Protocole Sandwich – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

Protocole Sandwich – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

Good morning.
We’re here to take care of you. I’ll need you to look
right in front of you. Do not worry. What are they doing? Can someone take care of the bird,
please? – Excuse me…
– Don’t move, Ma’am. – No worries.
– They will stay, right? – You will leave them with me?
– Come on Ma’am, I’ll take this one. Alright, let it go.
Let it go. Thank you. Can I have a box here, please? Let’s hurry a bit here. What day is it? I’ll help you up now.
On my mark, one, two, there we go. Easy. We are good this time,
but you should stop with those birds. It’s not the first time
we run into this grandma. Right.
It’s the third time this year. A friend of mine in the 35th
told me she was a regular. They had her five times already.
Can you imagine? I really don’t understand
what they’re doing here. There’s a dead beacon 500 meters ahead. So… you’re going then? They’re incapable of moving their asses! Don’t worry!
We’ll be looking after your sandwich. Very funny. Wait! Do not activate this beacon, please. Are you from the 35th West? Let’s just say that… I’m a local. It is forbidden to settle down here, I’ll have to ask you to leave the area. Do not move, sir! Look right in front of you, please. Calm down. Let’s make a deal, OK? You don’t touch anything
and we can act as if nothing… But… what he is doing? Just leave it alone!
I’m doing fine without you around! Stand back! OK, listen. Your toy here,
it doesn’t work on me anymore. But I know what to do.
I found a way. I found a way to handle it. You don’t understand
the seriousness of your situation. The protocol must be applied. It will make things worse,
I don’t want to end up in a box. No need to activate it. Stop!
The situation is under control! Shit! You moron! Stop it! Let me go! Shit. Look at what you’ve done.
Everything was fine before you came. Do you understand now? I can handle it. I can handle it. He’s there! Stand back, sir! Stand back! Why the long face? There, look at what I’ve got for you. We’ll come back to pick you up
in 15 minutes. See you!

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Protocole Sandwich – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

  1. J’adore comment je reçois la notification sur mon courriel pour me notifier que Gobelins a sorti une nouvelle vidéo ! Avant d’aller à l’école , ça me fait un plaisir.

  2. Excellent, se mélange de dessin a la franco belge avec des couleur a la moebius et une histoire décalé. Ca donne vraiment un bon mélange.

  3. Je pense que les personnes atteintes de la pixelisation représentent celles qui ont des troubles mentaux. Les gens habillé en blanc sont les infirmiers.
    Les infirmiers tentent de rendre la vie normale aux pixelisées avec certaines méthodes, et lorsque qu'ils ne peuvent pas, ils mettent la personne dans une boite de contention, donc à l'hopital psychiatrique, séparé du monde.

    Si vous avez une idée, n'hésitez pas à en parler!

  4. My first instinct is that this has to do with foreign aid to third world countries. A lot of them don’t want the help that’s being given to them because in some ways it makes their situation worse. The little gun fans might just be ineffective ways of solving problems but I have no idea. Just a thought!

  5. Film très beau visuellement, mais je n'ai pas tout compris à l'histoire… D'où vient le "glitch" ?
    Que deviennent l'oiseau et la personne enfermés dans les boites ?

  6. The first thought was something related to a massive illness. Birds in the beginning act as a source of infection, but looking at it metaphorically, birds mean freedom and flight. But with these glitches, the bird can't take off.

    The whole situation also recalls how developed countries are trying to help Third World countries. But the man who was near the tower is one of them (members of rescue groups) – and no obvious changes in his appearance due to glitches have arisen (the old woman's eye color changed before glitches and after). It seems that he really could more or less control the glitches, perhaps, thereby trying to benefit from the "disease". Maybe he was one of them, but then thought that instead of being completely destroyed, cured in the early stages, or isolated in boxes, glitches could be useful for peaceful purposes? Therefore, he experimented alone because no one would understand and instead would try to stop him. Some viruses and bacteria have learned to use for good purposes, maybe something like this he trying to do?

    It’s also very ridiculos and cool that the “rescue” uniform has triangles resembling a sandwich.

    A triangle can mean unity, "three worlds" of our planet: the countries of the First, Second and Third worlds.

    Glitches can also be associated with this:
    three is a number that forms a plane, as the primary manifestation of something in space. The volume of the material world is possible only in the ternary coordinate system, where the model of any object can be divided into many triangles lying in different planes relative to each other. Glitches destroy this volume, since they are possible only in a flat space.

