Rural homes and businesses gain high-speed internet access

career field at one of our local universities, that louisiana tech university, bpcc, Grambling LSUS. we have a lot of opportunity and a lot of things to celebrate here and thats what we are here for to celebrate those very things how we cultivate the next generation cyber work force. ((SENNET))THIS LUNCHEON IS ONE OF MANY EVENTS HELD DURING INNOVATION NORTH LOUISIANA, WHICH WILL BE HELD THROUGH NOVEMBER 15TH 3 ((SENNET))PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER FOSTER CAMBELL MET WITH OFFICALS OF A-T-AND-T NORTH LOUISIANA.THE FIXED – WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY WILL BE USED BY A-T-AND-T AS ONE OF THREE DIFFERENT INTERNET PROVIDERS THAT WILL BE UTILIZED FOR FASTER CONNECTIONS. 3 ((Foster Campbell//Public service commissioner North Louisiana))”This is a good day for north louisiana and a good day for rural north louisiana. This is one of the main things that I want to achieve is making sure that people have

Danny Hutson

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