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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Hobbit House

  1. The only problem I really have is the name, it's like 90% identical to Primitive Technology. Other then that great video. I wish I lived somewhere where I could build these.

  2. The original PT, let's call him that, stated on his own site that he doesn't mind people copying these kinds of videos. why should we? Just enjoy the creations and nature in the video

  3. The best of luck in a row and a few days ago I was in a while to figure out how to do with it for a while ago I was a good one for me I love it so much better than that I have to do everything I want to

  4. What I'd like to know is what he uses for bug repellent. Dress like that here and you'd be eaten alive.

  5. It also reminds me of a koala bear face. I love your clips. Truly exceptional.
    My favourite isn't about building, oddly enough. It's the clip when the guy saves the fishes in the pond that is drying up and extremely muddy. He rescues quite a few, as well as turtles. Brilliant!

  6. I hate when i see people cryin in the comment section about how some "steal" other ideas. Seriously stop watching the videos if you're so butt hurt and you dont like the content or stfu if u dont like what someone does with their channel

  7. We all know that he is not the original but just as long as he knows that and keeps giving us original ideas such as this I am fine with it

  8. Relax about the copycat stuff everyone. "Primitive tech" is a youtube niche now. There's literally dozens of people doing this.

  9. If the World goes to Shit, You'll know exactly what kind of a house I'll be living in away from a Joke called Civilization..

  10. Ten bucks says everyone that calls you a copycat and gives you hate for it is wearing clothing they saw someone else wear, acting like their favorite celebrity, and buying useless stuff that someone else had first.

    everyone copies. it's human nature. just do what you love.

  11. It's a shame that you use such an unethical name to your channel because your video is good. If you change your name I will subscribe.

  12. Yeah a lot of people are doing this idea of 'primitive technology' and I have no problem with that. It's just that you couldn't come up with a more original name? It just seems purposefully misleading.

  13. Gets to a certain point and is like "Eh, fuck it." and throws sticks on top. Pretty much sums up the entire channel; a half assed attempt at Primitive Technology's channel. Although now this dude is just hiring random people to make his videos.

  14. Someday this channels owners going to see each others in forrest. I cant wait for primitive wars. Cümleten s.a.

  15. A bunch of liberal b**** are you serious copycat yeah if you live in a house that has a roof over it and plumbing like I do I guess you copied me too what the f*** get over yourselves

  16. This basic technique of wall building is also seen in Switzerland and Wales… Anywhere weavable saplings and clay are found, this type construction exists. It's just the styling that is the difference. Way cool.

  17. You guys are so mean. Talking and commenting him, how COPYCAT he is, then how about you all ? That don't do a masterpiece. Let him work guys, He's doing it because he's inspired, not getting into it. So bye.


  18. Seeing all this “copycat” discourse in the comments is wild lol. Y’all really think only one person is allowed to build primitive buildings and tools huh.

  19. Lord of the rings, the Prequel. lol. good job. amazing would love to own my own land with a few of these on the property.

  20. How the hell does he manage not to get one damn bug bite? My ass is so white I'm transparent, and I'd be out there for 23 sec and already have Malaria…???

  21. Why? Why? The hate if you dont like what you see…..just dont watch it….dont be so primitive…..use your brain …be smart. Leave the boy alone and keep the hatred and anger to yourself. Man it is so easy to be happy

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  23. He's doing the work unlike some of the lazy boys in the USA.They couldn't hold a candle to the one doing this fine building.Copy what? Who cares? He's showing how it's done. Wow! Great construction.

  24. People here are more worried about copycat bull than what you are actually doing. I'm sure they are copying things in life themselves and who are you cause' I've seen a couple of videos and they are awesome?. lol. Please don't pay mind to the negativity. A lot of times un-intelligibles make comments unrelated to videos. 😉 Nice work.

  25. Great! Adding lots of fibers (any kind, as long and as crossed as possible) in your adobe cob would have made your walls much more resistant to tractions and water.

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