  7. Wooooow Une grosse claque !! La DA est vraiment cool, les glitchs sont tellements bien utilisés, les environnements m'ont fait mettre pause, et l'univers est génial. Un gros bravo à l'équipe !

  8. Wwow! C'est trop beau!

    Ça me faisait pensé à Death Stranding.
    Good job ! J'aurais bien vu un film complet sur cette histoire. J'adore l'originalité!!

  9. The glitches in the short kept making me think something happened to my phone. Lol. Still, it's a great story with cool animation, although I'm still trying to figure out the meaning behind it.

  10. Dans les remerciements je n'ai pas vu le nom de Jean "Moebius" Giraud …et pourtant il y aurait vraiment droit !!!!
    Mais bon le respect !

  11. does the art style remind anyone else of Tintin? i used to read those growing up and the bright colors and bold lineart is really taking me back

  12. This one’s my absolute favorite. The colors, the movement, the voice acting all fits together so well… I feel so submerged in this film, the tone is so cool.. the visual and audio effects all fit together so well

  13. Despite the months spent observing the development of this short movie, I still don't understand the secret of their plot… Nonetheless, I had some time to build my own lore 🤓

    In this world, Glitches may represent places where the passage between two worlds is paradoxically both possible and incompatible with the physics of this universe.
    Space time may be torn away, crumpled, wrinkled, and the elements of two or even several universes end up combined in a wrong way.
    The result of this mixing would be the glitches. This desert may be an area particularly dense in dimensional passages, and sensitive people might irremediably be attracted to the place.

    Rangers, on the other hand, shall be the ones responsible for securing the area, protecting the civilians, and… Ensuring that they do not aggravate the situation.
    Because approaching a Glitch could very well be like pressing the tip of a dagger on a thin stretched canvas.
    Human presence would therefore exacerbate the aforementioned aberrant phenomena around dimensional passages.
    Maybe when interracting with the Glitches, humans take the risk to leave a part of themselves behind, within the other universes? This would explain both their confusion and their irrepressible desire to return to the Glitches. Could it be they are seeking that precious part of themselves they were separated from?

  14. I feel like their world is crumbling. The people from the animation actually live in a simulation, like the Matrix or something, so all the glitches are like, actual glitches in the system and the birds are just a faulty update; but people in the matrix don’t realise that those glitches are a sign of the fragility of their world, they just treat them as a threat that needs to be exterminated

  15. I've been watching and rewatching this video all day, and all I have to say is that the design for the "de-glitching" gun is so ridiculous and cool, someone should cosplay as one of these guys.

  16. Wow. Dang. See stuff like this involving glitches and bugs most commonly seen on just computers interpreted into reality is the coolest trope ever and this was freaky and yet amazing. I want to see more of it!

  17. I feel like it ended too soon without an indication of whether the man had any inkling to release the glitched fellow or not. Beautiful short and a great concept top to bottom.

  18. The easiest thing is to cover up a mistake instead of fixing it. And then eat a sandwich peacefully. Without *problems*. Without *mistakes*.

  19. Symbolism aside, I'm guessing the glitches are like gas matter bc the gun designs looks like… Fan guns. And the glitches are a cause of a failed experiment but it's interesting bcs it acts like a sort of disease and natural disaster at the same time

    But when it comes to symbolism, I think the glitches represent Mass diseases and how first world countries I trying to help the third world countries. While I don't think that they're making it worse I do think that their method is ineffective but that's bcs hypothetically these desease seems to appear recently and the beacons,fan guns and boxes are the first step of fixing this mess. even if that one infected ranger said that "he can handle it" and he's trying to fix it, in the end it's still a reckless move. fixing a scientific problem needs time and patience just bc they're covering up those infected by the glitches doesn't mean they're not trying to fix them they're just trying to prevent anything else from being infected and while they're doing that, maybe their research team are developing new ways to cure the world from these glitches.

  20. I. Want. To know more.
    What is happening to this world, and what happens to the things in the black boxes? Very spooky, VERY interesting.

  21. I thought this was a metaphor for a potential virtual reality and how the glitchy people are people that had their consciousness downloaded to this virtual world or that the virtual world created them. And the people with the fans and white suits were the gatekeepers of this digital world occupying the real world landscape

  22. Dans la description, "désert inhabité" est incorrectement traduit en "inhabited desert". En fait, la phrase anglaise dit tout juste l'inverse de celle en français, inhabité se dit "uninhabited".

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