Putting Biden’s Gaffes Into Trumpian Perspective | All In | MSNBC

Putting Biden’s Gaffes Into Trumpian Perspective | All In | MSNBC
Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Putting Biden’s Gaffes Into Trumpian Perspective | All In | MSNBC

  1. Biden has lost it. At times he can barely formulate a coherent sentence and we all know that…. And yet, the Dems have him as their front runner for the 2020 presidential campaign. This should speak volumes!

  2. It's weird, when it comes to Trump, it's like we live in completely different worlds…I agree with what they said about Biden, but about Trump I can't for the life of me see how could they possibly reach the opinion on Trump that they stated here. I sincerely hope people will watch unedited videos of Trump, for example by going to the White House channel here on YouTube, and read his tweets on twitter, rather than listening to others frame/edit/spin what Trump actually said.

  3. Seems like damage control.

    “We choose truth over facts” – joe biden.

    Joes “white kids” racist comment

    Joe was also asked in Iowa who his favorite us leader excluding presidents is. Joe’s answer was Thomas Jefferson.

    Joe biden is a gaffe machine.

  4. The propaganda machine consists of all the corporate media including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and NPR – it is not limited to FOX. And the Democratic Party is as much the tool of Wall Street as is the Republican Party. "The most successful one-party system is disguised as a two-party system, giving the people an illusion that they decide" We have a two-party system that serves only the wealthy and Corporations. Bernie/warren 2020 A sampling of Contributors to the Democratic presidential candidates 2020;
    JOE BIDEN; Morgan & Morgan law firm $420,690, Comcast Corp. MSNBC $54,239, Amazon.com $21,054, Wells Fargo $19,295 Microsoft Corp. $39,700 Bain Capital $22,400 Oak Tree capital management $20,600.
    PETE BUTTIGIEG; Comcast Corp. MSNBC $46,829, AT&T Corp. CNN $44,275, Walt Disney Co ABC “TV” $39,590, Kaiser Permanente $22,719, Amazon.com $22,003, Facebook Inc. $28,045, Microsoft Corp $29,838. CONTINUED
    BETO O’ROURKE; AT&T Inc CNN $141,961, Apple Inc. $116,133, Democracy Engine $108,357, Amazon. Com $103,068, Exxon Mobil $98,700, Microsoft Corp $96,920, Facebook Inc. $90,578, Strategic Growth Bank $74,751
    KAMALA HARRIS; Walt Disney Co ABC “TV” $87,622, AT&T CNN $74,432, Kaiser Permanente $43,712, Comcast Corp MSNBC $40,643 Apple Inc $27,829 Hueston Hennigan LLP Calif. Law offices $46,983.
    BERNIE SANDERS; American Postal workers union $15,005, Service Employees Union $10,444 American Federation Teachers $10,000, Transportation workers union $10,000, Climate Champions PAC $10,000, Dept of Children and Family Services $10,000 US postal Service $6,993, Fearless for the people $10,000. Corporate PAC $0.00
    ELIZABETH WARREN; Credit Union National Assn, $5,600, House Freedom Fund $5,000, American Institute of CPAs $4,000 Medical Assoc of Middletown $2,700, Corporate PAC $0.00

  5. A bit of a weird representation of what happened here. Wish they covered what Biden actually said more and debated it, instead of rushing so quickly to talk about Trump. Trump says a lot of ridiculous things no doubt. But that is not what this is about. Kind of underhanded attacking the source of the claim instead of addressing the claim (Biden's off color remarks) itself. Quite disappointing always hearing politics get polarized so quickly by both sides.

    Could have just talked about Biden's comments more in the context of his excellent record on Civil Rights or how gaffe's happen and how quickly he backpedaled, clearly showing he knows that he misspoke. No need to go on about Trump and North Korea or whatever – that has nothing to do with what happened! Need anymore evidence of this- look at how quickly the other potential Democratic candidates jump on this gaffe, notably Kamala Harris, to boost their chances. This looks bad for Joe, don't try to sugar coat it. Doesn't mean it will completely ruin his chances of the nomination. But to ignore it completely just looks dishonest to me. Just my 2c.

  6. They both have had gaffes. The difference is the media goes out of their way to cover for Biden (or any liberal) . With Trump they do the opposite and actually take his words out of context or pretend to hear kkk dog whistle. Biden and trump both talk big. Trump delivers on his promises Biden is full of hot air and never accomplished anything

  7. "Mud-brained nonsense?" You might have warned miss Hillary concerning that "deplorable" gaff…but you didn't, did you?

  8. Old phrase…"Kettle and Black". He cant remember what she says, cant read coherently, ….where do we stop?
    Good Luck America!

  9. Trump is fighting fire with fire….the right isnt allowed to virtue signal and express fake outrage? hahahaha

  10. I love how he tries to pretend he just accidently happened to watch tv… 😂 this is such a bad liar. I wish I would meet him on a poker table.

  11. Not a gaff at all if you listen to him. He was contrasting and comparing latinos and asians to "whites" and other. It's just Trump and Co. trying to create a tempest in a teapot.

