Private Internet Access | Personal PIA Review & Setup Tutorial for Computers / Phones

Hey folks, my name is Josh and we’re going
to spend a few minutes here talking about Private Internet Access. This particular time
is going to be broken into three different parts. First we have the review, second we’re
going to do a walkthrough of a computer setup and third we’re going to do a walkthrough
of the mobile setup so that you can know exactly what you’re getting into. You can jump to
any of those using the time markers you see right here. For now, let’s go ahead and jump
into our review. Alright, first of all, if you’re the kind
of person who knows they need a secure VPN but doesn’t care to understand the nuances
of encryption, OpenVPN, DNS and so on, Private Internet Access is probably going to appeal
to you. Of the numerous VPNs that I’ve tested, Private
Internet Access is by far the most simple that I’ve run across. It’s also one of the
cheapest. Their downloadable application is a great
example of this simplicity. Check it out. Other than your username and password, there
really aren’t many options you have to worry about. There are a few extra settings I can play
with when I click the connection button at the bottom — it’s a button that gives me
access to options like a VPN Kill Switch, Port Forwarding, connection type, etc — but
for most of you this will never be something you deal with. I also have the option to play with the encryption
settings, which again I don’t suggest you do unless you know what you’re doing. My main point, though, is that in default
mode, the Private Internet Access application is incredibly simple even if you’ve never
dealt with a VPN before. Just log in, click on the icon located in the upper-right hand
corner for Mac users, usually on the lower right hand corner for Windows users, and choose
your gateway. Ok, now for my pros and cons list. Let’s start
with what I really like about Private Internet Access. First of all, as you’ll see in the setup tutorial
coming up next, the installation process is unbelievably simple and fast. It took me less
than 5 minutes to get up and running. Second, they allow up to 5 simultaneous device
connections, which is a lot when you consider that most VPN services usually only allow
2 at a time. Third, Private Internet Access is a US-based
company, which means they have no requirements to log users IP and activity, which for those
of you who don’t know is a good thing because it keeps your activity completely anonymous. You can use pretty much every major credit
card as well as Paypal to sign up, but for those who want even more anonymity they give
you the option to pay with Bitcoin or for those less tech-savvy you can go out and buy
a gift card for Starbucks and pay with that. Seriously, I’ve never seen that before but
it’s pretty cool. Finally, and this is something that most reviews
of Private Internet Access get wrong, this company offers a 7-day refund. They don’t
publicize this offer but it is honored. Just email them if you’re not satisfied and they’ll
give you a refund within 7 days. That’s what I like about Private Internet
Access. Here’s what I was less impressed by: First, there are no native mobile apps, either
for iOS or Android. What this means for you is that setup on a mobile device is manual
and as you’ll see in my setup tutorial a bit difficult. While other VPN services offer
a simple download setup, this was pretty much unnecessarily hard. Second, while they do offer 10 difference
countries, for the most part you don’t have the option to connect to specific servers.
I feel like their target audience probably doesn’t care about that, but it’s something
worth noting. Finally, while simplicity is a great thing,
I did miss some of the options, bells and whistles I’ve become used to with other VPNs.
For instance, I wish there was more than just one plan available, I wish I could see my
upload/download speeds, I wish I had a few more settings options. You know, these are all minor complaints,
though. Overall, you really can’t beat the value that Private Internet Access provides,
especially if your primary goal is to get connected to a VPN as quickly as possible. Use the button you see here to check out their
pricing and other details that I don’t have time to cover here and then use the remainder
of this video to see how to setup Private Internet Access on your computer and your
mobile device. Ok, we’re here now on the computer setup part
of Private Internet Access. You can see that I’m on their homepage, I just clicked the
“Get Started Now” button and I’m going to scroll down – this is all in real time so
you can realize just how fast this is. I’m going to use their monthly plan. Click on
the “Buy Now” and then I want to use my Paypal account, even though they do offer Bitcoin,
a lot of different options for you. For me, the easiest thing is just going to be to use
my Paypal account. Quick and simple. I did mention before that they do allow you
to use gift cards which I thought was really interesting. They make it very simple, you
can use anything from Wal-Mart to Starbucks but like I said, I’m going to use Paypal. I’m getting here to the confirmation screen
