Primitive Technology: Spear Thrower

Primitive Technology: Spear Thrower

Selecting a small tree with a branch coming off it cutting tree with hand axe Shortening side branch Cutting branch so it’s about 65 cm long tidying up end Removing bark Carving side branch to form a spur Thrower completed Cutting sapling for spear Spear shaft is about 2 m long Carving a cup for the spur to fit into How the spur fits into the cup Binding the cup of the spear to prevent wood from splitting. Making fire with hand drill Smoke appears Hot wood powder burns by itself now Blowing coal to get tinder to catch fire Grab kindling Tinder extinguished for future use Sticks go into fire Charring blunt spear tip Scraping charred wood on a rock to sharpen spear Polishing fire hardened tip with a piece of wood Spear thrower complete Spear thrower adds leverage to the throw giving the spear more speed and power than throwing by hand alone Wooden target Target 15 meters away Hit Hit Solid hit Hit Damaged tip Re-sharpening Hit Using a termite nest target so the spear head won’t get damaged as much Spear thrower and 3 spears

Danny Hutson

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  1. When natives decide to ditch modern living and go back to the old ways, they’ll hire this guy to teach them. But not as long as the casinos are thriving.

  2. Thought i'd tell you a bit more of what this is. This weapon is formally known as the atlatl. Pronounced aht-LA-tl as far as i'm aware, but you can call it the kicker of many asses. How many? Picture it like this, historians believe it was the main culprit in taking out the woolly mammoth. An incredibly effective weapon, though the main drawback is the fact that throwing the spear put a lot of strain on the arms. Therefore, the invention of the bow sparked the first VHS vs. Betamax war. And, just like in that war, the superior format lost, as people were willing to sacrifice the power of the atlatl for the convenience of the bow. The bow ammunition was much more plentiful, with the force being stored in the string and body, rather than the arm and spear of the atlatl. It's kind of a bummer, leaving us to wonder what could have been, like if Cupid nailed people with atlatl darts to make them fall in love, or if William Tell knocked the arrow off the guys head with an atlatl.

  3. السلام عليكم ايها المسلمون

    الحب والتقدير للعرب خير الأمم على الإطلاق ❤️

  4. That spear I don’t think would effective for hunting it’s too skinny so if it hit a bone it would fracture the spear also the edges should be sharp like a blade Ofer it might not get far into the flesh

  5. I was reading in a history book about the spear thrower and I wanted to see how it was used, because from the image given it was not very clear how it actually works. So I googled it and found this video. I am really amazed by your technique and skill so that I started binge-watching them. I think you have the most amazing content from all over YouTube. I respect your patience and hard work. Keep going man. I subscribe.

  6. Atlatl… Very ingenious creation if you think about it… Let's all give a moment of silence to that one guy whom everyone else had a better spear throwing arm than, so he extended his arm by making the atlatl… You are appreciated good sir.

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