  12. STOP BULLYING BIDEN! I like what he said. I'm a poor asian and I am inspired by the hope that some day, maybe, perhaps, possibly, with luck, and help from a god, I can be just as smart as a white kid!


  14. It's pure psyche 101 case of Projection. If he's tweeting that the Clinton – Epstein conspiracy, then it's obviously himself. I had thought that it's both parties wanting the pedo dead, but now it sure seems like Trump because it's him projecting again.

  15. Last week: Moscow Mitch, Biden errors, ICE raids, Trump holds a baby, NFL preseason startup, PM BoJo in England, Yang in the spotlight – it was a loud and busy week. So, a perfect Friday night to suicide Jeffrey Epstien and hope its soon forgotten amidst the howling news cacophony. Message to low rung producers … when orders come from above to not talk Epstein, be suspicious of your employer and bosses.

  16. Maybe your 6 figure journalist could look at the KKK influence on the Democrat party. Joe Biden is a long time Democrat, he says he works with segregationist, he makes racist slips all the time. He probably played dress up with Ralph Northam. Nothing but Clowns ( NBC ) You guy's are the joke!

  17. I am so sick of the media covering up their own tracks. Yo! BOTH THE DEMOCRATS AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE EQUALLY CORRUPT. You are all corrupt. There is no such thing as 'good corruption'. Power Corrupts and always absolute power corrupts absolutely. They are all corrupt–every politician is corrupt in one way or another. Fight me.

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  19. They are heaping too much Biden into the wheelbarrow, the wheel is going to fall off before it reaches its destination, the election.

  20. I am not putting Biden on the same level with Trump, but he is a problem. The Dems don't need their own gaffe king to compete with Trump. Do not nominate this man. There are better choices.

  21. Just looking at the title. So Trumps policies have lead to record low unemployment for minorities and MSNBC says it's bad for America. Does that make them racist?

  22. Trump should be the last person on earth to mock others about gaffes. I mean United Staeshsh, Tim Apple, oranges, covfefe, hamberders, the Prince of Whales etc…

  23. Words and phrases I would be ok if I never heard again.

    Fear mongering
    People of color

    And get that goofy broad off the screen. And the hippy fella with the Hawaiian shirt. Wtf was he thinking?

  24. Trump 2020! I love how the media tries to find bubble gum on this mans shoe. Looking hard for garbage. Best president ever!!!!! MAGA

  25. Stop shilling for joe biden, chris. Joe biden didnt even get the state right for Dayton shooting, he said a town in Michigan. He also made up a story about his interaction with parkland kids that was just totally fallacious. Biden will get trump reelected, its a bad path

  26. 3:30 "The Fear mongering that has come out of the white house..the people are terrified because the highest office of the land is inciting violence against people of colour" – MSNBC

    sorry, some milk came out my nose when I heard that…

    MSNBC – fear mongering since 3:30

  27. Charlie Pierce Esq. Writer at large. Let's smoke a bowl and go for a surf some time. We don't have to talk politics. Could be fun!

  28. MSNBC: Our beloved pedophile Joe made some mistakes……….BUT LOOK AT WHAT TRUMP DID!! !!

    MSNBC is like watching two 6 year old girls pulling each others hair on the playground.

  29. One critical point, President Trump has only been a politician for 3 years but VP Biden has been one since 1969!!! So yes they both make gaffes, but one is quite new at this, and one has been at it for half a century!!

  30. I Gotta say that doing a segment where the “pick me because I am not trump” Candidate Joe Biden and then comparing him Should trump saying “Hes only a little bit like trump

  31. That’s the problem with the mainstream media is that people don’t want a return to normalcy… Nobody wants to get back to the point where people were feeling when they elected Trump so as much as I do like Obama I don’t want a return to his presidency

  32. The commentator is an assclown. Total leftist puppet, exemplified by his comments.

    To me, it looks like you’re trying real hard to cover up Biden’s white supremacist notions and espousing while doing a little hypocrite dance to allow you to call Trumps statements

  33. Poor Simone Sanders…. For some reason, I don't feel the least bit bad for her, and I'm not at all surprised that she hitched her wagon to the wrong candidate.

  34. Ha! MSNBC you really do just sit there like people need to be told what to think. (That's just your handful of viewers)

  35. Bidens is doing one of these per day now. His latest one is that RFK and MLK were assassinated in the Late 70's when he was getting married or something like that. Where is Brandy X Lee that nutcase psyco-trist?

  36. Does anyone know what happened to the party of JFK? Sanders and Warren are the opposite and the party has gone too far left. These people have lost their minds and Joe forgot his name by now.

  37. Poor joe keeps ordering the veal cutlet every time someone calls on him. Where are the people who care for him. Who thought this was a good idea?? His traveling brain surgeon?

  38. OLD Joe Biden's candidacy is becoming a profound national embarrassment and a terrible personal tragedy. Joe should go home… where nursing staff can help him wipe his butt.

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