Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber

Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber

Tiled roof hut in the rain Built in fireplace Removing bark from tree Using foot to peel bark more easily Stripping off inner bark fiber Fire starter with stone flywheel Spinning fiber into yarn Making loom for weaving Stick makes it easier to reach It stared raining Spinning bark while it rains Tying off the finished sheet Tying loose ends Finished sheet Drying them off

Danny Hutson

38 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Woven bark fiber

  1. I want to learn spinning and weaving yet can't afford a wheel and loom.
    Seriously $600 AUD each is bullshit!
    So I'm making my own thanks to this video.
    I despise this "if you can't buy it then too bad for you forever missing out" life we live.

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