Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch

Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch

The new area Fire stick tree (Abroma mollis) Stone blade stripping bark Fan palm palm fiber covering fire sticks with leaves Making hand axe Chopping wood for staff Clearing with thorn bushes Clearing bushes away Vine, useful for tying things Cutting saplings Hammering in markers for hut Putting in saplings Tying saplings at top door way frame completed stone flake Cutting frond for thatch 100 fronds Splitting fronds tying fronds to frame with vine drilling hole in fire stick carving notch in fire stick stick holds base board off tinder for better air flow tapering spindle spinning fire stick Ember produced Blowing into flames hearth stones Fire keeps mosquitoes away Roof cap cutting wood for bed Hammer in stakes tie on cross beams Lay on boards Palm fiber bedding Fire wood stored just inside entrance Fire sticks on other side of entrance Comfortable shelter complete Big Bird

Danny Hutson

80 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch

  1. The original Primitive technology channel is simply the best, all the videos are absolutely fantastic!
    I wonder how it is possible that there are over 9,5 million subscribers but only over 7,9 mill had watched this??? Does anyone know?

  2. me and my friend went to a forest and we challenged eachother to stay for 24 hours and i build a hut usingwhat i learnt from this channel i won my friend was a little bitch and left 5 hours in

  3. Брат, если бы ты знал, какой раз оно так…ты бы охренел.

  4. J adore tes videos…tu es retourné aux racines, à la base…. tu fais remonter à la surface tout ce que l on a oublié…. c est vraiment génial…bonne continuation.

  5. How would you go about preparing the bedding if you were concerned about bugs like chiggers? Do you think smoking the hut for half a day, or so, would be sufficient or would you want to more intensely smoke the bedding specifically? Would you use a different technique? Do you use a raised bed for bugs or snakes?

  6. Молоток, полезное видео. Продолжай в том же духе. Лайк

  7. В Сибири бы начал. Вот там бы я посмотрел, что к чему, а в тропиках каждый может…

  8. Have actually hunted anything? Or are only interested in eating the vegetation? I'm assuming this the Northern Territory in Australia? There must other "Tucker" besides yams, arrowroot and such?

  9. А когда твои шорты сотрутся в пыль,что делать будеш?😁

  10. Szia! Meg mondanád melyik ez az ország?! Kérlek! Hi! Can you tell me wich country this?! Sok sikert kívánok a további videókhoz! I wish you good luck the next videos!

  11. Если бы он жил в России, на следующий день пришли бы алкаши или бомжи, и стали бы жить в таком доме

  12. Why are you starting a new area? Are you just leaving the past to be discovered? Alot of tree cutting and more cultivation…

  13. Молодец! Давай теперь в Сибирь хижину обустраивать.

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