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I need something to do a video about today. Oh, that won’t be it No We still have this thing this is the 64 core computer and, after all the testing we did on it. We never actually gamed on it. Can you run games on a 64 core CPU that was built for science We’re gonna find out for science Laszlo – Supernova Thanks to world of warships for sponsoring This video world of warships is the free online strategy warship game from wargaming stay tuned for more and an exclusive offer Later on in this video So if you think about it one eternity later Maybe this idea isn’t that crazy, you know gaming on a 64 core CPU because believe it or not the CPU that’s in here is actually fundamentally the same thing as that Intel graphics Card prototype that we did like an unboxing and history lesson of a little while ago Except that instead of being on a PCI Express card. They’ve got like a whole motherboard and like CPU socket and like Exterior memory slots kind of thing going on for it So first things first, we’ve got to get this puppy Somewhat reassembled there’s a hard drive in here for some reason Ah, we’ve also got to put some more RAM in we need to make sure we are running it at its optimal 6 Channels of memory. We need to chuck a boot SSD in here So if I pull out all of these ancient technology hard drive cages, you can kind of see Where we jammed that in and then last but not least. We are going to need a graphics card because Unfortunately the software development that would have made Larrabee a general-purpose processor that could run DirectX code was Never completed. So we’re gonna start with a gtx 1060, like a high mid-range card, just to see if this is feasible at all before we move on to something a little bit beefier and and investigate how much if any bottlenecking occurs because what you guys got to understand about gaming on a you know, Heavily threaded multi-core chip. Is that most games at? best are running with like four Processing threads and even in those cases. It’s Primarily single or maybe we’ll threaded with the other cores doing like little supplementary work you know, I had actually been meaning to do this video as a precursor to the like proper review like as like a teaser like goofing around with it first and then doing the proper video, so Yeah Best laid plans of mice and men and no comments on which one I am Alright, so trick number one is that we have to run Windows Server Rather than regular Windows 10. And the reason for that is that otherwise all 256 of our logical cores will not get recognized like like look at this WHAAAAT! It can’t even it just it actually can’t even they’re just all percent signs Brilliant like beyond dumb. But anyway, that’s not a problem because as we demonstrated in this video There’s no difference in performance between the different editions of Windows They’re all based on the same kernel, so it just comes down to the feature set. So all our hardware is detected We’ve got the same GeForce drivers that we put on the desktop and it is time to fire uh Let’s go. Let’s start with let’s start with CS:GO. Is it just me or is this steam update taking a little longer than usual? You didn’t install chrome on this thing dangit…this thing is taking forever And like the stupid thing is that it shows only one point nine percent CPU usage but like but but think about that of 256 threads each 1% would be only two of them which would be half of one CPU core Am I getting this right ish? So so does that just mean it’s single threaded and it’s relying on 1 of our 64 cores [imitating being sick] Because you got to understand not all cores are created equally and these ones are not high performance We’ve got Chrome now, though I mean I clicked play a little while ago, but uh Maybe it didn’t take. Oh, maybe it legitimately didn’t take. Okay. There we go. This isn’t so bad. Okay, there we go and remember friends this is launching on an SSD imagine it with a hard drive Heeeeeey! All right Pwned some noobs. Oh wow, ok no no. No, there we go. Hey, there we go Alright, so we’re not gonna ask too much from this thing. We’re just gonna run it at 1080p I mean the good news is that running that local game server could be offloaded to another core Yeah How long does it take to connect to a server that is running on the same box Oh wow, oh wow there bud. Oh boy Uh Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Its like… Oh, no way Bob Paul, you suck Oh Bot. Chris is a little better Ok. Ok. Let’s get let’s get let’s get our 8k game on here. Oh, I see daddy’s Get out of the way Sean. Oh look at the way those smoke effects just destroy me Oh I got two! – I am better like this than I am with a proper computer NO Mowing them down [more Linus shooting sound effects] Dang I think you’re messing with me right now. In its defence, this is the lowest end Xeon 5 from this generation but it is still an $1,800 process Let’s try Deus Ex mankind divided I click for that already, by the way [Laughter] Ouch Anthony I’m not gonna bother putting the Titan V in this thing. Yeah really. This is ridiculous Yeah, well I’m sorry man, but… this isn’t even running in real time anymore like this benchmark This run is actually gonna take longer like the physics of the gamer broken Wow, oh No I think this may be one of the most exceptional bottlenecks that I have ever seen Which kind of think of it would actually be a very interesting video We should give that some thought Remarkably, we’re managing to get screen tearing. That’s pretty cool well I think those numbers basically say everything there is to say Minimum of 0.5 frames per second. Ouch All right, let it never be said that I’m not a sucker for Punishment one more game let’s play fortnight on this sucker like Do you think I could just take a nap on this table? Oh Oh Let me know when the loading bar reaches the top of my head, you know, they say I watched pot never boils I’ve got a new expression for them this computer never loads anything I don’t know if it’s gonna catch on. Oh no. Oh no. No, no. No. Oh no Okay, wait No, I have no time to talk about your new update stuff what No remind me later, what was that Boom let’s do it Yeah, yeah Okay Play. People like me are the reason that you need that loading area for a minute before the match starts. Oh Yeah, look at this the bus launched ten seconds after I got into the game if I was any slower I would miss the bus Wow, it’s really interesting seeing an online game try to struggle with how slow this system is because when you’re playing online you don’t have the option of just Slowing down the physics of the game. So I would be curious to know if I am teleporting all over the friggin place 4 FPS Okay, so the point of these processors Obviously isn’t gaming and they’re expensive because what they’re useful for is scientific work loads like tensorflow or neural networking for example and actually in most cases These processors do end up getting installed in PCI Express cards Like our Larrabee prototype except without any display outputs because they’re not intended to be used for Any kind of graphics application, especially not like gaming directly off it as a card, but This was definitely a fun experiment in Showing Just how bad your experience can be with Expensive hardware if it’s not the right kind and it’s not optimized for the workload that you are trying to perform Now to be clear not every Xeon is bad for gaming. This is a common misconception oh it’s an Xeon and it’s bad for gaming. It comes down to the architecture of the chip. This is a Xeon Phi this is fundamentally different from a normal Xeon which is Usually pretty similar to a core i7 or core i9 just with fancy ECC memory support World of warships is a free-to-play historical online combat game from wargaming it features a balance of action and Strategic gameplay and it allows you to command a massive naval fleet featuring some of history’s most iconic war vessels including the USS, Indianapolis And unlock new ships as you prepare to dominate the oceans in world of warships with four classes of ships a bunch of upgrades and strategically designed environments every match plays a little bit differently and every week there’s something new to Experience with a steady cadence of new missions game updates and events to keep you engaged new players who use code “PLAYWARSHIPS2018” all caps will get 252 balloons, a million credits, three days of premium the Campbeltown premium ship, and an additional port slot So go check that out in the link below So thanks for watching guys. 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