Reboot Your Modem or Wi-Fi Gateway | AT&T Internet Support

NARRATOR: Let’s restart your
gateway to make sure it has the latest information
from AT&T. This may take up to
15 minutes to complete. To restart you will need
to temporarily disconnect the gateway from power. Once it is disconnected, you will lose access
to high-speed Internet and access to this online
installation guide. So watch the remainder
of this step first. We’ll tell you
when it’s time to restart. If you have U-verse TV service, you will also temporarily lose
your television connection. In the back of your gateway, you will disconnect the
gateway’s power cord, causing all of the lights on the
front panel of the gateway to go out. Once all the lights are out, you will
reconnect the power cord, and your gateway
will begin to power back up. When the service, broadband, and
phone 1 lights turn solid green, services are
back up and running. Now that you know what to do, go
ahead and restart your gateway.

Danny Hutson

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