Productivity PLC Software: Tag-Based PLC Programming with Free PLC Software

Productivity is a full featured tag-based
PLC Programming software, and we give it to you for free. There is no Licensing or Contracts like with
other brands, we believe if you bought the hardware, why should you also have to pay
to control it. Now, just because it is free, that doesn’t
mean it isn’t powerful. Your get real world graphical display of all
your hardware. That also allows you select your modules and
then configure them. There is simple integration of GS variable
frequency drives, that allows for auto discovery of the drives, and then you store the configuration
as part of the PLC Project. Saving time on setup, implementation, and
drive replacements. EtherNet/Ip comes standard on all Productivity
CPUs so, no longer do you have to pay large prices for Ethernet/Ip. This has a Data View that has a real time
graphical display. You can have multiple watchlists tabs to separate
for troubleshooting or implementation There is Datalogging directly on the CPU. You can add as many PIDs as the memory will
hold. In this project I have placed 100 PID loops
in a P2000 CPU and still have only used 6% of the available CPU memory. Instructions that are easy to understand,
with fill in the blanks. Some even provide Defined structures that
will help to reduce your Programming time. Then there is the Remote access IOs app which
will allow you to get connected with Iphone or Apple tablet
The Productivity series PLCs is this line is fully scalable. You can take a project created for any CPU
in this series and quickly convert it to one of the other CPUs. See this video on Project Conversion in the
description below. These features are only beginning. There are many more that will help you tackle
your application and still not break your PLC Budget. Then add In AutomationDirect’s Free Award-Winning
Tech support, free shipping on orders over 49 dollars, a 30 day no question asked money
back guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Productivity should be your first choice for
any PLC Project. To see more videos on the Productivity line
of PLCs Please click here. Click here to subscribe to our Youtube Channel
to keep up to date with our many products and solutions.

Danny Hutson

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