Review Cable USB 2 en 1 Android & iOS – ALDOM Serie Nylon

Review Cable USB 2 en 1 Android & iOS – ALDOM Serie Nylon

Very good, how are you? friends.
I’m Nico, and in this video we will show a cable that works for both iOS as
for android, ie it is having both one connector, microUSB and lightning.
I truth is that quite surprised me because they know that they could make these
cables, although other models sold before, but this one has a head plus size
little. Cable is Aldom series Nylon 2
1, the first real one cable 2 in the world. Here the most surprising is the relationship
quality / price is very cheap for the quality he has, he can see the store of your
page. In the video notes leave a link
to your online store, which also has warehouse also in Spain. Be vigilant because soon we will
a draw of 5 cables on our website, we surely will do a video and post
in social networks. Here we go with the unboxing and so we commenting
features, it comes packaged in a plastic container with postage
from Bilbao and on the other side a sticker its website with the barcode. Within the package we have cable, which is
cardboard, where the name of the product, the logo, product characteristics
and data of the company, made in china, of course. It will open, it is a cable from a
meter, with a fiber material Nylon, with a very soft touch and enough
thick to be manageable and no tangling As with other models. Being
Nylon fiber is very strong. The heads are made of one piece
to prolong life, as set on their website you can connect up
ten thousand times, about 3 times more than a connector common. It has a modern craft alloy
and stable. It is designed with an aluminum alloy
high-end to prevent oxidation. This that gray color, but on your page
web have the Grey and Gold model to me gray and gold I like, the connector has
5 volts output voltage and a maximum 2.1 Amperes makes loading and
transmission faster, normally usually more expensive, but it is not the case
This model. I have here the original cables, for
that you see the difference, the model the lightning as micro USB. Inside the package we also have a sheet
with instructions, which indicates that to connect the iPhone must place
with 8 pins on the bottom and metal interface at the top.
And we also have the warranty card purchase in several languages. We’re going to try it.
We plugged it to the computer. As we mentioned, when connecting the cable
lightning, ie, the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch only fits in a position, we
I place with pins down and metal part up. and the same when you connect to the device
Micro USB connector, in this case we have HTC One, although there are hundreds of devices
with this connector. It is compatible with all models of iPhone,
iPad and iPod touchs wire having lightning and according puts on its website, from
iOS 9. Also android devices, of
brands Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, Lenovo and many more, if you have
another brand, so you can comment on your store. On your website you have a link to the
Main authorized online stores. Do not forget to subscribe our channel
YouTube Applemaniacos or Androidmaniacos, we will follow up more videos
like this. Any doubt, you can comment on the
video notes or forum of the Community. I hope you have been helpful video,
as always, we send a greeting, see forum or the next video, up

Danny Hutson

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