Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery | Amber’s Story

I heard carcinoma and chemotherapy. It was such a shock I just froze. [MUSIC] My little entourage.>>Right.>>My name is Amber Swarengem and I am from the Outer Banks
of North Carolina. And I have been, I’ve lived
on the beach my whole life. As a child I had some severe
sunburns, blistering burns, but the burns from childhood,
they were lasting. When I was trying to shave, this was
the day before before the surgery. See with me, you couldn’t
even see that I had cancer. Would you have known
that I had skin cancer?>>No.
No, the beauty of makeup. I was actually at the dermatologist
in North Carolina where I live, for something completely different. And I had this, it looked like
a little pimple on my cheek here. While I was there I said, maybe you should look at this
because it’s been there for a few months, and every now and then
it’s red, and then it flattens out. And she said, okay, sure, you know,
we’ll go ahead and biopsy it, that’s unusual. [MUSIC] I was fully expecting them to say,
it’s nothing, you know, it came back no problem,
that’s why we didn’t call. And they got on the phone and I
heard it’s squamous cell carcinoma, I heard carcinoma and chemotherapy. Did you just tell me
that I have cancer? [MUSIC] I knew that I needed to act quickly. I went through chemotherapy and when
I went back to the dermatologist she said, not only is it not gone,
but it’s deeper. She said, now you have to
have the mohs surgery. I looked like I’d been in a fight,
I felt like I’d been in a fight, but I knew that I was gonna heal. I was thinking to myself, next summer I will have smooth,
perfect skin again. The first thing I
did is call my mom. I was like Mom, it’s gonna be fine,
we just have to find me the best, I want a plastic surgeon. My mom said absolutely, she said
if we have to go to a different country, she’s like whatever we have
to do, we’re gonna get the best and we’re gonna make sure
your face is restored.>>Good to see you,
thank you so much.>>Dr. Ishii, the day that I got to
her office, and I went in there for the first time, she smiled
at me when she came in and she said,
this is gonna be beautiful. She said, a year from now you
won’t even see that anything was ever there. She said, you’re gonna look amazing.>>So you still have
progress that will occur, so this is actually still
an early result. Ultimately, it will be completely
smooth with the rest of the tissue.>>My face could’ve been so
much different. Here I’m four months out now and I
have a very, very slight, it’s kind of back to its original dot, but
this time I know it’s not cancer.>>Thank you, thank you, thank you.>>Thank you, thank you.>>Thank you.>>It’s a treat. When you put what your face is
gonna like in someone else’s hands, being young, especially,
it was for me to trust her and believe that she was gonna
do what she said, was huge. I just feel like I’m back to having
that porcelain skin everyone is always telling me that I have. [MUSIC]

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