RAMPS 1.4 – Endstop switch

RAMPS 1.4 – Endstop switch

I’m going to show you two of the most common endstop sensors. This is one type and here’s another type Now I’m going to review three of the pins that we talked about previously Here are endstop pins. This is X-min. This is X-max This is Y-min this is Y-max This is Z-min and this is Z-max Now each one of these pins as a breakout of Positive Negative and Signal (PWM) so I’ll show you how to wire these two different sensors onto them the first type is a Package sensor They weigh it down over here for you Move out a little for you Okay and on here we have the negative Excuse me the positive the negative and the signal so to attest that to x-min It’s gonna be the very top pin now this one’s wired a little different You only have two wires you do not use the center one and We are only going connect it to the negative pin and the signal pin Okay in a couple of seconds. I will show you how we check the logic of them Okay connected to the computer Okay, we have pronterface open looks like the COM is three and the speed is Right there. Let us connect and see what happens It looks likely connected fine now with both endstops Not actuated We are going to type, “M119”, to see what their status is It looks like they are all triggered so now we are going actuate both of them So this is the x-min that is actuated and It says open so it is the opposite of what we want now, let us try the x-max And it says nothing So we have to going to be Marlin firmware make a change and upload it so we can see the x-max and flip the logic for the x-min I’m going to go to Marlin and open up the solution file And we are going first disconnect our connection to Pronterface so we can use Marlin Now Marlin we are going go to configuration and do Ctrl+F. We are going to search on endstop Second time it says endstop settings So we are going scroll down and see what we got here, so it looks like we can only use at the moment X-min, Y-min and Z-min so let us uncomment this so we can show you how it works and down below Or it says inverting We are going invert the logic For x-min to true and for x-max do the same Now we are going to save it and we are going compile and upload After we double-check The our port is specified which it is So we are compiling and uploading And now that the upload is complete and go back to pronterface reconnect And do our, “M119”, without touching the sensors Well says the X-min now is open so let us actuate it and try it again Now it says triggered let us try the opposite with the other switch So now it says Y-MAX is open so the logic on the other switch is backwards so easy way to correct it Go back change the inverted logic back to false if you are using that type of sensor and then recompile and upload Do not forget to disconnect from Pronterface while you are doing this So we are going reconnect with pronterface I’m going try, “M119”, again Now it says they are both open Now we are going hold down the switch on the x-max and try it again Now it says triggered. I will try the X-min It says triggered So if you liked my video, please press the like button I will try and do a video every week and thank you for your time

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “RAMPS 1.4 – Endstop switch

  1. I like your video I want to ask some questions
    If I change 2 wires endstop wires to ground to nc from ground to no not firmwire it will work or wont

  2. Nice video! I have a question. Can I use x_min as the end_stop for the X and x_max as the end_stop for the extruder?

  3. Hi bro, i am using a single end stop sensor to y axis (bed) in a 3d printer till this time. I want that sensor sense the bed when it touche and also i want to set a reference point w.r.t sensor that when code is burn so bed maintain its startup position according to given reference point. So how can i do this?? Plz help me…
    Looking forward for your positive response.

  4. Hi, I connect a Endstop with 3 wires on the Arduino Mega board, like the first example, and I almost burned it. Now the screen looks bright, but it works. This mistake is for bad wire colours connectors or because I only must connect 2 wires for endstop? (minus and signal), thanks!

  5. i got an error saying ARRAY_0 was not declared in this scope. Any idea why? Nevermind fixed. Great vid 😉

  6. I'm wanting to use one of these switches for the automatic bed leveling function for the ramps 1.4, how would i wire that up and which pins do i use? the switch itself only has 2 wires on it.

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