Reference USA – U.S. Businesses Database

Reference USA – U.S. Businesses Database

The U.S. Businesses database can be used
to identify sales leads, find business opportunities, conduct patent
and market research, and track down addresses and phone numbers of
businesses. Accessing Reference U.S.A. is easy. Visit the Libraries’ webpage at and click on “Databases by Title.” Scroll down the alphabetical list to
find Reference U.S.A. and then click the website link to open it. To begin your search, click the “U.S. Businesses” link from the
Reference U.S.A. homepage. Each database provides two search options: Quick Search and Custom Search. If you know the name and location of the
business you want to find, use the Quick Search option. If you don’t have a specific business in
mind but are searching by business type or
location, use the Custom Search option. The Custom Search option lets you
create a search form based on the criteria you select and allows you to identify businesses
that meet that criteria. You are given nine categories with sub-categories to choose from. Click “Expand All” to view all of the sub-categories. Notice all of the options you are given
for searching you can search by company name, company executives, business type, geography, phone number, business size, business ownership, financial data, and a number of special selection
options. You can combine as many of these
categories into a search as you would like. For example, let’s say we are interested in searching
for coffee shops in Milwaukee. We will need to search by keyword and
location. First we’ll need to check the box next to
“Keyword” under the “Business Type” category and we’ll also need to select the “City”
box in the “Geography” category. Notice how forms corresponding with each
selection appears on the screen. In the keyword form, we’re going to
type our search term “coffee shops” into the box. A list of terms with corresponding NAICS codes will appear. We’re going to choose the options that
best fit our criteria, so I’m going to select “coffee shops” an “espresso bars” from the list. This feature is highly customizable and
you can choose as many options from the list as you would like. Now we’ll need to enter information into
the City form. We’ll start by choosing the state: “Wisconsin” and rather than scrolling through this
long list of city names we can enter “Milwaukee” into this box and select it. Keep in mind that you can choose as many
locations as you would like. Once all of the search forms have been
completed, click the green “View Results” button on
the right-hand side of the screen. This brings up a list of companies
matching your search criteria. Notice that there are 82 results on the list. Click the name of a company to view more
information about it. If you would like to look at multiple
companies on the list, go back to the results page and check
the box next to each company you would like to view then click the “Details” button. You will still only be able to view one
company’s record at a time, but you can scroll to the next
company’s record by clicking the arrow and the left-hand
side of the screen. Each company’s record provides detailed
information about its location, business profile, industry profile, and more. Click the categories on the left side of
the screening to view a certain section. If you would like to download or print
to a record, options for doing so are available and the upper right-hand
corner of the record page. To download a record, click the “Download” button. There are two steps to the download
process. First you’ll need to select the file format. secondly, you’ll need to select the level
of detail you want. You can then either download the record, which will open it for saving, or you can email it as an attachment. To print a record, select the print
button on the record page. You will then be asked to select the
level of detail you would like to print. The choice is completely up to you and
your needs. Click the “Preview” button and then click open PDF to view it. Once the PDF is open, click the print icon and send it to the

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