where I’m going to click “Agree and Pay”. At this point they’re going to redirect me
back to one of their pages and I’m going to move back over here to my email account. As you can see here I’ve already received
a couple different emails from Paypal as well as three emails from Private Internet Access
including their installer links. So I’m using OSX, I’m going to click on their OSX installer.
Whether you’re using OSX or you’re using Windows you can click on those particular installer
buttons. And it’s going to install here as you can see happening at this moment. It’s
a pretty, relatively small file but once it finishes downloading I’m just going to click
to have it open up and then I’m going to unpack it. I’m going to install it here on my Mac. I’ve double-clicked here but you can see here
that it’s not opening because it says it’s from an “unidentified developer”. If this
happens to you, don’t worry. Just click “OK”, right click on the file and click “Open”.
That basically just tells your Mac that you know you want to open this particular file
and from Private Internet Access you can be assured that it’s going to be an ok file. So I’ve downloaded it here and I was actually
surprised to find that my username and password was already input into it so I wanted to double
check to make sure that it was actually my username and password. It is, which is really
cool. That means you don’t even have to worry about anything. Once you install it you just
click on the “Save” button and once you’ve clicked on the “Save” button I’m going to
go up for me on the Mac up in the upper-right hand corner of the window. For Windows users
it’s going to be the bottom-right and then I will connect to the server location that
I want to be on. And it’s that simple. Alright, and now welcome to the iOS setup
portion of this tutorial. I’m going to go back into my email where they sent me all
my login information. This is going to be important because the first thing I have to
do whenever I’m going to be setting up any sort of mobile device with Private Internet
Access is to login to my Client Control Panel using the information that they sent me in
my email. Then I need to go down to the bottom here. You’re going to see where they say that
you need to “generate or re-generate a username and password”. So I’m going to generate one
right here. Now I’m going to go ahead and show you everything because I’ve already regenerated
and what you see here wouldn’t work if you tried it on your own. I’ve got to take and
write down my username and password and then I’m going to go back into the settings file
of my iPad. I’m using my iPad here. Click on the “VPN” and then “Add a VPN Configuration”.
For Private Internet Access I’m going to use the L2TP and in the description I’m going
to type in “Private Internet Access”. You can actually put in anything you want, this
is really just for you to know. And then in the “Server” field I’m going to put in – I’m
in China right now, so I’m going to put in the closest server that I can which is in
California. So I’m going to do “”. For the account I’m going to put in exactly
what they told me to put in when I generated that password. It’s always going to start
with an “x”. It’s not going to start with a “p”. Mine is the “x1372249” and then they
gave me a password which I have to put in. You see the “RSA SecurID” – make sure that
that is off. And then in the “Secret” field that you see right below this I’m going to
put in “mysafety” – no spaces, no capital letters. This is something everybody’s going
to do the same of. I’m going to make sure that “Send All Traffic” is good and go ahead
and do that. Click on Private Internet Access and turn it on. Now for the sake of this tutorial I’m going
to go ahead and tell you that I did have some problems. The server did not respond here
and so what I had to do was I had to go into their website and use their online support.
I went in there and let them know that I was having some problems and the good news is
that they responded immediately. I can go on here…I could have sent in a support ticket
but here they were able to respond to me almost immediately. They did respond with canned
responses and I had to kinda configure what I wanted to understand but basically what
it came down to was I had to go into my Network Utility and I had to go actually lookup the
numerical address for my us-california. Hopefully this isn’t something you have to do but if
you have the same problem I do I just wanted to show you what I had to do. So I’m looking
this up and you see the numerical, the “50.23…”. I wrote that down and I’m going to go back
in to change the “us-california” to the numerical IP address. So once I put that in I’m going
to save it and turn on my VPN for the iPad and you’re going to notice once it connects
there’s going to be something in the upper left hand corner that says “VPN” and I am
good to go. It’s that simple. Again, thanks so much for watching and if
this review was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” or you can use the button here to access
the Private Internet Access website. Thanks so much!

Danny Hutson

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