel free to reach out to me. I am glad to answer your questions. I’ve heard you have prepared something else for them, wasn’t it regarding EAC? Ah yes, sure! So we’ve made a big shoutout to you in the last weeks, reminding you about macros and that they are not allowed. We also want to take the chance here to inform you that macros were and will be a ban reason in the future. In the past we were not able to track macros due missing tools, but now we are able with EAC EAC and we take measurements against this unfair method. Everyone is supposed to show their skill in S4 League and not cheat with a software to emulate skill by pressing 1 button. The same goes for scripts, bots and any other tools or changes to the gamefiles. This time you made the bad part, hah! Or will I do it now? Well it is controversial… So, why did we do this announcement? It had a reason and was part of a plan. The important point here was that everyone in the community is aware of this and stops using macros from then on. But we still had to ban people for using macros until today. But we have mercy. I’ve talked with our Product Manager about the macro issues and it was unfair to directly ban them permanently. And we got the green light. So I simply gathered the data of all banned macro users until the 10th of July and we contacted EAC to lift the bans. After this we lifted hundred of bans affecting users around the world. But… we won’t do this a second time. This is the only chance for them to show us their real S4. Every macro user after the 10th of July will stay banned for macro usage. And this also counts for people who got their ban lifted previously. If they use it again, we ban them again. Ok, this should be it. Once we have successfully finished all this stuff we will again concentrate on more presence in-game, have some little spontaneous events and play more with you guys. If you have any questions, please let us know below in the comments. We may do a QA in the next weeks for you, to answer your questions. Thank you for reading our CM Letter! BYEE!!

Danny Hutson

26 thoughts on “S4 League – CM Letter 2019

  1. That's the only thing they know what to do ''Ban players'', but they don't know how to Fix Servers… Aeriagames Sucks… Su Maldita Madre .l.

  2. Hola soy jugador de America Latina , aca la gente extraña el S4 pero lo dejaron por motivos del IP BAN , mi duda es cuando instale el juego y quiero entrar esta todo okey pero cuando entro a una partida me vota a los 30 s de todo el juego es asi constantemente , quisiera una solucion

  3. I really love s4 league, best gsme of my life but this video is awful. I can't understand what you say but dont let this game die please, increase servers for latin america and liberate banned accounta ans you guys will have way more players online everyday. New playable and dinamics maps for TD (the most classic game mode) and work on this to put S4 league on the competitive scene of the games. You guys have one of the greatest game with the best esthetic and gameplay from all the time, make it great again please

  4. Just make S4 League on 120 FPS and bring out a next season! To do it on more FPS is such an easy thing. That would cost you guys not more than a few days. This little thing would do soo much for S4 League. These 2 Points would do everything better!

  5. fix the bugs of the server (enter freez , screen end game bug, second half) and French, English and other servers must come back to mobilize the community. pls

  6. this is even more cringe than the shit I used to create for s4 :/ anyways good luck with whatever you guys are up too ggs
    also we know this is all talk anyways and you guys won't do shit but hey whatever 🙂

  7. hf detecting my iCUE-Program from Corsair :'DD (where you can make macros).

    btw why your ''Letter's'' always that cringey??

  8. Liking this social media approach, would love to see more of this.

    Also increasing the playerbase would be great, I miss the days when logging onto EU-1&2 was near impossible, it made the game feel full of life. It's such a unique playstyle of a game with a lot of potential.

    Rebalancing would be nice too, or modes to turn off enchantment and make turn it into "Vanilla" S4 or st least S4 before the enchantment P2W crisis.

    Too busy with life to play frequently but best wishes to you guys! This game truly made my early 2008s and onward memorable.

  9. Make it available in singapore please wtf man i miss this game pls do something about it if u want more people to play n recover the game's reputation smh

  10. Bugs + crashes > content event.

    All games crash no game is crash free but s4 has an above normal crash rate. Most anniying bugs are those damn freezes. Fix that and 90% of current playerbase will be happier despite the other balanced BS issues in game.

  11. A principios de año podría jugar sin problemas en el EU después del desbloqueo de ip, pase 1 mes sin jugar y cuando entre me banearon la cuenta, aun no entiendo porque, y tampoco me importo mucho ya que di el juego por muerto y no me haria dolores de cabeza habiendo un servidor con todos los stats iguales de objetos (remenants) ya sabiendo que tenia una gran habilidad en el juego como para ganar en igualdad de condiciones. Pero ese tema de que ya no permitirían macros me intereso muchísimo, hay mucha gente competitiva que abusa de ellos. Por ende probablemente los jugadores que aborrecemos esas prácticas quizás volvamos al eu.
    Pd: donde tenia que mandar ticket para saber el motivo de mi ban? Que a mi parecer fue por nada, o un fallo del eac que se yo …. esa vez termine en una pagina alemana eac de s4 cuando intente recuperar la cuenta, al mirarla no la entendi y simplemente me sali, eso del tema antimacro me gusto muchisimo quisiera recuperar mi cuenta para volver a jugar al eu. Era s4 y estaba forrada de cosas valiosas de tantos años que jugue :C

  12. bunu 1 yıl önce yapmanız gerekiyordu. Ama zararın neresinden dönersen kar demişler oyun sitelerinde reklam yapsanız oyuncularda artabilir eskisi gibi kalabalık oluruz ben artık oda bulamaz hale geldim eskiden çok oyuncu vardı geliştirin 2010 yıllarında güzeldi !

  13. Wth community Manager ?
    So stressed. Boys, Just let the Work for People who are comfortable with cameras. So cringe. Plus announcement are realy Light, nothing interesting. I'm waiting for the 2nd letter.

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